Lies & Fairy Tales of Hillary Clinton

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Hey kiddos, it’s time for Uncle Bill Whittle to read a story, a charming tale about a super breed of woman, a true leader from birth, Hillary Rob’em Clinton, so gather round and make yourselves comfortable. But before we get to the story a few remarks about who Hillary truly is, and how she got to where she is. You must understand straight off that the politics of the LEFT embraces a culture built upon enormous palatable lies. Most North Americans are still in it for themselves and if the culture tells them they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want, then who’s gonna say no? The fact that she’s been approved to run for office – or that her buddy in the White House still hasn’t been impeached, pretty well says it all. As for the older generation (after all, Rob’em Clinton is 69 this year) maybe The Greatest Generation won’t be around to see “a once great nation” ruled by a Jezebel. You remember her don’t you – she was the one thrown from an upstairs window and devoured by dogs.

With that in mind, let’s go to Uncle Bill and Story Time…

Now let’s look at reality, shall we? Hillary Rob’em Clinton is pure establishment, a fabulously wealthy woman (steal much lately?) who has never done any real work in her entire life, and is a pathological liar. She treats Black people like children and talks down to them (her false black Southern accent do anything for you?). Not only does she take advice from and admires the virtual war criminal Henry Kissinger (VietNam ring a bell to anyone?) but she is also friends with and has support from, the Grim Reaper of Iraq Madeleine Albright Dulbright who says women who don’t vote for Hillary can go to hell. Libya/Benghazi was Hillary’s idea and what a mess it was. She also voted for the Iraq War before she voted against it. Anyone that even thinks of voting for this compulsive liar needs to have their head examined. But heck, what do I know except that I’m totally sane…

If the DemoMarxist party is going to run Clinton, as opposed to allowing the law to catch up with her, it deserves to lose. The progressive neo-liberal end of the party is what created this mess, directly by its own hand. No matter how crazy the Left thinks the nominees on the Republican side are, they are far and away greater in political depth and deportment than either Hillary Rob’em Clinton or former terrorist Bernie Sanders, both of whom are corporate shills in their own ways in the DemoMarxist plutocracy. The days when the “left wing” faction of the Corporate Party could count on political Stockholm syndrome to coerce people into voting for candidates who don’t actually represent them is over, and voters from both sides are showing they’ve just about had enough of it. Just remember Hillary as a former Walmart board member who defended welfare reform and called recipients “deadbeats”, and on the other hand Trump’s supporters who get accused of being “low-info”. But really, how clueless must DemoMarxist voters be that somebody with Clinton’s criminal track record (including her rapacious man-keeper embarrassingly stumping for her) would even have a chance at the nomination at all?

Of such is the low-life dungeon which has been bequeathed to We The People over the past few years between the Clintonistas and the rogue fraud Saudi plant Manchurian Candidate in We The People’s White House. The word “travesty” doesn’t even begin to describe the tyranny with which the United States finds itself encumbered in.