Black Friday, Black Saturday : Business v Bureaucracy

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year have a way of making us reflect on the year and ourselves in a way that Black Friday does not. The juxtaposition of the busiest shopping day of the year with perhaps the most crucial day of the Obama presidency highlights why America, long before the current occupant of the Oval Office swore his oath, should have left health care to the private sector. doesn’t force anybody to visit its website. You will be neither fined if you don’t nor be subsidized if you do. Its Christmastime success depends on the voluntary choices of consumers. Black Friday conjures up images of infinite queues and battle royals over the last Cabbage Patch Kid. Black Saturday, despite occurring in the virtual world of the web, evokes an entirely different scene: Americans trampling over one another to escape the government’s “marketplace.” That’s the difference between .com and .gov., Black Friday and Black Saturday. Daniel J. Flynn continues..

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