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In the years between 2008 and 2016 (2004 having been the year of introduction) we had a faux President who kowtowed to Islamic interests in the most vile, despicable of ways, generally with example after wretched example ultimately resulting in scores of individual and group Jihad attacks on American soil aimed at victims being wickedly wounded or killed outright. During that time in 2015 Germany, Angela Merkel allowed columns as far as the eye could see of young Muslim men sauntering across her border without a whisper of resistance to it. Soon other Western European countries followed suit – resulting in the proliferation of no-go zones as well as grooming gangs, gang rapes, political Islamic inroads to imposition of Sharia and, of course, commonplace Jihad terror.

Talk about an ugly coincidence. Except that our seemingly incompetent current “Puppet President” (a guy of dementia-proportions allegedly voted in by some 80 million voters and whose strings are maneuvered by his definitely competent Puppet Meisters!) – most recently handed an Afghan war victory over Americans to the Taliban Islamic fiends who helped perpetrate 9/11 – which thereby enabled the slaughter and wounding of American troops while he was at it, throwing in billions of dollars in military hardware to boot.

Boom/doom fauxbama shufflestrut

Islamic political AND violent Jihad is obviously only one tactic of many that these Globalist Communists are using to destroy western civilization – especially the individually-free, prosperous and hardy, stand-up-and-fight American way of life. The current tactic of blaming what’s happening to America today on a bumbling “President” is the well-worn Communist way to defuse any growing resentment of the populace – by blaming “incompetence” rather than their deliberately-planned evil for the destruction not only of the freest, most prosperous country the world has ever known – but for any hope of freedom in the entire planetary world itself.

Face it folks – OBO#44 and Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros (throw in Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of ’em) coordinate plans, evidenced by both of their heavy involvement in 2018 with down ballot races. Schwartz-Soros and Big Tech pay for everthing, happy to be oligarchs in a borderless world, throwing guaranteed income to the rest of us poor slobs. Biden isn’t running anything (witness him falling asleep in the Glasgow meeting yesterday). Forces are at work setting him up to take all the blame for his “radicalism.”

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, 1.7 million more illegal immigrants have busted the border in nine months. If all this seems like a coordinated plan, it is. Boom/doom fauxbama shufflestrut…

John Conlin, American Thinker: ‘Biden’s societal suicide’ …

For the past 245 years, a significant portion of the wealth created in the entire world is in some way related to the United States. People across the globe fight to come to the USA — we must be doing something right.

Yet the Biden administration speaks of a desire to fundamentally transform the country. Why would anyone want to fundamentally change a system that has created the freest, wealthiest, most prosperous, and most tolerant people the world has ever seen? To replace it with a system of large, intrusive federal government; limited individual freedom; and high taxes? A system that has never worked in all history — generally ending in poverty, hunger, violence, and death on a massive scale?

Ask yourself, if a country could tax itself to prosperity, would there ever be any poor countries? If printing money were the same as creating wealth, would there ever again be a poor person?

Driving some of this is the transformation from government being the people’s representatives to being our leaders — in effect, our bosses. This is bordering on true insanity and shows a frightening desire for collective suicide. Here’s a message to those who desire this profound transformation: many of us have no desire to participate in this societal suicide pact.

There are fundamental reasons for our success. It is not because of our incredible natural resources — those are relatively common around the globe. It is not a special trait of the people — clearly, it is not “in the blood,” as people from across the globe come to America and experience tremendous success. [-]

[+] … And we now want to radically transform it? People who have little to no idea how the system actually works now want to make significant changes to it? What do you think the results would be if you just opened the hood of your car and started making random changes? Do you think it will improve the performance or fundamentally break what had been a complex, functioning system?

The lives and futures of hundreds of millions of people in this country will be impacted by these transformations. In fact, the lives and futures of billions of people on the planet will be impacted by these moves. Human suffering — and a planetary disaster — on an unimaginable scale is a very real possibility if we break this gift that has been bequeathed to us. Never forget we have no God-given right to live like this.

Thus, it would seem “first do no harm” should be the watchword. We have a system that works astonishingly well. We would be wise to protect and nurture it. Rather than looking to transform the system, we should be considering ways to more fully return to the basics of the founding of this country. [end]

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Boom/doom fauxbama shufflestrut

OBO#44 is the “president”, in for his third term, he and his henchmen controlling the DemoMarxocrat party, evidenced by his intervention in the SC primary putting out marching orders that everyone had to get behind O’Biden. Except for Sanders, the other candidates all dropped out. Then the plan was put in place that the VP would have to be a “woman of color” with JoeShmoe marketed as a moderate. Everybody knows O’Biden’s mind is gone; totally gone (again, remember him falling asleep yesterday in the Glasgow, Scotland world gathering).

Being the sickening sycophant he is, he goes along with all of OBO#44’s “suggestions”, even admitting he talks with Barry-the-Traitor several times a day. OBO’Biden, back in control, has put his pedal to the metal pushing through the most radical agenda ever in American history, further facilitated by a DemoMarxocrat House and Senate.

Incompetence by design? Yes indeed, because when it comes to our feral government, the actions perceived as incompetence are almost always intentional! Boom/doom fauxbama shufflestrut…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!