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Actually, the correct version of the old Monty Python’s Flying Circus opener was ‘And now for something completely different’, but I’m a stickler for just a one-line header in keeping everything neat and tidy. Thereby, the header for what it is…

Nevertheless, it does make the point about the ‘tick-tock’ media supposedly on ‘our side’ grinding on and on and on about ‘sources tell us; my sources indicate; sources close to the action tell us; blah, blah, blah, blah, blah’… So forgive me for proceeding with a little more light-hearted comedy routine on what purports to be ground-breaking, window-shattering, whistle-blowing, wide-open revelations about to blow the lid off all things political.

And now … Hilarious contretemps going on over at my favorite Conservative Treehouse, where even the resilience of the resilient ‘Sundance’ is getting a mite restless!

Chavetz, Biggs aging Hannity .. Sundance classic..

A primer … Pillow and strawberry sales sky rocket on ‘new’ breaking story of possible indictments. Eric Ciaramella has to be laughing his proverbial ass off. Overnight FBI office janitor who used Comey’s office computer to check on his car loan between midnight and one in the morning will be the one indicted. He’ll join the ABC employee who did NOT leak the Epstein story but was fired anyway for leaking the Epstein story.

FBI, DOJ, Senate, House Dems, MOST House Republicans, State Department, CIA and now the rest of the profligate swamp dwellers congratulate themselves and give themselves raises and promotions.

Hannity outraged but sells a crap load more pillows. Gosh, how do I know that?! Mike Swindell knows!

Here’s another one. Having been caught in the Lois Lerner IRS Citizens United trap myself on 501(c)3 non-profit status (thankfully with no lasting damage) the targeting of ‘certain’ groups by that witch (prompted by we know who, #44) was a most blatant attack on we Conservatives. Then the witch had the audacity to plead the 5th after opening her pie hole and NOT one CongrAss person actually did anything to have her held accountable. When I saw her walk away scot-free with a nice Fed pension to boot I knew times were getting bad.

Trump, Durham, Barr, Deep State cleanup crew…

Kinda like having FBI ‘consultants’ rummaging through our data bases looking for any dirt they can find, giving or selling it to those in control and then skipping the country when they’re caught. Arrrgghhhhhh! Personally I would enjoy seeing Lois Lerner in an orange jumpsuit. Further, asset forfeiture of her new beautiful million dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard would perhaps wipe the smug look off her face. She should also forfeit her pension. Throw Koskinen in there as well.

Talk about a rogues gallery!

If that Washington DC swampy-cesspool full of lifelong plutocrats get away with this then our constitutional republic is finished. If they go unpunished there will be no reason to bother voting anymore because it won’t change anything, ever. We the People are currently on the brink of a permanent takeover of our government by unelected, deep state bureaucrats who will choose our presidents for us, exactly as they’ve done in the past. No ifs, ands, or buts.

As for that little ‘tick-tock’ I mentioned, ‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse, and ‘Sean Hannity Provides latest Tick-Tock’…

Sara Carter appears on the nightly meeting of the Tick Tock club to promote her latest tick-tock article claiming the Horowitz report will contain a criminal referral for James Comey. Once the tick-tock material du jour is implanted, the tick-tock committee begins debating the importance of the latest tick and tock.  There seems to be a pattern to this.

If you haven’t watched a tick-tock discussion in the past six months, tonight’s tick-tock might seem like a re-run, it’s not. Tonight, amid prior tick tock claims, and the frequency of tick-tockers over-promoting the ticks and the tocks, ringmaster Hannity expresses both tick-tock frustration and tick-tock certainty.

Always acting in the best interests of themselves are the cesspool swampers. Hunter Biden is no genius, Epstein didn’t ‘off’ himself, and now, the Clinton Global Initiative is no charity. Invariably, the people who take tax dollars to help others are helping themselves. The laundry is forever open and will never be closed.

Whenever We the People think of the last time there was anything ‘air tight’ it was undoubtedly the blue dress Monica wore. And now we really hope for something different, moving from skeptical to very disappointed when contemplating if justice will in fact, ever be served.

On a very bright note, Warrior-President Trump has emerged as the swampy clean-up guy, and now the rats are scurrying and hurrying to get ‘theirs’ before the whole house of cards comes down.

So on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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