Boy-Girl Scouts : Homo-Heterosexuals?

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

My long-held view that there is nothing “gay” about homosexuality still holds sway, especially-so when it comes to boy-girl scouts. I am not convinced that homosexuals (male and female) are that way for any other reason than lack of will power; just as adulterers express that same lack of control when they participate in untold numbers of sexual encounters. Love between people takes many forms, is great, and hugs and kisses are wonderful ways to express love, but sex has nothing to do with love. God, common sense and innocence, have been tossed to the wind, but paradise will thankfully be impossible for leftists to pollute.

The reason one does not want to have a homosexual leader in anything to do with young people, is simply that these are not your average homosexual men; like “birds of a feather” they tend to stick together. Perverts who want to harm children on the other hand, are not so much homosexuals as they are sick individuals, and boy-girl scouts are at the top of their seduction list. I remember reading a comment in another related article about a guy who went to a homosexual convention thinking the people there were just like him, until he got a rude awakening as he was listening to the leaders encouraging these homosexual conventioneers to infiltrate the BSA, and to recruit as many boy-girl scouts as possible. Shades of “Hollyweird” to keep the homosexual predatory pedophiles in operation…

To his credit, the guy did the right thing in reporting it to the BSA.

I look at it this way: If you have a boy or girl in Scouts, then get involved, go on the camping trips, and get to know your leaders. Become one yourself. Once your son or daughter has finished with the Scouting program, then step down as a leader.

Homosexuality in and of itself, is perverted and sick, quite apart from any pedophilia connection. I am sure you know that it was officially classified as a form of mental illness until politics won out in 1973 and this identification was removed. Preying upon children is one of the chief ways that homosexuals ‘keep the ball rolling’ to expand their ranks –  Just as the existence of NAMBLA proves

Now to Selwyn Duke and his piece from American Thinker …

Selwyn Duke...

Selwyn Duke…

Not satisfied with having pressured the Boy Scouts of America into lifting their prohibition against openly homosexual scouts, activists now want homosexual scoutmasters to be allowed as well. Equality, you know, is the order of the day. Yet the truth is that virtually all of you who advocate this social change operate with a certain bias — you just don’t realize it.

Let’s put aside for a moment the issue of homosexuality’s moral status; for argument’s sake, I’ll accept the supposition that homosexuality is the equivalent of heterosexuality. But if this is so and it’s okay for a homosexual man be a troop leader and go on camping trips with 11 and 12-year-old boys, why isn’t it okay to have a heterosexual man be a Girl Scout troop leader and do the same with the girls?

Yes, I know that men are responsible for most sex crimes, but the homosexual man is a man, too. So why the double standard? Homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, right?

It has often been said that fears of homosexual BSA leaders are unwarranted because there’s a difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. But then fears of men as Girl Scout leaders would be unwarranted, too, as there’s also a difference between heterosexuality and pedophilia, correct? After all, homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent.

Some activists might also aver that homosexual scout masters are vetted adults who will behave responsibly. But then the same could be said about male Girl Scout leaders, no?

As for the scouts themselves, if it’s okay for a 13-year-old boy with same-sex attraction to sleep in a tent with other 13-year-old boys, why can’t a heterosexual 13-year-old boy go camping with 13-year-old girl scouts? Homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, right?

By the way, the BSA was once sued by a girl who wanted to be a “boy scout,” and there are people who say that separating the sexes in such ways is intolerable inequality. Besides, those on the cutting edge of sexual activism contend that “gender” is a personal choice, anyway, and one feminist professor insists that “gender” (I believe her theory means this to include “sex” also) doesn’t even exist. So allowing what I’ve outlined does seem like an imperative of progressive thought’s latest iteration.

Some activists also say that it’s silly to fear homosexual activity among boyscouts because the kids won’t indulge such things unless they’re inclined to do so in the first place. But the same could be said of teen boys with girl scouts — the girls won’t do anything they’re not inclined to. And homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, right?

Of course, you may have a problem with all this if you understand that there is such thing as temptation and that precautions should be taken to minimize the chances of sexual activity in youth programs. If this is your attitude, though, then it follows that the exact same standards — and prohibitions — that apply to occasions of heterosexual temptation should apply to occasions of homosexual temptation.

Because as we all know, homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent.

To check more from American Thinker go here…

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