Justin Trudeau still isn’t ‘getting it’

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FYI in case you missed it, the PM’s of Australia and New Zealand are also devout students of the World Economic Forum, as is the governor of California. Justin Trudeau morphed into a little Hitler dictator on the backs of many others before him. One has to hope Canada wakes up, as generally they’re very nice, pleasant people, while it appears that over the rest of the world “those in charge” are also becoming little dictators. This so-called and over-used word “pandemic” after all, has been used and abused by all those in power. Power which corrupts and through which absolute power corrupts absolutely. There – nailed it!

But wait – Canada is also shaping up as the test case for the “Schwabian NWO” to turn the nation state into its instrument. Schwab boasts he controls Canada as Trudeau is one of his indoctrinated global leader parrots, while deputy PM, “Chrystia Freeland also happens to hold stewardship responsibilities at the World Economic Forum (WEF). For the past three years, she has sat as a trustee on its Board. She was placed on the Board by celebrated globalist Klaus Schwab, who is principal architect of The Great Reset. As an executive member of the WEF now, Freeland is committed to advancing its global agenda and she works closely with Schwab.” (don’t miss The Niagara Independent link below).

Justin Trudeau still isn’t ‘getting it’ … Soros-Pelosi-cabal have it all in hand

Also, “Freeland has a long history with (Gyorgy-Schwarz) Soros. In 2012, she wrote a print interview with the billionaire, which in many ways was a fluff piece that analyzed how Soros is able to predict winners and losers of global conflicts, notably China.”

What could possibly go wrong? She has just stated that she intends to permanently retain some of the financial instruments (weapons) invoked under the Emergency Powers Act such as tracking people’s money and freezing their accounts. That’s the Great Reset Plan for all of us, now being trialed in Canada – GULP!

“Yes, it is important that the government has the means to quell an insurrection.” Yikes – a despotic federal government founded on insurrection that refuses to accept its limitations doesn’t have the moral authority to “quell” anything. In fact, we have the right to use whatever means necessary to protect our natural born rights from its despotism. There – said it!

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘Justin Trudeau and the Alchemy of Irony’ …

Canada’s prime minister won a skirmish but lost his credibility, which means that he has also lost legitimacy and will lose the war.

As the philosopher Bertie Wooster was wont to observe, “it’s always just when a fellow is feeling particularly braced with things in general that Fate sneaks up behind him with a bit of lead piping.” Authorities are divided on whether Bertie was correct in attributing the observation to Shakespeare. Perhaps it has its origin in the reflections of some other sage. But regarding the pertinence of the phenomenon to the conduct of human affairs there seems to be general agreement. The Greek tragedians analyzed it as a cosmic interplay of ὕβρις and ἄτη, arrogance followed by infatuation and ruin. I am not sure whether little Justin Trudeau, prime minister pro tem of Canada, has given much thought to the operation of this awful (in the old sense) dialectic, but I suspect that he is about to make its close and palpable acquaintance.

Trudeau—or, as the great Sarah Hoyt denominates him, “Trudescu” or “Castreau”—initially responded to Canada’s “Revolt of the Masses,” a.k.a. the truckers’ Freedom Convoy, by skedaddling out of town and cowering in some presumably secure and definitely unidentified place.

A couple of days later, Trudeau popped his head up over the top of the fox hole and nothing happened. So he climbed out, shook his soft and tiny fists, and plumped his hairdo. “I’m in charge here,” he shouted, and the truckers nodded and kept dancing and singing their songs about peace, love, and freedom. They also kept blocking little Justin’s roadways. This made him very angry. He couldn’t drop those thousands of truckers and their many supporters, children, and pets, into a tank full of piranhas, as he remembered someone he admired once doing. So he invoked the Emergencies Act, a law framed in the 1980s to provide the government of Canada with extraordinary powers to deal with extraordinary situations: wars, invasions, massive terrorist attacks, that sort of thing. [-]

[+] … Another aspect of this arbitrary rule is its directedness: these rules, like so many rules these days, are for the little people. With regard to masks, for example, everywhere one looks one sees examples of what one writer calls “mask apartheid.” The masses are masked and must be masked. The elites do not have to be masked and so parade around in public without them. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paraded around, maskless, in a custom-made “tax the rich” dress at the Met Gala, but all her attendants were masked up.

All this was fueling the truckers’ revolt. After all, some 90 percent were already vaccinated. It’s not that they objected, most of them, to being vaccinated. They object to being told by little Justin that they had to be vaccinated in order to earn their livelihood. And the vaccines, they implicitly understood, were synecdoches for so much more: for all the COVID rituals, of course, but also for the two-tier rule by elites and administrative fiat that has infected and is dismantling almost every Western so-called democracy. Not for nothing is the truckers’ mantra “Freedom.” [-]

[+]You can be sure, however, that their demands for freedom will continue to resonate. And one strand of that cry will demand the head, in political terms, of little Justin Trudeau. In fact, it is already happening. Trudeau won a skirmish but lost his credibility, which means that he has also lost legitimacy and, ultimately, that he will lose the war.

Good riddance, I say, since he has just shown himself to be a petulant, thin-skinned tyrant who cannot exercise power without abusing it. At the moment, he doubtless feels bucked, having just squashed an embarrassing public challenge to his reign. Just offstage, however, that figure you see rustling in the wings is fate, ἄτη, fitting the lead lozenge into the velvet glove. [end]

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Justin Trudeau still isn’t ‘getting it’ … shown here a few years ago with his real father Fidel Castro?

Faith in corrupt courts is a fatal flaw in the attempt to restore some semblance of “Liberty and Justice for all”. The courts being totally compromised are there to solely protect the government they’re part of, not the protection of We the (80 million+) People, citizens of whom the government and its bureaucratic tyrants rule over with iron fists. Not knowing quite sure just what the solution is, but my sense isn’t faith in the corrupt self-proclaimed “knights in white satin and gods in black dresses” or the legal “profession” in general. A stolen election after all, is what these criminals are running on!

The power grab in the case of Canada was already executed well before the pandemic. Klaus Schwab, mentioned above, former member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and current head of WEF boasted that more than half of the Canadian parliament is controlled by the WEF. “Sez it all” in the vernacular.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-still-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. Good article.

    Trudeau was well trained as a child.
    He knows what his plan is. I don’t believe he expected people to rebel and stand up for themselves.
    He is a communist. He is drunk with power.
    I pray for the protesters in Canada. I give them much credit for standing up for freedom.

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