Underwear attack a mortal danger

Go ahead, make my..

24 hour armed security. Complete camera coverage. Windows shattered out from within. And yet, at 2 AM in the morning, a loony-tune in his underwear (supposedly breaking in, perhaps with a hammer) escapes detection. Ahem. Typical demoMarxocrat logic, shouldn’t we say?

Looney-tune guy in his underwear somehow has found himself in position to attack a “high-up” demoMarxocrat fluffball partner of the person who’s likely third in line for United States presidency behind another screwball aka “Kamala-Crooner-Harris“. Yet despite the BLM signs and his clear insanity, it comes out all of a sudden as proof positive of Conservative hate and political violence. Say what?

Remember this from just a short while ago, when a demoMarxocrat plans to murder a Conservative Judge, and shows up at his house with a gun and zip-ties, and it plays out as “nothing to see here, move on folks, move on“. Heck, then we remember a Bernie Bro demoMarxocrat who attempted to mass-assassinate as many GOP-elected officials as he could on a baseball field and demoMarxocrats admonish us not to judge all of them by one dangerously-deranged kook. Sheesh already!

Underwear attack a mortal danger. Paul and Nancy Pelosi with son Paul Jr… faces of corruption.

The whole story is ludicrous and keeps changing. The media is furiously trying to change the narrative to distract from the unsavory truth. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Paul Pelosi is a troubled man. Perhaps it all stems from when he killed his brother in a car accident that resulted from his reckless driving as a teen. The self-destructive behaviors have never changed. But he is rich and protected. Chances are the truth of this latest incident will be buried by Nancy’s private government police.

How quickly they change narrative for instance.The original story was that police came for a wellness check, not a 911, and were let into the house by an unnamed third person. That story has all kinds of problems with it, so they got rid of the unnamed third person.

But in that case, who let the police in? They said Pelosi and underwear guy were wrestling for control of the hammer. Was the door open and they let themselves in? For a wellness check? Who heard him saying “where’s Nancy?” Is this from Paul? The unnamed third person that no longer exists? Nothing about this story makes sense. And it keeps changing.

“Nancy with the laughing eyes”, say it ain’t so! Let’s wait for the facts, but this (“surely Shirley”) doesn’t add up at all.

Dan Gelernter, American Greatness: ‘The Underwear Attacker’ …

Victims of violent crime who aren’t lucky enough to be married to a major political figure would also like the assurance of knowing their attackers are locked up and won’t be bothering them again.

I often read the mainstream news sites. You can learn a lot about them from what they say. And you can learn as much from what they don’t say. I find it intriguing, for example, that the top (as of this writing) CNN, NBC, and ABC stories on the Paul Pelosi attack never mention one of the first things that anyone on the scene would have noticed: The assailant was dressed only in his underwear. Which is funny, because that particular oddity certainly stands out to me. Underwear attacker? You don’t see that every day.

For one thing, an assailant who has forgotten even to get dressed doesn’t exactly scream “premeditated political violence.” It doesn’t point to much forethought or indeed much thought at all. And while all the news stories dutifully repeat the claim that Underwear Man (real name, David DePape) was shouting “Where is Nancy?” as he struck his victim with a hammer, none of them report what Michael Schellenberger found out with a basic journalistic visit to DePape’s house: That DePape lives in Berkeley with a nudist girlfriend, a Black Lives Matter sign in the window, and an LGBT rainbow flag with a marijuana symbol hanging from a tree. Not quite your typical far-right extremist.

But San Francisco Police Chief William Scott says, “This was not a random act. This was intentional,” and all the news sites repeat it. David Frum, the idiot in the far-left Atlantic, went so far as to say “Paul Pelosi is the latest to play a blood price” for the GOP’s “cult of violence.” Really.

Though I obviously don’t believe this was a far-right attack, I’m also not one of those conspiracy guys who thinks DePape was sent by the FBI in a false-flag op. To me, the evidence is pretty obvious: If the FBI had recruited DePape, they would have bought him an expensive AR-15. [-]

[+] … Journalists and politicians would like you to believe that this is political violence so the story can be all about them: About how important they are and the special dangers they face. But we know that this isn’t political violence; it’s just violence. It is a story not about politicians but about Americans. Everyday danger, which has increased in all major cities Democrats control, has, ironically, come home to roost in a small way.

Yet the lesson learned will deliberately be the wrong one, and won’t help ordinary citizens. I bet victims of violent crime who aren’t lucky enough to be married to a major political figure would also like the assurance of knowing their attackers are locked up and won’t be bothering them again. But it’s much easier to pretend Underwear Man was a right-wing hate-infused wannabe assassin: It’s just politics. [end]

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Underwear attack a mortal danger. Dems screen dirty deeds for control … Two rabid proponents right here…

Who knew that this cycle’s October surprise would be that Nana Pelosi’s old man is a client of the gay sex industry? Of course, look who’s spent decades living with him, so cut him some slack. You may call the intruder “The Underwear Attacker” but Paul Pelosi just calls him “David.” Or “Bum Buddie“. They’re also mentioning that “Fancy Nancy’s house” is secured like a fortress and that no one is waltzing in uninvited. They do say, mind you, that Paul calls him “David and a friend”. Until that is, it gets scrubbed!

Absent a determined journalist with cajones, the truth will never be allowed to see the light – but that will only augment the revulsion that decent people feel towards the vile, woke, political hacks who are destroying the nation. Their corruption pollutes the air! It’s another nail in the demoMarxocrat coffin.

Someone has already compared this to the Jussie Smollet story in that it changes every few hours. One thing is for sure, no one will ever know the truth. This is a legitimate scandal for demoMarxocrats, so fully expect the MSM to go all out in burying it. Underwear attack a mortal danger. The REAL truth!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!