Liberalism’s Demise & the Clintons

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

There’s a very good piece in today’s American Spectator by its founder and editor, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., titled “The Death of Liberalism Updated” but before guiding you into the link, a few comments of my own.

Going back in history a ways, the death of old line liberalism, exemplified by Adlai Stevenson, Hubert Humphrey, JFK, Scoop Jackson and others, and its replacement by the extreme far left of Obama, the Clintons, Sanders, Reid, Pelosi and others is not good for America. These far-out lefties seek the total destruction of our system and are weak on national security. Those old-time liberals sought what they believed were improvements to our system, whereas this current bunch wants to destroy the system in its entirety. The Republican Party since Nixon for instance has been a southern, mid-western, southwest party of small businesses, military vets, and generally those that are employed by private sectors as opposed to the government. Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Bush, Dole etal and their generation, all came from this general “fly-over” country.

We're gonna rule the world baby...

We’re gonna rule the world baby…

It took the advent of the Clintons and their ilk, to bring about the demise of the old party, wherein arose people who ran for office because they wanted to be elected to the trough, rather than people who wanted to accomplish something for the good of We the People. The Clintons have done more damage to the fabric and culture of the country than anyone prior to their advent onto the scene. They patented the political style of saying whatever the people in front of them wanted to hear, even though it may have been contradictory to what they said a few minutes before, but expressing it convincingly. Obama raised the bar by saying nothing at all, but in such a way that his listeners could interpret it to mean whatever they wanted it to mean.

These days, the word “Establishment” describes the DemoMarxist party consisting of the lamestream media, government employees, the educational establishment, Hollywood, and the crony capitalists that feed off of government. Harry Truman, JFK, Jackson, and others would likely be branded Republicans today as they believed in tax cuts and a strong national defense. Trump, a New Yorker, is reconstituting the party today on a national level by attracting Democrats who have been ignored and left behind by the DemoMarxist elites.

Friedrich Hayek in “Law Liberty and Legislation” Book III, forecast the demise of the Constitution as founded, in that the Congress legislates both “Laws of Just Conduct” and “Appropriations.” It was just a matter of time before they sold out to corporatists, lobbyists and special interest groups, which is why the push for a Convention Of States to propose amendments to the Constitution. While it may not be easily fixed, it can be thwarted by the states with veto power to override the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.

Sleeping Beauty and Gunga Din out to conquer the world..

Sleeping Beauty and Gunga Din out to conquer the world..

I forget who it was but in one of the compilation of essays from the Mises Institute, the author posited that Congress would eventually unify into a single party apparatus, and begin to legislate for their own benefit and the benefit of the aforementioned groups, above the needs of the American people. What we have experienced over the past thirty years is monumental, but most are unable to see it for what it is – a slow motion, introverted revolution. Players are changing sides at will, words are convoluted and most just cannot muster the courage to accept the truth. But if we are to sustain our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must understand what is happening. You can be darned sure that the “Establishments” of both parties do and that is why they are frantic, as they witness the whole paradigm shifting right before them.

Where this winds up, nobody really knows, but if We the People are to have a part in our children’s future, we had better start paying damned close attention to what is happening right before our very eyes and do something about it.

In that regard, the efforts of Donald Trump are to be applauded, if not for that reason alone …

See R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., and The Death of Liberalism Updated