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Go ahead, make my…

Understand right off the bat folks, that it wasn’t just the Barack Obama-era policies that damaged this country; it was his obvious and public disdain for those Americans who hadn’t voted for him. He alone is responsible for the current leftist practice of criticizing, belittling, insulting and denigrating citizens who don’t agree with his progressive nonsense. He gave the green light to Occupy Wall Street, which has morphed into the Antifa gangs of today, and he’s currently working behind the scenes with reprobates like John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Comey, Mueller, Soros etal, to ramp up the vicious and hateful protests against everyone and everything that doesn’t fit his or their world view.

Simple as that.

Liberalism empowers a corrupt, inefficient, ever-increasing tyrannical government that has to take away our liberties in order to expand. Worse, it does it under the guise of retaining our freedoms and liberals think it somehow won’t affect them. Obamacare for instance, is the glaring example. The good news is that the Left is seriously pushing their luck. Just because the spineless RINO party flees before these self-appointed dictators (or worse, in colluding with them) doesn’t mean that the American people will forever stand idly by, while they march us into their LGBTRSG reeducation camps. I for one (and I’m sure I’m not alone) personally hope that they soon make their move on President Trump, so that we can get this over and done with. Once all of the socialists and leftists have been driven into the oceans, we can get our country back to being the most generous, caring and freedom-loving nation in the world.

As it should be. So without further ado – do bring your charges, Mr. Mueller and let’s have at it and bring it all to conclusion.

In the meantime, there’s this doozy from the pages of DCWhispers just the other day .. The nefarious Muslim Brennan sniping at a current president with the intent of …. (well, you make up your own mind) …

“It is a bizarre and deeply troubling response from the former top spook in America that even has some far-left media pundits raising their collective eyebrows. John Brennan blasted Donald Trump for the (justified) firing of the FBI’s #2, Andrew McCabe. McCabe is believed to have been implicated in a far-reaching scandal of cover-up and intimidation at the highest levels of the Obama-era FBI after which an independent investigation then strongly suggested McCabe be fired”.

“Why is the former head of the CIA so upset that an FBI official who it seems was clearly involved in wrongdoing, was then rightfully terminated? Could it be that same wrongdoing is linked to Mr. Brennan as well? When someone of Brennan’s former stature and Deep State connections declares a sitting President to be corrupt and will soon be “triumphed over” he is speaking in the language of overthrowing the current U.S. government”.

“This is remarkable both for its frothing-at-the-mouth aggression and its very – VERY – serious suggested implications”. [end]

This my friends is what an unhinged, diabolically-encumbered enemy of the Constitutional Republic of the United States sounds like when the forces of darkness distort a reasoning mind. The Deep State is full – FULL – of raving lunatics like this who would shred the Republic for a bowl of lentil stew. Far too many covert Esau’s lying in wait for the Devil’s command … En Garde, Patriots … En Garde!

Patricia McCarthy and her opener from American Thinker and ‘The Left at work: Let’s hope Trump survives”…

The country is at present enduring the dire consequences of the depth and breadth of the Obama administration’s many illegal activities. Former CIA chief John Brennan surveilled American citizens, some of them senators, as Obama was pushing the horrific Iran deal, and he’s never been charged with that crime. In collusion with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, these Obama operatives used a fictional dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign officials. They seriously meant to prevent him from getting close to a victory. They conspired to clear Hillary Clinton of her many crimes so she could continue her bid for the presidency.

Who are the culprits? All upper-echelon bureaucrats who considered themselves above the law: Comey, Holder, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, and Power are well known names, the public faces of Obama’s administration. Now we know there was a host of lesser known operatives working behind the scenes, as Lois Lerner did, to manipulate facts and events in order to ensure Clinton’s win.

Without question, this bunch of white-collar criminals has orchestrated the biggest, most serious campaign of political corruption in American history. One would think every member of both parties in Congress would be outraged, that every American would be equally angry. But no. The Democrats have all lined up to defend these felons, and the Democrats are absolutely without shame in doing so.

Many smart people have pointed out for years that what was once liberalism of the JFK variety became leftism, then progressivism, which has steadily moved farther to the left and is no longer a political persuasion, but a religion. Its adherents in Congress and the media will go the mattresses to defend their own, no matter how egregious their crimes against the country. Today’s progressives operate like Putin’s FSB!  Any crimes committed in the furtherance of their agenda are, in their minds, legal. It may even come to pass in months to come that someone among this crowd ordered Seth Rich to be killed for giving WikiLeaks the DNC emails.

How did this happen? When did the American left begin its descent into sanctioning all manner of law-breaking to advance its political goals?  Probably long before any of us know. Consider the Democrats’ venality after they lost the Civil War.

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Never give in except to convictions…

In the inspiring words of my boyhood hero Sir Winston Churchill:

The problem for the Obama Progressive Left is that Trump won. And ever since, they have been scrambling, scratching, clawing to save their own skins. The Deep State understand that they are in the fight of their lives and as the Hildebeast screeched on the night of her defeat – “If that F***ing Bastard (Trump) wins, we are all going to hang from nooses.”

Oh my, what a pleasant thought!

In ‘War-Speak’, when you’re taking heavy flak you know you are over the target. So Press On Mr. President, Press On! We the People, the Citizens, the families, the laborers, the employers, the savers, the investors, the inspirers, are behind you every step of the way! Press On! Press On!

President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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