Lone Star Economics For A Rogue Prez

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Great news for the Republic of Texas, the one and only “LONE Star State.” GASP!! .. We can be energy-sufficient and not have to import any from Arabs, Mexicans, Venezuelans, nor anybody else (mind you, we could cut a real neat deal with our Albertan Canadian brothers, but Obama hates Canadians as much as he does his fellow-Americans – but isn’t he Kenyan, or something?). Cut us loose and see what would happen – We’d be able to refine it without the stranglehold of the feral EPA; new refineries would be built without the feral “gubmint” hands in the designing and permitting. Heck, maybe we’d even export to the commie “redness” states (yeah, that is their color they try to impose on us – HAH!). This could be California too, but hey, a different party is running it into the ground to ruin it. Think of the similarities, long coastline, seaports, large landmass, vast numbers of illegal Catholic Hispanic immigrants, oil in the ground, large agriculture. One is hemorraging its middle class, the other one is growing it. And soon, only one will have toilets that flush.

More of how the Earth loves us and provides for our needs! It’s almost as if there is a God and he designed this magnificent bounty! What? Oil is evil? Oil is the most organic substance on Earth. It’s made by the Earth which replenishes it by the day! If only we had a president (if only indeed) that knew what to do with this kind of good news. Fossil fuels we must have. Unless of course, you’re a Chinese Windmill fan or a communist greenie windbag. We need real not “faux rogue fraud Americans” in office with business sense. What an absolutely GREAT great record – Go Texas, the LONE Star State!

From Sierra Rayne in today’s American Thinker …

Last June, AT predicted “Texas will hit a monthly production level of 3.45 million barrels per day [MMbpd] by December 2014, meaning that 2015 will set a new annualized production record for the state.”

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, field production of crude oil in Texas hit 3.49 MMbpd in December — right on the projection.

The latest data has March production at 3.68 MMbpd and still rising.

The 12-month record for Texas oil production was set in 1972 at 3.45 MMbpd. The last 12 months has seen Texas average 3.34 MMbpd.

Even if production stabilizes — or falls slightly, Texas will set a new all-time 12-month crude oil production record of 3.5 MMbpd within the next three months.