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Meanwhile, The Dogs of War aka the current DemoMarxocrat rapscallion party, have ‘woke’ in unsurprising fashion. Not content with drowning the nation with plan after supercilious plan, which they deign to describe as an ‘impeachment process’, the fact that they’re just about to break the $50 MILLION dollar mark on their efforts to dispatch We the People’s president to the ash-heap of history, has gone mostly to – well – the aforementioned ash heap dwellers.

$50 MILLION is a number being generally thrown around, which includes $30 MILLION from the first go-round.

Let that sink in for a while.

Fact remains that even morons don’t like to be played the fool. Like when one turns on CNN / MessNBC / CBS / ABC / NBC / NPR and the rest of the thunder-plug criminals, they refer to this fourth attempt in three years at impeaching this president as (ahem!) – ‘historic’.

One could assume, meanwhile, that it may well be ‘historic’ to some, although yours truly is somewhat marginally unaware of any of warrior-president Trump’s predecessors having to fend off more than one impeachment attempt at a time so that the DemoMarxocrat / Collectivist / Communist’s fourth attempt could be characterized as ‘historic.’

But then again the goofs are ‘historic’ in their idiocy and mendacity. ‘Have a pleasant day’ one could put forth!

But wait, there are indeed morons out there with ‘COEXIST’ bumper stickers proudly arrayed car-wise. Most of them still fading in the sunset, from car wash attention and mistreatment.

To be brutally honest, the only way you can explain imposter Dem #44s 2nd Term is through the aforementioned ‘Moron Vote’.

The Moron Vote was caught sleeping and unprepared to vote in 2016. The complicit Left-leaning Media conglomerate had done such a fantastic job in convincing everyone that HillaryRob’Em would easily win, the Morons never even bothered to vote. Meanwhile, The Deep State big fake news media ensconced in the swampy cesspool of Washington DC did such a convincing job that some morons STILL insist that Trump didn’t win in 2016. HillaryRob’Em, cry me a river!

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., American Spectator and ‘The Return of the Moron Vote’…


It is slowly becoming clearer whom exactly the Democrats are zeroing in on as their key voting bloc for 2020. It is not the youth vote, contrary to the received opinion. The youth vote is always in danger of oversleeping, and by 4:00 PM most are in danger of being lured to Happy Hour. It would be just like the Trump team to lure the kids, especially the college kids, to the bars rather than allow them to do their civic duty and vote Democratic or in some cases vote communist. The Democrats are not going to waste their time on such unreliable voters.

Nor is the union vote likely to be targeted by the Democrats. The union vote is nowadays relatively small and getting smaller all the time thanks to the Trump economy. Nor is it the angry women’s vote being targeted by the Democrats. After all, the angry women are, frankly, just too irritable to be relied upon to show up at the polls.

They will probably vote Democratic in small numbers, but many might very well stay home on Election Day or have automobile accidents while on the way to the voting booth. Some observers think that the Democrats will settle on the suburban vote as their key voters, but when the suburbanites have given careful thought to their 401(k)s along with other economic considerations, they will be torn.

Yes, yes, I know the suburban vote is worried about Donald Trump’s use of curse words, but compared to the foul-mouthed Democrats and their weakness for tax increases, my guess is that the Democrats will not waste much time or money trying to lure the suburban vote. As someone once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Continues in link below…

The return of the Moron Vote…

“There just are not enough Morons out there.” Maybe not – but to paraphrase the Bard: “If they are marked to vote, they are enough to do our country loss.” Anyone believing the lie that a bureaucrat can build a man’s life better than the man can himself, is a good DemoMarxocrat constituent.

The fearful, the lazy, and the immoral wait for professional liars they elect to come to their rescue. Let the dance begin, as it were! The greatest asset in the DemoMarxocrat arsenal is a support base who aren’t bright enough to know (or simply don’t care) when their intelligence is being insulted.

Their biggest shortcoming is their belief that the American electorate at large (ie you and me) is as dumb as their base.

The Morons meanwhile, support this with all their hearts and if they aren’t the majority, ‘ballot harvesting’ (discovering uncounted ‘absentee’ ballots weeks after the election) will massage the election results to favor the ruling party. Mexico in 1950 was more free than California is today.

Because of Morons. Happy Morons. This is what Morons want – to NOT be free.

On that somber note meanwhile, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


R.Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The Return of the Moron Vote


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