O’biden farce ‘bama#44 nightmare

Go ahead, make my…

The prevailing iteration within Washington DC these days has turned into the “Ride of the Autocrats” with a daily looting contest presided over by professional liars, aka elected DemoMarxocrats. O’biden’s so-called “leadership” remains a continuing farcical nightmare that keeps people from focusing on the enormity of damage being done to this country. Once upon a time after all, we believed in our collective “intelligence” that we would sail off the edge of the earth in our wooden ships on the water. Today we willfully sail our fiscal boats off the edge with debt, and anyone with any progeny should be nauseated.

Until we can find a way to stop the left’s election rigging machine we will be subject to the endless plunder of America.

Within the current construct of the United States there’s a list / line of 45 US Presidents. Thus far there’s not a 46th American President simply because O’biden isn’t a real, genuine, American President but merely a criminally-installed figurehead; and a dunce at that. Within the content coming up, the erudite Daniel Greenfield carves up the DemoMarxocratic leadership like a cross between a master butcher and a Samurai Sword Master. Perfect!

O’biden farce ‘bama#44 nightmare

Consider for instance the ramifications and intentional burdening of America with debt becoming the left’s rationalization for the theft of our land, homes, bank accounts, businesses, investments, etc., etc., etc. The criminalizing of parents fighting for their own children has already raised its ugly head, becoming embroiled within states (gulp!) “owning the children” that will ultimately lead to demoralized / dehumanized kids.

DemoMarxocrats currently wield real power, having discovered that The Presidency doesn’t really matter any more. It’s the Deep State (the Swampy kind) that matters most and DemoMarxocrats have absolute control over it. Hence, the emergence of the Fourth Branch of Government, the Intelligence Community which has more control and power than the other Three Branches combined. And guess what? It’s DemoMarxocrat controlled.

O’biden is an incompetent weak, feeble-minded, awful old man, and a real problem for America as well as the other Western nations, since he’s sitting in the Oval Office (mostly the “fake” one!) masquerading as a real US President. With all that power and influence at his command, O’biden is a very dangerous, incompetent, weak feeble-minded old man; and one that deserves no respect, not even a little bit. Over and out. O’biden farce ‘bama#44 nightmare…

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘A Party Without a President Goes to War’ …

Biden’s weakness fuels a Democrat civil war.

While the White House functions as the most expensive nursing home in the world, Capitol Hill is in a state of war, not between Democrats and Republicans, but a Dem on Dem fiscal war.

Normally a majority party with its guy in the Oval Office would turn to the administration to broker a deal, but the word is that Biden is “keeping a careful distance” from the battle. That’s sensible since Biden just got rolled by the Taliban and the French: he’s not up for the only thing that any government official will fight to the death for, not honor or country, but money.

Biden is the weakest man in the White House in a century. It’s not just age, which makes him a longshot for a second term, and has led to former opponents, many of them in the Senate, acting like they might run again in 2024, or a diminished mental capacity which precludes him from having much to say on anything except his love of ice cream and young girls.

After two generations in politics, people have yet to take Joe Biden seriously. Even sitting in the Oval Office, he’s a Rodney Dangerfield punchline who still can’t get any respect. There were a number of things weighing Biden down even long before his brain turned to jelly. He came out of one of America’s smallest states acting like he was presidential timber and humiliatingly blew his big shot with a plagiarism scandal. His corruption was legendary and politicians who are transparently for sale, like the Clintons, are generally seen as weak and easy to manipulate.

Mostly though Joe Biden was dumb. [-]

[+] … When Obama picked Biden, it wasn’t because he respected him. Just the opposite. Biden was the opponent whom he respected the least. Obama wanted the anti-Cheney, an idiot who would pose no threat, look good in photos, and whom no one could conceivably pick to replace him. (Biden, having learned that much from his old boss, used the same criteria to pick Kamala.)

Indeed, Obama respected Biden so much that he refused to back his incumbent VP for the top job in the Democrat primaries in 2016 and 2020, and ridiculed him in leaked media quotes.

What was the selling point for Biden’s presidential candidacy? We’re seeing it right now. [-]

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O’biden farce ‘bama#44 nightmare. Village idiot dumb as used Kleenex …

“And the more voters are likely to turn to strong leadership to replace Biden’s empty chair.”

This sentence ought to get the attention of every freedom-loving American. “Beware the Man on Horseback” and “there’s a Man, going round, taking names” (Johnny Cash). The time will soon be ripe for him to come along. Excepting of course that none of this even slows down the socialist / dictatorship train. And if it does, how does it? They’re doing everything that We the (90 million+) People and our fearless President Trump expected them to do, except yours truly doesn’t believe even two patriotic DemoMarxocrat members are slowing anything down. Do you?

God destroyed man once before when evil became so rampant and the Book of Revelation tells us He will come again to set things straight on this earth. With so much evil currently emanating around the globe, that time must be close. Really close. This is a war against God and goodness and the entire left is in a feeding frenzy.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!