Biden at 43.5%? Voters prefer GOP

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Say it ain’t so, Joe! The dotard who in a couple of two short years made everything worse in every measurable area – inflation, energy security, the economy, population actually employed, military preparedness, lawless southern border, yet criminal safety prioritized over citizen safety gets 43.5% approval for his uniformly dismal performance? If this were true, then America is doomed with this many dummies as voters.

It definitely doesn’t seem plausible and if real, the nation will collapse! Generally speaking, mild-mannered people like us won’t answer any phone calls we don’t recognize as far as polls goes. Indeed, the people on the street interviews are really not that sophisticated, stupid yes, especially the women addicted to their smartphones. White females who attend or have attended college, for instance, have no concept of Communism. They cruise TikTok like they do YouTube, not knowing that the former is actually controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. YouTube does as much as it can to whitewash brutal Communism. Nazis bad, Communists good?

Biden at 43.5%? Voters prefer GOP. Leftist mobocracy will destroy USA

But seriously, when the media carries the water for the demoMarxocrat party, they try to sell the split as 49/51, and they are so lazy about it, they don’t even care. In this case, 43% surely means 3%. The problem with worthless demoMarxocrat voters, is they never learn their lesson when promised “Free stuff” from their handlers, who would be better off being forced to work 96+ hours a week, with an added “Obiden tax” of 85%. That should just about manage it!

Question remains as to how it can be that this illegitimate serially-dementia-riven child molester and scumbag can garner approval from more than 4 in 10 likely voters at this particular moment in time? How can anyone, especially older Americans and blacks even favor somebody the likes of him, when his irrational and demonic policies are intentionally creating skyrocketing inflation and interest rates, collapsing home values, ongoing job losses, income and retirement savings down the tube, massive numbers of vaccine-injured and dead children and adults being laid to rest, even more massive illegal migration bringing crime and drug deaths among our youth, a supply chain collapse along with sky high food, utilities and fuel costs!! Just how, from where, and when?? Biden at 43.5%? Voters prefer GOP.

Debra Heine, American Greatness: ‘Voters Give Biden 43.5% Rating, Prefer GOP to Control Congress’ …

In the latest poll conducted by Insider Advantage for the Center for American Greatness, Joe Biden’s approval rating remains anemic at 43.5 percent, and Republicans lead Democrats by nearly five points on the generic congressional ballot.

The national survey of 750 likely voters showed that 61.1 percent of respondents disapproved of Biden’s job performance, and another 2.5 percent had no opinion or were undecided. Specifically, only 26.9 percent said they wholly “approved” of the job Biden is doing, while another 16.6 percent said they “somewhat approve.”

Among women, Biden garnered 48 percent approval, while only 38.3 percent of males approved of his job performance.

An overwhelming 93.1 percent of Republicans disapproved of Biden’s job performance, with only 6.5 approving. Among Democrats, 84.9 percent said they approve of the job Biden is doing. Significantly, only 32.3 percent of Independents approved of Biden’s job performance, with 60.6 percent disapproving.

Biden continues to poll poorly with whites and Hispanics, with 38.9 percent and 39.3 percent approval ratings, respectively. Among whites, 60.9 percent approve, and among Hispanics, 53.2 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Biden garnered 73.4 percent approval from blacks, with a total of 23.4 percent disapproving.

Biden got his highest marks, surprisingly, among older Americans. He garnered 50.3 percent approval among likely voters aged 65 or older. Among likely voters aged 40 to 64, he received 42.5 percent approval, and he faired worst among 18 to 30 year-olds, with only 39.9 percent approval. [-]

[+] … On the question of which party they wanted in control of Congress if the election were held today, likely voters preferred Republicans over Democrats 48.2 percent to 43.5 percent, with 8.3 percent having no opinion, or undecided.

Among men, 55.8 percent said they preferred Republicans and 40.8 percent said they preferred Democrats to control Congress. Women said they preferred Democrats over Republicans 46 percent to 41.1 percent.

Divided by age, Democrats fared best with older Americans with 49.7 percent saying they preferred them to stay in power, and 45.4 percent saying they prefer Republicans to take control. Among likely voters aged 40 to 64, 48 percent said they preferred Republicans, and 41.5 percent said they preferred Democrats. Surprisingly, the youngest subset of voters, aged 18 to 39, said they preferred the GOP to take control of Congress 49.5 percent to 41.5 percent.

Independents favored Republicans to Democrats 53.2 percent to 33.2 percent. [end]

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Biden at 43.5%? Voters prefer GOP

We are now suffering under a corrupt and totalitarian regime which is denying Americans basic freedoms, liberty and Constitutional rights that our founding fathers died for!! Currently, the U.S. is clearly no longer the “home of the brave”, more like the “home of American stupidity”. The poll numbers are hard to believe, especially when considering who in their right mind thinks dementia-riven Joe knows what he’s doing? If in fact, 43.5 % of Americans really approve of what this senile pervert and his ventriloquists have done to the nation, we may as well hand the keys to Chairman Xi now.

But WAIT – it’s more than a little scary that the Walking Dead Zombie in the White House gets a 43% approval rating – which also explains why the nation is in such trouble. Don’t think the demoMarxocrats are all that worried right now – it definitely appears they have the election “theft-thingy” down to a science now. Seems like they can’t fix the problems they largely created but they sure as shootin’ can get themselves elected by some means or another. Fraudulently!

Biden at 43.5%? Voters prefer GOP

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his absolute darnedest to keep America Great – MAGA! KAG!