Whitmer ‘fednapping hoax’ and FBI

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As a follow-up from yesterday’s brushing down of a fractious Bagpipes-Bill-Barr, no one should at all be surprised to hear that Bill-Barr-the door is probably another rat in the woodpile of the Whitmer ‘fednapping hoax’ and FBI for us to hope that House Republicans take on these investigations fearlessly and if receiving threats of bribery, extortion or blackmail, they must vow to go public and name names.

One thing that may help to advance public knowledge of law enforcement abuse is the end of conservative censorship by Twitter. Some excitable Lefties may be leaving the platform, but it is still a major source for news media. It will be much more difficult to hide or remove investigative results, especially now since Elon Musk put our fearless President Trump back in action on Twitter. Smart!

What Musk is accomplishing is astonishing. And like President Trump exposing the rot in the Swamp, Musk is exposing the rot in the censorship world, those “private companies” that have aligned with our National Socialists like some big companies in Germany did in the last century. And above all, “Go public”, name names, release the tapes, all of the above. After all, Our Sacred Democracy (TM) dies in darkness.

Whitmer ‘fednapping hoax’ and FBI. Maryland and Michigan both with rogue governors out to cause mayhem

As “task” explains it from the thread: The way forward is to fix and true the vote but if I were the House Leadership the Whitmer case would be the first thing I would attend to because it is germane to early voting in ballot harvesting early voting states. In fact with one day voting I doubt if the Whitmer case would have survived the propaganda because early votes are often influenced by first impressions which don’t exist after the truth becomes evident. In fact it would have abetted the Trump re-election.

A broader scale would aver that if laws can be used against innocent citizens then laws can be enacted against agents and prosecutors who attempt to make criminals of people who never would have engaged in crime without the help of the law. Furthermore when it becomes evident that such activity was used to create new laws, or to deliberately influence an election with propaganda, the indictments against the bureaucrats, engaged in choreographing the crimes should include multiple levels of additional charges because it is no different than a hate crime by none other than the very people who should be discouraging such behavior instead of enabling it. Contrary-wise, that is!

This should be the introduction to the FBI involvement in the J6 event which, they could have easily prevented in the same manner that they would have prevented Governor Whitmer from being kidnapped. Ultimately it should be shown that it was all about the propaganda. The concerns will be related to how many lies, out of thousands, will the depositions be unable to uncover despite the best deposition efforts when FBI agents to refuse to respond to subpoenas, or to testify, as did Lois Lerner? Will they be handcuffed, indicted, jailed and forced to pay fines?

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Congress Poised to Investigate Whitmer Fednapping Hoax?’ ….

The pathway to truly exposing the corrupt rot at the FBI runs through the Whitmer fednapping hoax.

A federal judge next month is scheduled to sentence two men convicted of conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer from her lakeside cottage in the fall of 2020. Adam Fox, the alleged ringleader, and Barry Croft, Jr. face years in prison.

During the first trial in April, Fox and Croft received a hung jury while two co-defendants were acquitted on all charges based on extensive evidence of FBI entrapment. A jury found Fox and Croft guilty after a second trial in August thanks to the same judge putting his thumb—body?—on the scale in favor of the government.

But the matter is far from over. Defense attorneys are expected to file an appeal following the sentencing hearing on December 28 and will likely include allegations of juror misconduct and judicial bias during the retrial. Further, the defense undoubtedly will ask the appellate court to consider a trove of evidence both juries were not allowed to see—incriminating communications between FBI agents and informants responsible for engineering the plot to make it look like “white supremacist” militias loyal to Donald Trump attempted to abduct and assassinate one of his biggest political foes right before the 2020 presidential election.

As that legal process plays out in Grand Rapids, House Republicans in Washington appear poised to add the Whitmer fednapping hoax to a long line of congressional inquiries into political corruption at the Department of Justice. This is welcome news; no operation in recent FBI history is more illustrative of the bureau’s capability and willingness to create optics favorable to Democrats, especially during campaign season, while advancing FBI Director Christopher Wray’s bogus claim that “domestic violent extremists” are a major threat to the country.

A 1,050-page report released by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month detailed “problems festering within the FBI’s Washington bureaucracy” including the targeting of conservative elected officials and activists. Whistleblowers have disclosed to investigators how the bureau—the Washington FBI field office in particular—is exploiting the events of January 6 and manipulating investigative protocols to portray domestic terrorism as a nationwide problem. And this is where the Whitmer fednapping comes into play.  [-]

[+] … Croft’s attorney filed a lawsuit seeking Totten’s reasons but the Justice Department has refused to release internal documents as to why Totten recused himself in his office’s most high profile prosecution perhaps ever.

Could it be because Totten, who served as Whitmer’s general counsel for three years before accepting his new post, also knew about the entrapment scheme? Was he in communication with D’Antuono or any of his agents in 2020? What did Totten know and when did he know it?

As the January 6 narrative continues to crumble amid revelations numerous FBI informants were embedded in so-called militia groups—mirroring what happened in the Whitmer entrapment operation at the same time—months before the Capitol protest, it’s imperative that congressional investigators uncover all similarities between the two events. Justice for the innocent individuals preyed upon in both situations demands it.

The pathway to truly exposing the corrupt rot at the FBI runs through the Whitmer fednapping hoax. Good on House Republicans for taking aim at this massive scandal. [end]

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Whitmer ‘fednapping hoax’ and FBI

At this point, anyone in a conservative organization must realize that any member who advocates violence is a government plant. They are desperately trying to manufacture white supremacist terrorist boogeymen to justify their unlawful attacks against their political opposition. The problem today is technology. The internet and the companies which run them are not your friends.

The GOP needs to choose its battles very carefully, only the ones they know for sure can win. And the Whitmer case is right there floating around nonchalantly. They might not even “win” the Biden Family Influence Peddling racket, simply because the media wouldn’t report the evidence/findings if they had photos of Biden himself taking bags of money from Chinese oligarchs. Anything you do, no matter how innocent, is gradually going to produce a social score, at first under the radar but eventually just like a FICA score you will be reward or harmed by it. Whitmer ‘fednapping hoax’ and FBI.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!