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In ‘Parkland links to Trayvon Martin’, it’s becoming ever more apparent that the Left lives to exploit tragedy, so much so that they will in fact create it to meet their desired endgame. As Lloyd Marcus puts it (link provided down below):

Every time a tragic incident happens, cold, calculating leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms, pretending to have their best interests at heart, vowing to fix the problem. But rather than seek real commonsense solutions, leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate: Christians, gun-owners, the NRA, conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non-victim-minded minorities, and straight white men. The same way Muslim terrorists attack using women and children as shields, leftists attack their enemies from behind victims. It is disgusting and evil.

As I illustrated in Tuesday’s post, schools were designated “gun free zones” in a 1990 bill introduced by Joe Biden, Democrat (naturally) and signed into law by Geo. H. W. Bush, Republican and Democrat wannabe (naturally). Isn’t a 27 year trial period enough time to negate the leftist Liberal fantasy that several little metal signs labeled “gun free zone” placed around campuses would prevent bad dudes from bringing their guns in to test the truth of those itty bitty signs?

Cry me a tear … Parkland links to Trayvon Martin reveal collusion at the highest level in Broward County Schoolboard…

We the People should be outraged at the deliberateness of inaction and dereliction of duty that ultimately led to these killings. But we should also demand the truth about how many thousands more have been killed in the major Democrat “syndicate cities” whose government seems to routinely render the blood of their children into federal funds and personal political and financial gain.

In what has become a trademark of investigative reportage, ‘Sundance’ of The Conservative Treehouse (the ‘Pied Piper’ of New Journalism as one of the commenters labeled him) gave an update yesterday of the original report on Trayvon Martin from back in the days of 2010/2012 and how the Broward County School Board (and the Obama regime for that matter) were complicit in its leading up to the tragedy of Parkland.

Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2011 through 2015 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland. We know this with great specificity because five years ago we warned Broward County Florida school board members this could happen.

Read more of his opener in the piece titled “It’s Too Late – Broward County School Board Beginning to Admit Their Mistakes?”…..

In 2012 and 2013 while doing research into the Trayvon Martin shooting we discovered an alarming set of school policies being enacted in Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida. The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators.

Students who engaged in violence, drug sales, robberies, burglaries, theft and other various crimes were intentionally kept out of the criminal justice system. County administrators and School Superintendents told local and county law enforcement officers to stop arresting students.

2013 […] Broward, the nation’s seventh largest district, had the highest number of school-related arrests in Florida in the 2011-2012 school year, according to state data. Seventy-one percent of the 1,062 arrests made were for misdemeanor offenses. (more)

Unfortunately, the school board mandated policies came into conflict with law and order. The problem of the conflicted policy -vs- legality worsened over time as the police excused much more than misdemeanor crimes. Over time this culminated in police officers falsifying documents, hiding criminal activity, lying on official police reports and even hiding stolen merchandise police retrieved from high school students.

In 2012 Trayvon Martin was one of those students. –SEE HERE

It was our initial FOIA requests to the Miami Dade School Police Department which revealed the secret discipline and diversionary program Trayvon Martin was granted to avoid a criminal record. The School Board and M-DSPD kept trying to hide the issue; they delayed responses and charged us thousands for FOIA information; but we knew this story was huge… so we kept going.

Specifically Trayvon Martin’s criminal conduct was hidden behind school discipline. Stolen jewelry was recorded as random ‘found items’ (the jewelry just intentionally placed in storage with no investigation), Trayvon’s possession of marijuana was similarly obfuscated, and all of the incident reports were intentionally falsified by officials and School Resource Officer, Daryl Dunn, to avoid the Criminal Justice system.

To read to completion simply click here…

As commenter ‘LibertyOne’ expresses it after reading this blockbuster: “Sundance: PLEASE send ALL your info on Parkland and everything else to the State Attorney, Pam Bondi, the county prosecutors for Miami Dade & Broward, Fox News etc. Let’s see IF they have the balls to run with it. As I see it ALL these school officials et al are COMPLICIT in this carnage. Charges of malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance should ALL be considered against these officials. THANK YOU for this information, you and your crew are true patriots!

Don’t forget to thank Joe Biden and the rest of the ‘Congress Critters’ who voted for the idiosyncratic “gun free zones” legislation. Needs to be turned over and sent to the ash-heap of history where it belongs. To say nothing of the supporters of that craziness.

Bring on President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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