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The American liberal-progressive Left lives in a fantasy world where firearms, violence, pornographic sex and rape are acceptable in the movies and video games they enjoy and profit from. In the real world however, this disconnect from reality pervades every aspect of their lives, thus they continue to live in a constant state of angst and disappointment.

The forever disgruntled Left seeks solace in fantasy and other altered states of consciousness. Interrupting their fantasy world is not acceptable behavior. Firearms, drugs, and pornography are three of their most reliable and predictable behavioral triggers. Oh, and the right of a woman to have control over her own body – aka baby-killing. And numerous other sexual deviations which are forever being touted as ‘human rights’.

Let me take it a little further, and opine that self-righteousness without a Godly moral foundation is the Left’s universal drug of choice, and one would think that a group of people who believe they are smarter than everyone else would clearly see that DemoMarxists have been on the wrong side of history since forever.

      • They championed slavery and lost the American Civil War.
      • They backed the Russian Communist Revolution after WWI, looked the other way and made excuses for Stalin, Mao and Castro’s murder of millions.
      • They witnessed the Soviet Union’s political and economic demise in 1989.
      • Now they ignore the profound lesson of Venezuela, where people have been reduced to eating pets, zoo animals and selling their hair for food.

These people should be slapped and often! One of the reasons they haven’t been is We the Silent Majority (the ‘Deplorables’), Christians who have been showing them the patience of Christ in reaching out to them with the Truth. Yet, if they ever push too far, they will lose again, just like they always do. Outrage, marches, movements, and boycotts over ‘Mass Killings or Mass Killers’, always somehow omit to mention the 60 million ‘choices’ (that’s 60,000,000) women have made since Roe v Wade in 1973 in getting rid of an ‘inconvenience’ … aka a human being.

As an example from Thomas Lifson and his American Thinker (link at bottom): Reader Keith Riler sent us this picture outside of Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast in Houston, taken following the shooting at Parkland, Florida. It’s safe to say that nobody at Planned Parenthood there has any sense of irony at all.

Let me segue` into today’s piece from Steve McCann in American Thinker, ‘Contemptible American Left’, and I’ll see you on the other side…

The American left, whose enthusiasts traffic constantly in victimhood and noble intentions, are once again exploiting and manipulating a tragedy.  They are now shamelessly claiming not only that teenagers who have been victims of or witnesses to a shooting must be the recipients of the nation’s sympathy, but that whatever they say – however inane or uninformed, as long as it conforms with the left’s anti-gun orthodoxy – cannot be questioned.  Their unfortunate experience gives rise to their newly minted status as unassailable spokespersons in any debate regarding gun control.  Therefore, anyone who has the temerity to question or criticize these newly anointed voices of reason is an insensitive brute who favors continued and unabated gun violence.

I am a victim of gun violence, as I was shot as a young boy by a man whose unambiguous intention was to kill me.  I own handguns today because of the experience of coming face to face with the evil that permeates some men’s souls.  However, what I, and others of similar backgrounds, have to say will be ignored by the left and the media, as their agenda is not to solve the underlying factors inherent in mass shootings or gun violence, but rather to gut the Second Amendment – to make it meaningless in the inexorable march toward their ultimate goal, controlling the federal government in perpetuity.

When I was shot and left for dead, there was no organized police presence, and all law-abiding citizens were disarmed.  The death of another homeless, displaced, and orphaned boy, buried in an unmarked mass grave, would have been just another easily ignored casualty of postwar Europe.  But I am supposed to accept the absurd notion that somehow it was the inanimate object the man was holding, and not he, that was responsible for the attempt on my life.  And I am supposed to ignore the fact that his mindset was such that he would have used any weapon available, including his hands, to accomplish the same goal.

I have been unwavering in my determination to never again face a similar circumstance.  I have had firearms in my possession for the past 60 years, as I am fortunate to live in the one nation on Earth that has embedded in its founding documents the right to bear arms.

Today, I am, along with a majority of my fellow citizens, being made a scapegoat for the failed policies of the so-called Progressives….

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Make no mistake that the Left is actively promoting a state of mass delusion upon the American populace that is hostile to objective reality and cannot coexist peacefully with it. For better or for worse, men and women, as well as all groups of human beings are NOT perfectly interchangeable, as talents, interests, and motivational levels vary widely and uniform results can only happen if forced upon people.

We forget that many of our competitors in this world ruthlessly wish to marginalize (if not destroy) us, and are not self-encumbered by trying to shoehorn diversity into their workplaces which dilutes the overall talent level and politicizes all interactions between coworkers. The left is simply jealous of merit and wishes to wipe it from the face of the earth in order to prop up the pride of those who cannot face reality on its own terms. Life has never been, and never will be entirely fair, pretending we can make it so will only bring about our ruin…

How the mighty have fallen … Once upon a time, in the far distant past, CNN was a ground-breaking global news network, the envy of all its competitors … These days it isn’t worthy enough to stand as trash-liners for use in garbage cans

As one of my most lugubrious soccer managers would put it to us at half time: “We’re gonna lose this if we don’t go back to what brung us in the first place”. Most of you will figure it out, but in my honest opinion Thomas Jefferson said it the very best with: God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure if we have removed their only firm basis: a conviction in the minds of men that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; That His justice cannot sleep forever. Part of which is engraved in the Jefferson Memorial in DC.

President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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Pic from Thomas Lifson