A World In Chaos : Obama-mess Escalates Alarmingly

Obama wimp...A world in chaos. Imagine US foreign policy so disastrous that it simultaneously allows 1) a nuclear Iran; 2) the reconstitution of the Soviet Union; 3) the abandonment of IRAQ and Afghanistan to terrorists with no US troop presence; 4) the reneging on deals with the Czech Republic and Poland to install missile defense shields against Russia; 5) Libya and Egypt in total chaos with terrorists vying for control; 6) the religious cleansing of Christians from the Middle East; and 7) pressure on our only Middle East ally to let its guard down against their terror-supporting homicidal neighbors. Some kind of goofball plans the WH fraud and his half-wit-Baked-Beans-Kerry-Heinz have put in place isn’t it? And now we’ve got the entire Far East in turmoil with likely a SAM missile downing the Malaysian Triple-Seven. God help us.

Sorry to inform you, but  a world in chaos is what you get when you let a panty-waisted inept community organizer nincompoop surround himself with other panty-waisted Metro-Girly-Men posing as heads of departments, or idiotic advisors, or “security teams” or something; while he himself ponces around reading teleprompters (most time without knowing what he’s reading) giving scads of money back to his sponsors, driving the republic into abject poverty, and all while wasting his time attempting to hit a small white-dotted ball around exclusive elitist country clubs owned by his bundlers, constantly digging up clods of grass with a club. We have become the laughing stock of the world – Especially to those of the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists variety – You know, those running in and out of the White House on a daily basis. IMPEACH HIM. PERIOD.

Aaron Klein walks us through it …