Week 2 to Trumpit: Dems disarray..

En Garde in the bunker…

For far too long Republicans have been the Neville Chamberlains of the political world, with appeasement, compromise, surrender, and by reaching across the aisle far too easily to appear ‘accommodating’ to the opposition liberal-leftist DemoMarxists. The Trumpit, however, seems to subscribe to General George Patton’s advice, “Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.” 

Trumpit the man and American values are on the march, while the Left is spasmodic in its refusal to see the writing on the wall. We the People must continue to support this new President with the fury of those in defense of the rule of law and freedom. The nation’s soul is at stake and it’s clear that the DemoMarxists are not willing to give up power. As a for instance, check out the current rhetoric and attacks of their leadership, Pelosi and Schumer, as I described earlier this week.

The toxic Democrat leadership which caved in to the biggest Republican takeover of Government since the mid-1920s…

When for example, have the Left ever been on the right side of history? I do know that this fight should have been engaged decades ago. We allowed our enemies to gather too many allies and infiltrate every institution possible. For goodness’ sake already, the Boy Scouts are now the ‘Gender Identity Scouts’.

The power of the Left has always been tyrannical in nature. Al Sharpton for one, with his disastrous MSNBC gig, often signed off with his eloquently butchered “resist we much”, which eventually became a descriptive for the Left’s death throes. The best way for the Trumpit to proceed is exactly what he’s already doing; continue along the same track, concentrating on the issues that most benefit the American People and the law.

As Fay Voshell puts it, in her piece today in American Thinker, titled “Trump’s Political Blitzkrieg”:

The battle in America is the same battle that is being fought in Europe and around the world. Will it be the ideology of the radical Left that prevails? Will globalists prevail or will the legitimacy of national identities endure? Will a monoculture of the Left be established or will peoples of the world be free to be truly diverse in thought, word, and deed? Will international law trump national sovereignty or will Americans and citizens of other free nations retain their unique and indelible character as formed by founding documents, history and traditions?

Much to the chagrin of the Left, the Trumpit is taking back the country from the Establishment elite who have been riding roughshod over the nation for decades. Much like centuries ago when the English longbow darkened the skies with their arrows decimating heavily armored knights on horseback, President Trump is firing so many arrows into the ranks of the Democrat career politicians who have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, that their time for riding roughshod over the people they take an oath to serve is over.

As I described it a couple of weeks ago: Those who elected the Trumpit need to support him fearlessly. We need to cheer every reversal of Obama’s agenda in a convincing way. We need to remember that we won’t be forgiven by the Left if we fail to support Trump and let them get back into power.

This is war, and we have a long way to go before we can say we’re winning. This is no time to take prisoners, feel benevolent, or bi-partisan. Fight like it is our last chance, because it may well be. The foot of the free Republic needs to remain on the throat of the Left until it expires from lack of oxygen.


 On now to Fay Voshell’s full article in American Thinker… 

Over the last eight years, the Left has taken the offensive continually while Republicans either capitulated, cooperated, procrastinated, or employed purely defensive maneuvers that amounted to a finger in the dam.

How things have changed.

It’s been barely two weeks since Donald Trump has taken office and Democrats are facing a political blitzkrieg. They are grappling for the means to handle the assault, as the party of the Left has long thought it had total control of both the narrative and the battles.

Stunned political operatives like Nancy Pelosi don’t recognize President Trump is not interested in guerilla warfare tactics, but has put into effect a broad-based offensive against the very citadels of liberal power and bloated government.

The president is putting into play a classic military maneuver applied to politics: keep going on a total and accelerated offensive no matter what in order to keep your enemy digging foxholes and putting up barriers — while all the while they actually are being forced to slowly retreat under the onslaught, screaming and holding up protest placards all the way to the back of the line.

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