Tucker Jan 6 blockbuster hits home

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We the (90 million+) People won’t be free until those persecutors using ill-gotten, illicitly-acquired, prosecutorial powers, are disarmed to the point where we the American public no longer need to hear from them. Those fearing President Trump during the outlandish Jan 6 attempted takeover of American Governance, did so because he figured out that white patriotic men and women, lyingly mislabeled by the left as ‘White Supremacists’ are not the greatest threat to America. No folks, that is reserved for the army of Intel Agencies, the DOJ, FBI, CIA and all the other alphabet-soup organisations and the power they wield which they would love to use domestically against We the (90 million+) citizenry. That’s exactly why January 6 was instigated, orchestrated, and choreographed by the entire bunch of ’em. Of particular importance is the fact that without the specious FBI and their cohorts, there never would’ve been a January 6 incursion, Period!

What we face today (and what we have for centuries) is that those in power have the infrastructure, the jails, the armed agents and powerful weapons at their total command. They “created” January 6, because they needed it to disarm America, which has always been what they fear the most. Doubtful that anyone has ever seen a tyrannical government successfully manage a well-armed population, simply because of the numbers. No, you haven’t and you likely never will.

Tucker Jan 6 blockbuster hits home…

Then we’ve got today’s media mess, such as the Wash Post, NY Times, and countless others, in their vain attempt to manipulate public opinion just the way lawyers attempt to manipulate their juries, often doing so as arrogant elitists, believing that the public will accept whatever they write as gospel even when they’re often seen as entirely illogical. Today, more often than not, they’re all about Party affiliation than they are about truth, facts, evidence and conviction.

Entrusted with informing the public with evidence of “the facts, Ma’am, just the facts”, both incriminatory and exculpatory, they’re often the ones most responsible for intellectual subjugation and the perpetuation of “flat earth” brazen lies. That’s their only goal.

The SCOTUS never took down the thieves that stole the election in the first place. That at least would’ve provided an easier solution. Seems they were worried about the pushback, not from constitutionalists, but from the BLM and ANTIFA antiAmericans who sent them a message – totally based on fear for themselves, their families and, for the most recent confirmed justice – their children.

How appropriate on an overnight revelation of a Glenn Youngkin Virginia win exactly one year following a nasty, dirty, presumptive President Donald John Trump election steal, propped up by a degenerative thieving organization run by demoMarxocrat antiAmerican operatives! Tucker Jan 6 blockbuster hits home…

 Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘The Freak-Out Over Tucker’s Jan 6 Documentary Begins’ …

The original narrative about January 6 is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered.

Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night played a brief trailer for his three-part documentary looking at the events of January 6. “Patriot Purge” will premiere on Fox Nation, the network’s streaming service, on November 1.

Clips hint that the film compares the prosecution of Capitol protesters and anyone associated with the events of January 6 to the initial war on terror, a wholly legitimate comparison that my reporting confirms. For example, as I explained in April, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines issued a report earlier this year warning “domestic violent extremists” pose a heightened threat to the nation. Not one for subtlety, Haines included a sketch of the U.S. Capitol in the document; House Republicans at the time blasted Haines for working outside her legal authority—the intelligence community is supposed to hunt foreign terrorists, not MAGA-supporting meemaws—to target American citizens.

Unfortunately, most Americans are unaware that the Biden regime, with a big assist from the news media, is indeed conducting a domestic war on terror aimed at the political Right.

Democrats do not want the public to hear the details of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death at the hands of Capitol Police, or the likely role of the FBI in what happened that day, or how armed federal agents have raided Trump supporters’ homes at dawn, in front of their terrified children and horrified neighbors, and dragged out in handcuffs to face various trespassing misdemeanors. [-]

[+] … Further, any suggestion that the FBI, a corrupt, partisan agency with a proven track record of acting at the behest of Democratic Party interests, was at all instrumental in what happened that day, or instigating the violence ahead of time, is strictly verboten. Never mind that even the New York Times reported that FBI informants were working with members of the Proud Boys before and during January 6 or the numerous questions raised by Beattie or the jaw-dropping revelations of the FBI’s key role in the plot to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year—no questions allowed.

Next thing you know, the media will accuse January 6 skeptics of promoting “Russian disinformation.” [-]

[+] … Nunes, of course, was proven right. I suspect Carlson’s documentary will act as the January 6 version of the Nunes memo. And the reason why the people who peddled Russiagate are the same people losing their minds over an unseen documentary on January 6 isn’t that they don’t know what the film will show—it is rather that they know exactly what it will show. McCain and company fought the release of the Nunes memo for the same reason.

On November 1, no matter how hard they’re trying to keep the truth concealed, the public can start to see for themselves. [end]

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Tucker Jan 6 blockbuster hits home. McConnell mayhem time to get rid of the ship of fools…

If our fearless President Trump’s statement wishing people to “peacefully protest the stolen election” was tantamount to inciting a riot, then perhaps Maxine Waters, OBO#44″$$”, Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc. are all straight up ARSONISTS! Don’t EVER forget now – “If they bring a knife, we bring a GUN!”!

God works in forever mysterious ways, His wonders to perform, what with: President Trump elected to expose the Deep State. The demoMarxoCrat “Russia Hoax” exposed. Corrupt elections – exposed! Covid scam – exposed! Deadly vaccines – exposed! CRT school boards – exposed! And definitely not to miss a shout out to OBO#44″$$” clown prince of fools, demented idiots and “giggle-queens”, and sidekick frauds the likes of “Dr. Faux-Fauci” and his sidekick Birx; we definitely couldn’t have done it without you – SNL Heroes no less, look ’em up in the link below!

Tucker Jan 6 blockbuster hits home…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


COMEDY ! Do not miss SNL video featuring the team of Fauci-Birx!