2*22*2022 all the two’s left to lose

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The proverbial frog-in-the-pot has been doing the slow boil ever since the senior Bush reign of 28 years covert globalist rule came to a crashing halt with warrior-president Donald John Trump’s election victory, when the bad guys and gals flat-out panicked. A coup ensued that took four years to complete, which included a phony pandemic; mandates and lockdowns; illegal arrests and incarcerations; – just another day in “Amerika” as those who should be prosecuted and executed for treason are instead continuing to cash in with their Chinese playmates, while we everyday citizens are left to deal with the insane economic and social policies these same traitors impose upon us daily.

Just think about it and come to your own conclusions as to whether yours truly is shoveling sand or not – Donald John Trump becomes president, and the ruling class – ie. politicians from both parties, Big Tech and Wall Street oligarchs and the globalist bureaucrats who are seemingly in charge of day-to-day policy – all go apoplectic and next thing you know the gloves are off, the cards are all face up and just like that – snap! – our supposed Constitutional Republic becomes a troublesome Banana Republic where elections are stolen, lawlessness is the accepted norm, and the eternally optimistic are in reality the eternally delusional. As described of course by the ever-delusional demoMarxocrat leftist cabal!

2*22*2022 all the two’s left to lose

As it stands at the moment, the only thing a GOP victory will change come November is that the mandates will be dropped, while the schools, airlines and other anti-American institutions will sue to have them reinstated and may even win. The border however, will remain open; no illegals will be deported; the Fed will continue to print money and fuel the big banks; inflation will continue to soar; Big Tech will continue with its Sec 230 exemption; the “vaccines” will continue to kill people (more than the virus itself if the latest data from the insurance companies actuary tables are to be believed); elections will continue to be stolen while our enemies will continue to build their militaries and ours continue to stagnate.

Sad to say it’s more than likely that Christians who resist will continue to be persecuted; the intel-community will continue its self-induced crime wave, and the use of violence on behalf of our now entrenched police-state will increase both in scope and intensity. And all as an indicator that the Dems learned very early on that they could steal elections without repercussions, learning that “resistance” is only a word when violently confronted results in surrender.

Minus a large dose of Divine Intervention – preferably in the form of Republicans with Spines – We the (80 million+) People are about to learn yet again that freedom isn’t free – it definitely requires 2*22*2022 all the two’s left to lose ACTION!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Cdn Communist Parliament Declares War on Citizens’ …

The Communists (NDP) and the Socialists (LPC) united in the Canadian House of Parliament today to vote their support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s deployment of the Emergency War Measures Act.

The vote was 185 in support and 151 against, as the Canadian government now officially declares war against citizens who protested against government. The parliamentary support of the Emergency War Measures Act now gives the government the authority to hunt down their political opposition, arrest any dissident member who may have petitioned their government with grievances against the covid mandates, and begin seizing the financial assets of anyone who might still challenge the government mandates of Justin Trudeau.

(VIA CBC) – A motion affirming the Liberal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act passed a crucial House of Commons vote Monday, ensuring the expansive powers contained in the act remain in use by authorities thanks to parliamentary support from the New Democrats. 

While the powers contained in the Emergency Act took effect immediately, the Liberal government needed to seek approval for its decision to invoke the act from the House of Commons within seven days. If that vote had failed, the emergency declaration would have been revoked. (read more) 

The government of Justin Trudeau has already announced their intent to make the authority within the emergency act a permanent status in Canadian law.  A state of economic civil war now exists in Canada.

Conduct your affairs accordingly. The best course of action for a Canadian resistance movement would be a general strike against liberal interests. The blue-collar working class is being hunted by the elite communist and socialist class.  In this specifically created caste system, a rebellion is most effective when the working class stop facilitating the lives of the oppressor group.

Stay small, comply strategically, think like an insurgent, and use every opportunity to throw sand into the machinery. Above all…. never let the bastards wear you down!

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2*22*2022 all the two’s left to lose.

Simply judging by the behavior from Trudeau’s version of the CCP, we’re now moving into “the end game”, since metaphorically-speaking, the masks have now been pulled completely off. Thanks to our fearless president Trump and the Swamp’s subsequent fraud and astonishingly bad actions which followed, “the enemy within” has now revealed itself and declared war on Canadian – and soon to be – American citizens, having now given up all pretenses and all claims of legitimacy. There are to be no more illusions from here on out.

The full “group think conspiracy” will try very hard to provoke “insurrection,” and if it can’t find it, it will invent it as it did on January 6th, and to drive the “masses of deplorables” to live in fear of their government and to forget that they ever were or ever could be, set free again.

We do have however, the wise words of people like Lincoln, Ghandi, Washington and MLK – who actually lived through such times and in their own way conquered them – to understand for ourselves which force is the most powerful. We’re hundreds of millions of people who are now opposed by a few thousand, in an infernal internal war for our homeland. Thankfully, we don’t have to fire a single shot in anger in order to win it.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president with a cause President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG! … 2*22*2022 all the two’s left to lose.