Tyranny precious freedom’s enemy

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“We have met the enemy and he is us” – aka Walt Kelly’s funny animal comic strip Pogo providing a surprising, but effective, setting for his incisive political satire. EONS ago, of course, but definitely funny back then.

Nowadays we find ourselves aghast at this newfound ability of tyrannical governments to seize bank accounts and such, while ripping the smiley-faced masks off to reveal their grotesque tendencies which have nothing whatsoever the least bit funny about them at all. How do We the (80 million+) People counter that? Never mind it’s illegal as all getout – heck, they’re all about making up their own rules as they go along, while we their “loyal” customers get flayed in the process!

There are some of those among us for instance, hoping that truck caravan from the great state of “Mexifornia” comes swiftly through Texas picking up trailer load after trailer load of illegals and offing them off to D.C. to meet and embrace their benefactors. People without masks after all, are an interesting abnormality, looking as they do, as real and informative people that other people in masks wonder why they can’t look and feel the same way with!

Tyranny precious freedom’s enemy

But I digress – let’s see – just how many illegals do we think have been allowed free access into our nation since the 1980’s? I’m guessing it’s about 50 million. These people didn’t flock to the countryside to work on farms but instead resided in cities living on government dole. Back in the 1960’s general USA population was around 210 million. If you do the math in the interim since we’ve had a declining birthrate, no way could we have resulted in 340 million without incredible massive influx of illegals and far too many legal immigrants.

Factor in the “Great Society” led by demoMarxocrats – drugs, welfare, illegals, failing education system – all having been the road to the current status; the biggest failure up to this point having been never holding our politicians accountable. Republicans after all wanted cheap labor and demoMarxocrats wanted votes. And it still hasn’t stopped. Nothing is worse than the open borders going on right now.

Watching these events in Canada and the US (DC) on Jan 6 we see how freedom has disappeared. We now live in a police state with jails serving as gulags; due process forbidden; government as the sole arbiter with law enforcement; and the judicial system doing the bidding.

Dan Galernter, American Greatness: ‘Where Did Our Freedom Go?’ …

Our freedom went to the cities, where it’s been on a bender ever since.

In the 2000s, when I was in high school, civil disobedience was lauded as something almost inherently noble. Our teachers encouraged us to think like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr., and grow up to be the kind of people who would disobey unjust laws. The moral groundwork for this philosophy, though our teachers were almost certainly ignorant of the fact, was the very American idea that Benjamin Franklin proposed as the motto for the United States: “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”

Our teachers, though, came at the problem from a different perspective. They were a remnant of the hippie movement of the 1960s and ’70s. A movement which, like the teachers themselves, never quite attained intellectual maturity. Their desire to challenge authority and “the man” was based not on a moral commitment to freedom which Franklin would have recognized, but simply on a desire to be the authority themselves.

A true liberal and a power-hungry thug look similar when they’re in opposition. The French Revolutionaries began by patterning themselves explicitly after their American cousins. But whereas Washington rejected the proffered crown, Robespierre very much desired to be king. As did many of the comrades Robespierre killed—and those who finally killed him. [-]

[+] … We are entering the post-Western democracy stage of history. And we’re further along than we thought. No one was shocked when Germany or Austria locked people in their homes during COVID—democracy in a European nation-state has always been a thin veneer. But it was shocking to read of people attempting to climb the fences at Australian COVID concentration camps and being hunted down by the police. It was shocking to see Canada’s party-line vote to prolong emergency powers so they can make protests illegal, imprison political enemies, and confiscate dissenters’ property. [-] 

[+] … For at least the last 10 years in America, and maybe closer to 20, only the cities have had a say in state government. Consequently, only the cities wield power on a national level. Most people live in cities now—a danger which the founding fathers foresaw but didn’t know how to prevent. Jefferson wrote to Madison that when our governments “get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.”

All our protections against the abuse of political minorities’ rights assumed a more-or-less even distribution of political sentiment across the nation. No one had a good answer to the problem of a tyranny of cities over the countryside. Yet it’s a problem we should have been thinking about: The French Revolution was a tyranny of Paris over the Vendée. The Soviet Revolution was a tyranny of Moscow over the farmers in the Ukraine. And still, we never considered what to do with a tyranny of New York and Chicago and San Francisco over our own countryside. An hour north of Hartford, Connecticut, people are as just as traditionally American as anyone you’ll meet in South Carolina or Texas. But they have no say over the laws that govern them.

The Canadian truckers’ protest is really a proclamation by Canada’s countryside: “We don’t have any control over our own lives!” To which the cities respond: “Darn right you don’t!” [end]

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Tyranny precious freedom’s enemy

Where did our freedom go? It was once again overwhelmed by the irrational. That’s where it went.

Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal in a piece about the demoMarxocrat leftists: “The charge of ‘systemic racism’ is their obsession. Using the word rightly, however, ‘systemic’ in America has been our attempt to protect individual rights against the immoral chaos of nature, including human nature, from which all kinds of racial and other irrational hatred emerge. This may be a losing battle in the long run – nature will prevail, civilization won’t.” [end]

If the double standard could be blown up, demoMarxocrats would never win another election because they err against the standards they set unilaterally for the GOP. Why the “Mushy Middle” that claims to be politically unaligned and/or uninterested doesn’t grasp Leftists profound hypocrisy and punish them for it at the ballot box, is a mystery. A complete mystery. Tyranny precious freedom’s enemy.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!