Ailing Clintons Collude At DNC…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

“Hillary Clinton took me through Hell.”

“Those were the words of a woman who was raped and beaten into a coma when she was twelve years old. Instead of helping that twelve year old girl, Hillary Clinton aided her rapist. She falsely accused the abused child who would never be able to have a family of her own after the assault of “a tendency to seek out older men”. Then Hillary Clinton was recorded on tape laughing at how her client had failed a lie detector test while relishing describing how she had gotten him off”.

“Tonight’s Democratic National Convention theme was “A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families”. But this was how Hillary Clinton’s “fight” for children and families really began. And Tuesday’s highlight was an address by a career sexual predator whom she covered up for and whose victims she smeared”.

“That sexual predator was her husband, Bill Clinton”.

In that opener to his piece in FrontPageMagazine, Daniel Greenfield lays open the festering wounds both physical and political, that are roiling in the wake of everything the Clinton’s have touched since they broke loose out of Arkansas. In post Miranda v Arizona America, we have witnessed the advent of our modern lawyer/politician. The Clinton’s are prototypical of the lying, manipulative creatures our criminal “justice” system has spawned.

Those troublesome coughing fits reveal a serious medical problem...

Those troublesome coughing fits reveal a serious medical problem…

Every American needs to hear Hillary laugh. They need to hear her laugh about the veracity of a polygraph her rapist client passed. They should hear the snide chuckle concerning the bloody underwear evidence she was able to get thrown out. Then try to watch a replay of last night’s rigged coronation.

Consider the current mettle of the DemoMarxist Party and the criminals it has fostered. In the last three years the Philadelphia DemoMarxists who have been accused or convicted includes: a congressman, former sheriff, five state representatives, a state senator, and eight judges. Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has been stripped of her law license. The site of the DNC is Philadelphia’s second district, whose seat is vacant because Chaka Fattah awaits sentencing on 22 counts of corruption. These are the lawyer/politicians of the sanctuary city.

The birthplace of our great country is a creepy place this week, with all the gypsies, tramps, and thieves who make up the backbone of the DemoMarxists running rampant with lies, lies, and fairy tales. As the root cause of the corruption of the party itself, Bill and Hillary Clinton both refuse to make their personal medical records public and it is being widely speculated that Bill having AIDS is the reason for the refusal.

While the “Coughing Candidate Hillary” has plenty of reason to not release her records, the once energetic Bill is showing his age… and as well, definite signs of some serious health issues.

TONY ELLIOT reported a year before Charlie Sheen admitted he had aids and he reports at the Universal Free Press that he sees all the same signs in Bill Clinton. According to the Clinton Lies, from the very first time Bill Clinton laid eyes on Hillary, he knew this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life cheating on. Oh, and selling massive government favors for massive amounts of money with. Oh, and telling almost endless Goebbels-level Big Lies with.

While Bill Clinton comes under sever scrutiny that he might have AIDS...

While Bill Clinton comes under severe scrutiny that he might have AIDS…

And studies do show that if a husband and wife can find hobbies to share, that makes divorce much less likely, even when they haven’t shared a bed for over 20 years. And so it goes. On one of the threads attached to the Clinton Corruption, the question was raised to describe both in one word. Here’s how many came up: Swindler, Grifter, Liar, Conman, Cheat, Fraud, Crook, Womanizer, Scammer, Hustler, Traitor, Rapist, Scoundrel, Double-Dealer, Falsifier, Confabulator, Absconder, Thief, Carpet-Bagger, Rascal, Chiseler, Charlatan, Trickster, Plunderer, Bandit, Robber, Criminal, Pervert, Stalker, Pedophile, and actually the list could go on forever.

The fact that much of America still adores the known liar, serial rapist, impeached, disbarred low-life aka Bubba, aka William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, aka America’s first Black President, says just about all one needs to know about the current state of affairs in the United States. And that the tendentious aspirations of an obviously-ailing coughing-fit nominee who is well past her sell-by date still has such a following, is nothing short of sad and tragic.

Make America great again. Please!

On to the rest of Greenfield’s piece…


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

Bill Clinton put even more women through hell than Hillary did. And he isn’t done just yet. Amid the freakshow of the Carter mummy phoning in, the mothers of criminals, random mildly famous celebrities, the Sandernista walkout and Howard Dean doing the scream that ended his career one more time, the other Clinton took the stage.

In an evening featuring discussions about sex trafficking, the highlight was a sexual predator. In an evening that featured 9/11 victims, the highlight was the man who left America vulnerable to 9/11 and refused to take out Osama bin Laden.

And Bill being Bill, the lying didn’t take too long to get started.

Bill Clinton told the hooting and yapping DNC audience that Hillary Clinton wanted to help child abuse victims. But a child rape victim back home knows the truth and we know the truth.  He got up on stage and lied again about the Children’s Health Insurance Program, one of those things which, like bringing peace to Northern Ireland and landing under fire in Bosnia, Hillary Clinton can’t stop lying about.

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…

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