What gives when Justice is ignored

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Right up front and center, We the (90 million+) People of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, are the recipients of what the Founding Fathers and Framers gave us by way of the 2nd Amendment and the punishment of death for treason. As is patently obvious, we are now currently embroiled within an illegal and illegitimate dictatorship which is dangerously committing genocide against our free republic by turning it into a Communist-style police state where the criminals are the government, and crimes are applied according to one’s favor to those in power.

This transformation of our country from the rule of law to the rule of “Citizens of the World” must be resisted. We still have time. The totalitarians among us aren’t as numerous as reported in the New York Times for example. Our first community-organizer faux-president, in his first “community-organizer training class”, learned the principle of “divide-and-conquer.” In order to “fundamentally transform” America, he and his cohorts decided it would be helpful to divide the country into squabbling tribes, groups of differing skin tones pitted against each other, women pitted against men, and so on and so forth.

What gives when Justice is ignored. Scales of Justice tipping in fine balance…

In his slothful wording, “it makes the fundamental transformation easier, conditioning us to accept the rule of international bodies while we become true “Citizens of the World.” BARF !!

Social justice is unjust. It’s a main doctrine of the socialist religion and it’s corrupting the country. An example of social justice is the systemic racism of affirmative action, a program that discriminates in favor of people who were never slaves while penalizing people who were never slaveholders based on their various skin tones. In the social-justice world, that’s called “payback” for the sins of slavery. In the justice world it’s called an abomination, an attempt to prove that two wrongs make a right.

As American Citizens we have the right, an obligation no less, as the aforementioned Citizens to resist such tyranny, to set things right by force, and to mete out justice in such a way as to dissuade others from subverting our way of life. Justice is blind by definition and when you live in a country that has experienced a coup by fascist billionaires, justice just no longer exists.Totalitarians consider it kryptonite.

What gives when Justice is ignored. Justice is blind. It remains blind. It’s our society that’s been blinded. Social justice is replacing justice.

Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Greatness: ‘What Happens When We Find Justice Isn’t Blind’ …

American history and her institutions are built on the central political idea of equal justice for all.

What happens when we find justice isn’t blind?

Premised upon the risible Steele dossier and other bogus documents and government leaks crafted to abet Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Democrats responded to her defeat by concocting a conspiracy that Donald Trump had colluded with Russian authoritarian Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election. Equally inane and insane, this leftist temper tantrum has been going on five years and counting—an unhinged attempt to destroy the legitimacy of the 2016 election and, thus, the presidency of Donald Trump.

In league with and abetted by their co-conspiring leftist media supplicants and sycophants, the Democrats subversively weaponized the police and surveillance powers of the state to promote the Russiagate collusion lie. Each day, the dinosaur and social media were riven by new “bombshell” allegations, each more outlandish and, ultimately, erroneous than the last. A special counsel and his Clinton supporting crew were appointed to get to the bottom of a crime that was devised as a campaign smear by . . . the Clinton campaign. Flashing forward, when the whole tawdry political conspiracy had been refuted, only one relatively minor bureaucratic player was held accountable for any misdeed. As for the corporate media, having staked whatever integrity they had on spoon-fed untruths, they have chosen the “if the truth falls in the forest but no one covers it” approach. And, on the whole, a majority of Democrats still believe some version of the Russiagate lie.

During this entire hoax not one person has been censored in corporate or social media for propagating blatant falsehoods (though some have received Pulitzer Prizes); and not one person has been deemed by the federal government to be a potential domestic terrorist for their irrational compulsion to cling to this disproven Democratic conspiracy theory.

Emboldened, the Democrats and the media moved onto the next opportunity to undermine an election and, this time, sought ways to make that undermining a permanent feature of government. [-]

[+] … That history and those institutions are built on the central political idea of equal justice for all. That means that those who make the laws must live under the laws they make. And it means that no person or class of people may be designated as “illegitimate.” Yet day by day, the Biden Administration and our entire ruling class become ever bolder in rejecting this essential principle of free government.

In our free republic that is based upon God-given individual rights, the sovereign consent of the governed, and laws, not men, I ask again: What happens when we find justice isn’t blind? [end]

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What gives when Justice is ignored. Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is Just. ~ Thomas Jefferson


No rule of law; no borders; an illegal invasion of foreigners; tyrannical mandates; a despicable demonic mob like ruling class; a government so massive in size it’s un-affordable and out of control; permanently closed businesses; schools that won’t teach; a pandemic based on lies; fraudulent elections on a national scale; a sinking dollar; debt as far as the eye can see; stagnant wages and rising inflation; supply chain interruptions; rising energy prices; a tanking economy and a blithering idiot in the White House. Mmmmm.

The OBO#44 years with sidekick O’biden, and the fundamental transformation into the political weaponizing of the Department of Justice (“Just Us?” and all the rest of the federal bureaucracy). Thus the ensconced BHObama#44’s “wing man,” Eric Holder, referred to a case before the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice as “being of no consequence because it involved a white woman” who was prevented from voting by members of the Black Panthers (remember them?). Holder said the Civil Rights Division was only for “our people.” Mmmmm.

Then a smidgen of a few years later, Trump appointee, “Attorney General Bagpipes Barr”, may as well have begun his “retirement” to “spend more time with his family” a lot earlier than he did. Employees in the Department of Justice simply ignored him. These bureaucratic malfunctions can all be fixed without destroying the concept of justice. Of course, “social justice” will have to be left by the wayside. What gives when Justice is ignored.

“Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump (a REAL president) doing his darnedest to revive America’s spirit – MAGA! KAG!