Unite. Win. Change. Trump-Cruz….

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

CONSERVATIVE: ADJECTIVE 1. averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values: “they were very conservative in their outlook”; 2. (in a political context) favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas; 3. (of an estimate) purposely low for the sake of caution: “police placed the value of the haul at a conservative $500,000”; 4. (of surgery or medical treatment) intended to control rather than eliminate a condition, with existing tissue preserved as far as possible. NOUN 1. a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values. “he remains a conservative in constitutional matters”; 2. a supporter or member of the Conservative Party of Great Britain or a similar party elsewhere.

So, the true definition of a conservative mind runs the gamut. Your heart is in the right place, but sometimes your mind is not, as a for-instance, joining the GOPe and pulling a lever blindly does not a CONSERVATIVE make. True conservatives today for instance despise the GOPe in its current manifestation. We tend to vote principle, not party. We believe in limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, individual rights, private property, and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” under the Constitution. We believe in self-reliance. This is what non-conservatives don’t understand. It’s not about winning an election to us, as if it were some popularity contest or Academy Award. It’s about America operating under the principles upon which it was founded.

“Live free or die” and “Don’t tread on me” are words that have meaning to us, no matter which party is in Washington. And you’ll have to pry the guns and Bibles, and religion out of our cold, dead hands before we ever change our minds. Let’s not forget that there’s a real election out there taking place for the future of the country and indeed the world. It couldn’t possibly be, could it, that many Trump supporters are conservatives who’ve held their noses voting for the so-called “conservatives” the GOPe have shoved our way over the past few cycles – could it? True Conservatives have become weary of losing and for the first time in many a long year (since the 1984 election heralded the second term of RWR) have become excited about a candidate. No – Conservatives are not angry, just energized.

Unite. Win. Change. Trump-Cruz...

Unite; Win; Change. Trump-Cruz…

Of course, were we true conservatives, so they tell us, we would support Ted Cruz (as I still do, who has been my first choice from the beginning), a guy who has basically operated from the insider position for the better part of two decades and gained very little traction within the GOPe except to annoy them. “Cruz would be struggling to win against Jeb” was the cry just a few short months ago in a Trumpless GOPe primary world. Yet we conservatives are the delusional ones? Speaking of Jeb, where did he go? Did Cruz run him out? Hmm… no. And hasn’t it been nice that Politically Correct nonsense has been set aside, which hasn’t happened since forever. Wonder who made that happen? And I wonder why the networks line up to televise GOPe debates? Kasich? Rubio? Cruz? Not.

Way back in the last century when the DemoMarxist machine really got rolling, one presidential aspirant with the initials LBJ correctly noted that the chief characteristic of a statesman is that he has the ability to get elected. Having made this observation many times elsewhere, I tend to get blasted by Cruz supporters (even though, as I’ve already indicated, Cruz is my choice) about principle, morality, constitutionalism, etc. For a bunch of “constitutionalists” they have a hard time getting a grip on who actually gets to govern per the Constitution. (Hint: Only the winners get to govern). See my second paragraph above where I state that very point.

There is one bit of objective evidence that makes opposition to Trump most disingenuous: He has changed the political landscape dramatically. All the bellyaching about RINOs for the past too many years has produced no change. Along comes Trump who upsets the apple cart, effects change, and the bellyachers do the only thing they only know how to do: bellyache. Ultimately, Trump is a change agent hell-bent on changing D.C. Whatever he does in specifics is less important than the fact that he will change how things get done. That, in itself, is the best reason to give him relevance, as I discussed in yesterday’s post.


This all sounds nice like the indelible phrase uttered long ago by Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?” But the problem is not the Trump supporters, but the Establishment and inflexible Cruz supporters. Glenn Beck calls Trump “Hitler.” Mark Levin is intolerable as he screams about Ethanol and Eminent Domain while he refuses to discuss the Corker Bill and TPA votes. Liberty and Statism are not reconcilable. Perhaps Cruz is a much better candidate than some of us envision, but it is the Cruz supporters who are unwittingly joining with the Establishment to destroy Donald Trump. I don’t think we need a lecture on “Can’t we all just get along?” I believe it is now 15 States for Trump, 7 for Cruz and 2 for “Little Marco.” If indeed the Establishment is fomenting a war with Trump, they’d better be careful, as they may get what they wish.

Ted Cruz has been my choice from the beginning, but the fact of the matter is we need unity amongst our own if we are to overcome the evil that the Clintons and Obamas have wrought on America. For all the attacks and smears from the loony left against Trump and Cruz (and everybody else for that matter) one must come to the conclusion that we have a bunch of “wussies” on both sides of the aisles in Washington and We The People are stating in no uncertain terms that we’re sick and fed up of “business as usual”.

Here’s a new slogan: “Unite: Win: Change. Trump-Cruz”. Let’s hope they work together – it is very important to win the election but also to defeat the beltway GOPe. God Bless the United States of America!!


pj-mediaFrom Roger L. Simon, PJ Media and “GOP Should Use Trump, Not Abuse Trump” …

Maybe it’s because I’m a latecomer to Republicanism, having first pulled the R lever in 2003 for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California recall election, but I’m confused.  I thought one of the first duties, if not the first duty, of a political party was to win.  If you don’t win, everything else, every policy, every theory, every idea, is air.

That was until I joined the GOP.  I had read about the Spanish Inquisition and the Black Death, but now  I know what real bloodletting is about.  The attacks on Donald Trump by his fellow Republicans have been, to put it bluntly, waaaay out of proportion.  If — as Trump himself said in his press conference Tuesday after winning handily in Mississippi and Michigan — Mitt Romney had attacked Obama with half the vitriol he has attacked Donald Trump with, Romney would be president today.

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