Witch hunt Mueller & sans which?

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First off, I just couldn’t resist the glaring play on words apparent in my header. Put it down to my proclivity for outrageous pun-isms! Which witch will show up for which witch?

What I can’t understand is how the congressional Republicans can just sit back twiddling their thumbs and allowing this bogus Mueller “investigation” to go forward conducted by only deep state partisan Democrat operatives (which witch?) to reach a predetermined outcome. This is a travesty and nothing more than a transparent attempted coup of a duly-elected president who has committed no crime.

There has been no Russian collusion, and there certainly has been no obstruction of justice, except on the part of the Democrats. One can only conclude by their inaction that the Republicans are in on the plot (which witch?) to remove Trump from office and nullify the votes of We the People who elected him. If this is true, then I believe we are in worse shape than I figured.

Like many more millions of my ilk, I don’t want Trump screaming very loud. I want him defending the Executive Presidency against the Congress and the Courts and the Press. He was elected by all of us against all of them.

Like many more millions of my ilk, I supported Trump because he could not be Bribed, Bought, Bullied, or Blackmailed. Fearless and Bold.

Like many more millions of my ilk, I want him to define rules of engagement and wage war. Invade the enemy’s territory and burn down its villages. Call them and raise the ante. Jack up the penalties for political and professional malfeasance and misfeasance and mal-and-mis everything else. Enact new penalties for breach of faith with the public.

Like many more millions of my ilk, I want him using his phone and his pen to fire and prosecute and reassign people wholesale, and appoint new ones.

I want him nailing coffins shut and deep-sixing them.

Like many more millions of my ilk, I want him revoking press credentials.

Like many more millions of my ilk, I want him investigating, really investigating all the collusion and obstruction and fundraising and donor and lobbyist fraud that has made all Congress people multimillionaires. Pelosi and Schumer and Waters and Sanders and Warren and Schultz and Hillary and Obama. And the deep state Republican has-been drones like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and yes, the speaker of the House Paul Ryan. And scores of others. Nobody can tell me that there can be no suspicion or concerns or allegations or accusations. The President can start or stop any investigation he wants.

Let them be the ones “screaming very loud”, like the stuck pigs they will be.

I’m not saying exceed authority or break the law. Just use the authority and enforce the law. Be the next Marvel superhero if need be.

Segue` into Silvio Canto, Jr. in American Thinker and “Trump every right to be furious with Mueller investigation” …

President Trump has every right to scream very loud about this investigation. I have never seen anything like this since Patrick Fitzgerald went all over the Milky Way looking for someone to indict about anything. As for Mr. Comey, it looks for sure that he had been leaking for months to promote himself at Mr. Trump’s expense.

So — exactly what are we investigating again?

First, there is no evidence of any collusion with Russia. Frankly, the idea that Russia impacted our vote is so absurd that it makes me angry that anyone is even peddling the idea. By the way, I am not taking Russia or Putin off the hook. They are, and have been adversaries for a long time. They probably have tried to destabilized our system many times. However, I am not blaming Putin for getting millions of Obama’s 2012 voters to switch to Trump in 2016.

Second, the appointment of an independent counsel seemed like a good idea a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, leaks and the hiring of Clintonitas is troubling. Couldn’t Mr. Mueller find attorneys in the U.S. who did not donate to the Democrat Party?

Third, all of this stuff about “obstruction of justice” is crazy.

I  like what James Freeman wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

As for the idea that Mr. Trump might have obstructed justice, Andy McCarthy and Alan Dershowitz and Michael McConnell have separately explained why this is a big stretch, and Richard Epstein makes the case that if anyone in this drama is vulnerable to a possible obstruction charge, it’s Mr. Comey.

But whatever one believes about the President, the Post reports make Mr. Mueller’s team look like political hacks focused on providing inappropriate leaks from an investigation just barely in progress, rather than professionals who are putting aside their politics to do a public service.

This is assuming the Post reports are accurate.

Mr. Mueller has a big challenge. He will have to write a report that a divided nation will accept. So far, he is off to a bad start.

Face it folks – FBI Director Comey affected the 2016 election far more than the Russians could ever hope to. As outlined in the Deputy Attorney General’s memo to President Trump, while he was Director of the FBI, James Comey exhibited not just bad judgement, but irrational judgement.

When Comey reported the end of the investigation (“matter”) into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information and potential evidence tampering, he also granted her a new type of pardon for the offences that he outlined.

Comey ignored the chain of command and the Constitution in order to grant Hillary Clinton an illegitimate FBI Director’s pardon.

It is frightening to have the FBI Director ignore the law. It is more frightening that he, as ex-Director, may have confederates that don’t regard his behavior as irrational.

“President Trump has every right to be furious about this investigation” because it is by no means an “investigation.” It’s a witch-hunt, with a Kangaroo-court waiting at the end. We the People should all be furious.

“Mr. Mueller has a big challenge. He will have to write a report that a divided nation will accept.”

He has to write a report that will lynch Trump high enough to satisfy the baying hounds. If it looks, sounds and smells like a lynch mob, it more than likely is a lynch mob.

Or a Mueller witch hunt which is still short of its “which?”


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