Stuck on boats & vaccinations etal…

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Questions to ponder and think about as time goes by. Anybody else but yours truly ever wonder why Congress and White House Staff are exempt from the mRNA injections? As is the Post Office and some of the unions in certain states who donate millions to corrupt demoMarxocrat politicians like Newsom in CA, for instance. Why millions of illegals pouring over the border unjabbed, are being resettled and given $$ by the demented village idiot administration. Why, according to Dr. Pierre Cordy, well over 200 members of Congress have been “allowed” to take Ivermectin, which for some strange reason isn’t available to the average citizen. Mmmmm??

Then we’ve got the other village idiot “Butternut Buttigieg” and his husband/wife/husband (you go figure which it is) sweetheart claiming that the supply of all those cargo ships stuck off the coast of California and elsewhere can’t keep up with the “incredible” demand is demonstrably false. To repeat, the suppliers in China have no problem keeping up with demand – witness the aforementioned hundreds of container ships sitting off the shores of Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to be unloaded.

Stuck on boats & vaccinations etal. The BIG UGLY just got uglier…

The problem is the U.S. domestic logistics system has completely fallen apart and there’s no good excuse for it. If the United States can’t provide the logistics to off-load the goods that China sends unabated, how on God’s green earth could it ever win a war with China? Not that any of us would ever want a war with China but wars are won and lost on logistics! It would’ve been helpful had “Chrissy” Wallace challenged Butternut Buttigieg on his false claim, as it would’ve been more interesting hearing his response to that, as opposed to what he was dressing up his “children” for Halloween. Strewth already!

The supply chain issue is caused by the demoMarxocrat policies (for example the passing of AB5 in CA which effectively ended independent trucking), and has absolutely nothing to do with the “unvaxxed”, yet they hate us and will use any excuse to persecute us. Get used to it PureBloods. Make note of who these people are. Take names. Stuck on boats & vaccinations. When SHTF we come for them.

Which leads me to believe that there needs to be a remedy for politicians who get on TV and flat out lie to millions of us at a time. Safely tucked into a studio with massive security, they never suffer any consequences for their perfidious dissembling of the truth. Rice, B.J. Clinton, Butternut and many others are all Rhodes Scholars, an institution of which I’m beginning to think they teach a course on “advanced lying” whenever there’s a need to suffer for their lies. At least in high school we could stuff liars into lockers and force the truth out of ’em!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Trans-Sec Buttigieg Hung Up on Port Backlog Needs Everyone Vaccinated!’ …

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on the DC narrative shaping program hosted by swamp gatekeeper Chris Wallace.  Within the interview Buttigieg was questioned about why West Coast port backups are worse now than before the White House announced their solution to operate ports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buttigieg proclaimed the ports are being impacted by the pandemic, and ships stuck in China are the reason why ships are sitting off the coast of California.   Yeah, try to square that circular logic.  LOL.  The scale of incompetence, even in common sense politispeak, is off the charts.  The illogical statements by this guy are legendary; however, he outdid himself today.

Eventually Pete weaves his way through fourteen nonsensical catch phrases to get to a point where he proclaims nothing in the supply chain will start being more efficient until everyone is vaccinated.  And yes, it appears that he is so stuck in pretzel-speak, Buttigieg actually believes that.

All of that said, I wouldn’t post this for review if it wasn’t for the ‘hard-hitting‘ segment from Wallace that comes right after.

The southern border is in crisis, food inflation is skyrocketing, transportation and logistical supply chains are a mess because of emissions and regulation, store shelves are empty, gasoline is ridiculously expensive, the blue-collar working class is getting crushed, the vaccination mandate is wreaking havoc on jobs, airlines and employment for first responders, overall national anxiety is at a high point, the economy is in a free-fall and two-thirds of all Americans now say the administration is incompetent.  Along comes Chris Wallace with the hard-hitting question about what Pete and his husband are doing with their twins for Halloween.

Lets Go Brandon !

As noted, and as previously outlined, the issues with the backlog of the California ports have absolutely nothing to do with rapid unloading of ships and container vessels.  The issue is the inability of California truckers to move those containers.  The problem is a shortage of CA emission compliant internal transportation trucks to move the containers out of the port and into the U.S. mainland.

As a result… the politically expedient goal to get rid of the optical problem (the ships) by offloading containers into a California port system, that is already overwhelmed with tens-of-thousands of containers, is only making the original issue exponentially worse.  More people are now starting to understand the internal issue that has been created by recent California laws, rules and regulations. [-]

Full enthralling link below…

Stuck on boats & vaccinations etal. A Schiff of Fools by any other name…

Thanks to Butternut Buttigieg for confessing to everyone that his agenda is to create shortages for the sole purpose of political coercion. Sort of like what the FBI does when it plants a dozen of its operatives to create a false flag such as kidnapping a state governor or staging an insurrection at a state capital that didn’t happen in Michigan, or like the one at the federal capital on Jan 6 that did. All of which are the coercive tactics that a criminal bully uses to get what he wants. This is nothing more nor less else than a hostage situation now. Do what the dictatorship says or we’ll stop the flow of goods.

The “Senior Executive Service” serves as the Political Commissars to the current illegal executive whose current agenda is the destruction of the national infrastructure vital to the national security of the United States of America. This is what happens when you have the operatives of a hostile foreign government being installed over a period of two decades through rigged elections. Stuck on boats & vaccinations. OUCH!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-still-president Donald John Trump to the rescue – MAGA! KAG!