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Continuing with the Robert Mueller/James Comey developing coup trap from yesterday, this time Bruce Thornton in FrontPageMagazine pulling no punches in pointing the conspiracy coup theories right to where, and to whom, they belong. But before that, a little background to the question posed by Thornton: “Is Bob Mueller the Establishment’s Stalking Horse?”

Well, yes, obviously he is. Which is why Newt Gingrich said the same thing to Jeanine Pirro over the weekend.

Much more than a stalking horse, Mueller is Patrick Fitzgerald redux, and ideally President Trump needs to have Attorney General Sessions fire his seditious Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for hiring Comey’s Democrat buddy Bob Mueller and his fake investigators; all of whom are holdover Obama and Hillary Clinton operatives.

The President would do well to do it before Rosenstein tries to escape justice by recusing himself. Stalking horse Mueller and his cronies need to be investigated along with Comey and every other “deep state” seditionist involved in this obvious bipartisan attempt to destroy President Trump the way Democrats in the past destroyed Nixon and neutered George Bush.

America elected President Trump to crush corruption like a stalking horse, not allow it to crush him.

We all know there’s nothing to find in the Russian probe, except for the rank-and-file DEM/Leftists in the big blue cities (who are worked up into near-hysteria). Mueller was made Special Counsel (but in reality, a stalking horse “Special Prosecutor”) to “get” Trump. To do so, he has loaded his staff with Obama/Clinton/Soros lawyers, who will go far beyond the original purpose of the investigation.

The counter-intelligence investigation is over. They have nothing. Mueller is as useless as teats on a bull. The investigations that need to begin immediately are the ones where Soros, Obama, Hillary, etc. are finally exposed in their own disguises as stalking horses. This is no time to let the left play its dirty games.

OK now on to Bruce Thornton…

The appointment of Robert Mueller, James Comey’s BFF, as special counsel stinks to high heaven. Forget the bipartisan encomia to Mueller’s “ethics” and “professionalism” and “integrity” and all the other usual question-begging praise the elite shower on each other to justify their power and privilege. Such mutual admiration and reciprocal puffery is just one of the ways that DC is “Hollywood for ugly people,” given that both industries are in the business of selling sows’ ears as silk purses. We heard all the same praise about Comey, who has been exposed as self-righteous, conniving, and cowardly, his ethics trimmed to his careerism. He proves that all political appointees and “public servants” should be judged guilty until proven innocent.

And right now Mueller demands particular scrutiny and suspicion. Why should we ordinary citizens, who don’t know him from Adam, believe that he can set aside his friendship with Comey and be fair and objective? Especially after Comey confessed he leaked his memo about Trump’s comments because he “thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel,” and he is likely to be a witness? And mirabile visu, that special counsel just happens to be his close friend? And a Democrat, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, just happens to be the one making the appointment of a man under whom he served from 1990-93? And what about new information that Mueller was interviewed by Trump to replace Comey? Was the topic of why Comey was fired part of the interview, which could make him a witness in his own investigation?

Worst of all, this same DOJ, along with the FBI and maybe Mueller’s team, is still springing leaks that are poisoning the integrity of the nascent investigation. It seems to me that a man of such high integrity as Mueller would have put the investigation on hold until the leakers were rooted out, in order to insure the integrity of the investigation. But then, a man of integrity wouldn’t agree to head up an investigation that involves one of his closest friends, who has an axe to grind against the target of the investigation. Nor is Mueller’s past record of substituting his will for the law reassuring. In 2006 he raided the offices of Representative William Jefferson without getting permission from the legislative branch. He seized documents not pertinent to the investigation, and refused to return them when asked by the executive. As the Wall Street Journal writes, Mueller “let his prosecutorial willfulness interfere with proper constitutional and executive-branch procedure,” a bad habit he shares with Comey.

At some point, surely Trump needs to purge the DOJ of all the Democrat stalking horse holdovers. Between Billy-Bob Clinton, his “wife” and the Bamster, our bureaucracies are packed with embedded Dem operatives who want nothing to do but maintain control and stifle reform. The Republicans are just as much to blame. They have allowed this to happen by their wishy-washy go-along-to-get-along approach to governance. John McCain is the perfect Republican example of a stalking horse. And Lindsey Graham. And for that matter, Speaker Paul Ryan. Consequently, they are not a real opposition party anymore.

Now turn your attention to this corrupt stalking horse bunch surrounding the president. Rosenstein bottom left should be fired. He’s a Democrat who used to be on Mueller’s staff. He’s ‘The Tool’ to write the ‘fire Comey letter,’ setting the trap. Mueller top right, ‘The Fool,’ should be fired. Comey, ‘The Leaker,’ should be re-hired and then fired again.

Bottom right is Andrew McCabe, another stalking horse corrupt Democrat who is acting director of the FBI; hence, ‘The Insider,’ who has all the current inside scoop to hand to Comey and Mueller to leak as they see fit. McCabe’s wife was given nearly a million dollars by the Virginia Democrat Party via their mutual dear friend VA governor Terry “The Bagman” McAuliffe. No saints among this bunch.

One last interesting little factoid about Robert Mueller that most people don’t know, and one that irritates a lot of people to no end.

Back in 2011 a group calling itself “Muslim Advocates” wrote to John Brennan who at the time was Obama’s counterterrorism czar, before he became head of the CIA. The gist of the letter, which was cosigned by just about every Islamic alphabet soup organization in the country, was that the FBI training manuals were full of information about Muslims that these groups objected to.

Moreover, they complained that the FBI library shelves had books they also objected to such as ones written by Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, etal. Brennan’s response to this letter was in effect “I’ll get right on it.” And he did. The Director of the FBI at the time was Robert Mueller and said publications were completely re-wired. Or removed.

We are definitely not dealing with a group of choirboys here.

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