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Youngstown celebrate Trump effect – In a strange Machiavellian attempt to ingratiate themselves to a losing audience, CNN (perhaps on purpose, who knows – after all they are classified as a Big Fake News enterprise?) in one of the most daring attempts over the past few years to right a sinking ship, dispatched a production crew to Youngstown Ohio a week or so ago, to talk to formerly-registered Democrats who switched parties in 2016 in order to support Donald Trump.

Perhaps after living under oppressive job-killing Obama policies for the past nine years, it would appear to be simple common sense for clear-minded Democrat supporters (in Youngstown for example) to embrace what works for them; and there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Trump’s MAGA policies have been, and still are, working for every American.

Despite all the spiteful, obstinate insinuations from the likes of demented Democrats like Maxine Waters, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Shirley Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Terry (“I’d punch Trump in the face if he got in my space”) McCauliffe etal, the Donald J. Trump MAGA train, which left the station in June of 2015, continues its bold journey to fulfill the American Dream for all – not just for the Swamp-Dwelling Elitists in Washington DC and elsewhere, but also within the boundaries of places like Democrat-depleted Youngstown Ohio.

‘Sundance’ writing in Conservative Treehouse, The Last Refuge, puts it this way: Wonder of wonders, CNN took a production crew to Youngstown Ohio to talk to formerly registered Democrats who switched parties in 2016 in order to support Donald Trump.

A year into President Trump’s administration, CNN asks them if they still support Donald Trump. The answers seemed to confound the questioner, CNN’s Martin Savage. And when the topic of illegal immigration surfaces, Savage had a ‘splodey head, WATCH:

Sundance goes on: Yes, after a year of 24/7/365 MSM onslaught – the media are unable to break the power behind MAGA. The perspective of this representative group is exactly why Democrats are apoplectic and thrashing wildly for anything to stop President Trump. And Democrats are threatening to shut down government to maintain illegal immigration?…[end]

What is fascinating is that so far, neither CNN (or ANY of the Big Fake News conglomerates for that matter) has yet to find ONE Trump voter who regrets voting for him. You have to know that they’re scouring the country (as in areas like Youngstown)  to locate just one that they can parade around, yet the truth is that they just might as well be snipe hunting.

To be honest about it, yours truly is stunned that they actually aired this Youngstown segment. But after living under oppressive job killing Obama policies, it’s just common sense for We the People to embrace what works, and Trump’s MAGA policies are definitely working. It’s difficult to argue against success (or to ‘kick against the pricks’ as it says in the Bible) and that is why the ruling class are out to get Trump. He has succeeded where they have failed.

Americans love a winner and Trump is winning.

Shame, shame, shame on all the doomsayers. Let MAGA rule in Youngstown!


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‘Kick against the pricks’ from the Bible verse in Acts 26:14

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