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To cut to the chase, there are some of us extant who’ve been chasing the rabit-ears for more than some considerable time that the US election infrastructure (computers/networks/electronic data entry devices, registration rolls, etc. etc. etc.) have long been declared CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE that must be protected – and as such simply cannot tolerate actions such as this: KONNECH’s “Confidential and Proprietary” Proposal Reveals 100% Cloud-Based PollChief System which Connects to Internet; Android; iPhone; tracks Voting Machines; Scanners; Tabulators; Ballots; Chain Of Custody; Election Staff Payroll; etc., etc., etc.

And all while Election Judges (Adjudicators) went forth to consider KONNECH had “the possibility of keeping the jobs in offshore locations.” Those who enabled this “legal hack of our elections” must go to jail. After a trial of their peers, of course. Mmmm.

Chinese data-harvest the shiny light … this bunch have been stealing for years.

Like the definition of “vaccine” and “climate”, they’re allowed to change the rules more often than they change the dictionary definitions via political pressure. Due process? A term they throw around when convenient. Any DC judge worth as much as a penny’s worth of Constitutional oath would soundly condemn what the J6 Corrupt Committee has forced upon the DOJ. Constitutional judges would be screaming due process at the top of their lungs. Chinese data-artist the shiny light. If only!

In this case, the demoMarxocrat CCP “elections” CEO was allowed to shelter “on house arrest” for sending sensitive personal data on American citizens to the CCP while the two representatives of an organization trying to clean illegality from American elections – and who “gave their information to the FBI upon discovery” – were locked in solitary confinement (see a similarity here?) for refusing to reveal “confidential sources” (think about every CHS listed amongst the Crossfire Hurricane docs that the FBI refused to reveal).

Added on to of course, anyone with an ounce of compassion continue to struggle with the fate of the J6 protestors, none of whom outrageously have received due process of any kind, most of them of course, withering away STILL illegally in prison, going on two years after their so-called “trespassing” – which foul tyrants changed, with no evidence whatsoever, to “terrorism charges”. So why shouldn’t these criminals get the due process they’ve denied to others Mmmm?

Seems to be that due process is taken to an unbelievable level amongst CCP demoMarxocrat supporters but is taken to an oppressive level for anyone who doesn’t bow at the altar of Socialist Progressive Globalism. THAT problem!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals release Englebrecht and Phillips’….

CTH often says don’t get so close to any granules that you miss the big picture.  Rasmussen Reports has drawn attention to that big picture, the timeline tells the story, and with recent announcements about ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ triggers, it is worth putting the details of the entire dynamic into context.  I would consider all these issues easily connected.

By order of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have been ordered RELEASED from custody, reversing the lower court decision which led to their detention and imprisonment for six days. {Background}

A statement from Catherine and Gregg posted on Truth Social:

I will look for more details on the Texas Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal decision.

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested for exploiting access to U.S. election data, including election worker information, and transferring the files to China.

Eugene Yu and Konnech sued True the Vote and are using the U.S. civil judicial system to find out who told the FBI about the Chinese data harvesting operation. Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt demanded that Phillips and Englebrecht reveal the names of everyone who was present when the original data files were shown to True the Vote.

Englebrecht and Phillips stated they did not ever possess the data file, do not have it and refused to name all the participants who may have seen it.   Judge Hoyt threw them in jail last Monday until Englebrecht and Phillips give up the names to the court and the Chinese Communist Party.

Their release comes a day after President Trump drew attention to their wrongful incarceration during a MAGA rally in Latrobe Pennsylvania. Fox News Host Tucker Carlson also drew attention to the case.


Then there’s this:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is planning to lay off people after the midterm election next week.  Meta has lost 70% of its stock value after announcing poor user engagement and financial support last week while investors fled to the exits.

In the big picture, those companies who were ideologically aligned with the Biden administration’s larger political efforts will all likely start announcing layoffs soon. There’s a better than reasonable likelihood some companies have deferred layoff announcements in an effort to help the employment stats for the Biden Administration.

(Via Wall Street Journal) – […] The layoffs are expected to affect many thousands of employees and an announcement is planned to come as soon as Wednesday, according to the people. Meta reported more than 87,000 employees at the end of September. Company officials already told employees to cancel nonessential travel beginning this week, the people said.

The planned layoffs would be the first broad head-count reductions to occur in the company’s 18-year history. While smaller on a percentage basis than the cuts at Twitter Inc. this past week, which hit about half of that company’s staff, the number of Meta employees expected to lose their jobs could be the largest to date at a major technology corporation in a year that has seen a tech-industry retrenchment.

Full links below…

Chinese data-artist the shiny light. Fetid hutzpah draws dementia Joe…

These companies are not “tech” companies per se within the real context, neither are they engineers, scientists, technicians, nor anything else. These companies are “media” companies and people within those companies manage the IT and so on, but that would be a minority, just as it would be in most “non-tech” companies. In real “tech” companies, the product is an actual technical product (hardware, software) or perhaps a service (and Internet hosting ).

Years ago, we had divisions between “tech” and “telco”, both of which we need to bring back since these technical service companies are really the New Telco. In all honesty these days, one has to doubt whether Zuckerberg is really in charge of FB, most likely an intelligence group that’s bridged with Five eyes. He does what he’s told to do, just as a cartoon cut out.

Sundance” for instance: “There’s a better than reasonable likelihood some companies have deferred layoff announcements in an effort to help the employment stats for the Biden Administration.” Not something you’re going to read in the New York Slimes. But entirely plausible. Chinese data-artist the shiny light.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing it ALL and getting results – MAGA! KAG!


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