Swamp Dwellers To Catch a Thief….

Go ahead, make my…

Swamp dwellers to catch a thief ,, ‘Sundance’ in Conservative Treehouse, The Last Refuge: “Fox News host Sean Hannity interviews Representative Jim Jordan, Representative Matt Gaetz, and the most recently hired Fox News contributor, Sara Carter, about the latest developments in the Obama Administration’s FISA-702 surveillance scandal.

“CTH would strongly warn everyone that only a few select “kitchen counsel” congressional members are fully briefed on the intelligence community ‘rollout plan’ of information surrounding one of the biggest political scandals in history.

“There are voices like Sara Carter and Dan Bongino who are rushing to the motive behind the story and playing directly into the hands of the Swamp Dwellers who use professional obfuscation (the Potomac two-step) to avoid accountability.

“Don’t rush this story, and try to ignore any media voices who are pushing toward rushing this story. By willful design, or by incompetence, getting too far out on this story will only play into the hands of the black hat swamp dwellers behind the scenes.

“The story is simple.

“Political operatives within the DOJ and FBI, working to help elect Hillary Clinton, conspired with political operatives outside government to spy on the 2016 campaign officials of Donald Trump. One of the tools they used was unlawful FISA-702 “queries” and surveillance. FULL STOP.

“No need to go beyond that story yet.

“Remember, we have the IG Horowitz evidence of a politicized DOJ and FBI coming up behind the FISA-702 surveillance story.  Be patient…. everything has a plan.[end]

What most of us worry about is something Hannity himself kept repeating, qualifying all of this as “Democrats trying to steal an election”. Maybe, perhaps, a false supposition. How about the contention that they (ie whatever the McCain Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros Deep State stuck-ins look like these days) were all trying to stop Trump, and it was not just Democrats? And in denying Trump, by inference it leads to preventing We The People from electing the person we want?

I absolutely love thread commenter with the handle ‘farmhand1927’ who put forth:

“If all the corruption was isolated to just the DOJ, or just the FBI or just the NSA, there’s a chance that a group of Trump Haters plotted and carried out the crimes. But because the corruption and collusion of the swamp dwellers metastasized through a number of departments, someone had to dream it up, coordinate it, identify players that would go along if they were promised not to be discovered. Resumes were reviewed as to whom would be useful and loyal to the cause. Every bridge too far was crossed.

“The tip of the spear was someone sitting in a very exclusive office, possessing enormous power and influence, undying love from worldwide media and behind the curtain glad-handing foreign interests and climate change wealth redistributors. The Swamp Dweller runs deep. Don’t settle for minnows swimming for their lives just below the surface. Go for the bottom feeders, the monsters that rule the muck and slime.[end]

This isn’t about the Clintons or a political party just “cheating”. This is much much bigger than that. It’s about the whole Deep State Swamp Dweller Machine trying to survive.

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