Democrats viral insanity run Amok

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American Democrats have apparently already forgotten that Obama, Hillary Clinton and their acolytes created, trained, funded and armed IS, ISIL, ISIS (or whatever new moniker is being used these days). Seems like every one of them are brain dead. Does anyone of them know what a ‘red line in the sand’ doesn’t mean to terrorists? Have all the liberal Democrats lost their minds? Are they all still living under the mushroom of “what difference at this point, does it make?”

Rightfully calling Obama’s statement on the Trump travel ban ‘self-righteous’, Joe Scarborough to his credit, pulled no punches in describing the hypocrisy emanating from the Democrats side of the aisle in response to President Trump activating the very same law that Obama himself was the architect of.

Dare I declare (heck, why not, we need to save America) that Obama, caught in the snare of the leftist NWO without any chance of escape, let it all hang out in his disastrous (for the sovereignty of the United States, that is) eight years in office.

      • Every person has a right to equal outcomes.
      • Every participant has a right to succeed.
      • Homosexuals have a right to marry.
      • Migrants have a right to live in America or the western world.
      • Everyone, male or female, can use whatever bathrooms they like
      • A 50-year-old male can ‘marry’ a 9-year-old girl
      • Schools must provide Islamic toilets and allow prayer 5 times a day, but Christian Bible study and prayer is forbidden

None of this is true elsewhere (well, except the 50/9 year old ‘marriage’ in some of the 50+ Islamic Muslim nations on the planet) as it shouldn’t be, and especially in America. President Trump should be commended for wanting to protect the sovereignty of America.

As should Joe Scarborough for calling out Obama…

Then we get to witness other turncoat Democrats, the salacious and specious ‘Harry-one-eyed-Reid’ in disguise, one, Chuck Schumer, delivering both a warning to the innocent tourists behind him, together with speechifying a fallacious list of lies, lies, and fairytales aimed at the Trump Administration …

… To which the truthful response regarding his smearing of Trump’s first week is:

  • untruthful – false
  • incompetent – false
  • un-American- false
  • alternative facts (ie ‘fake news’) – true, regarding Democrats
  • un-Constitutional Executive Orders – false
  • haphazard/dysfunctional – false
  • politics in NSC – false
  • deprived independent military expertise – false
  • tourist obstruction – true, and Schumer is the obstruction

Schumer should’ve held his presser elsewhere, and allowed the tourists the freedom to visit Capitol Hill in peace without being interrupted with his political attack nonsense.

And while he was spouting all that hot air he might have taken a minute or two to let everyone around him and all the Big Left Media networks know just what his own stance was on the ‘Muslim migrant ban’ by describing the hypocritical position he held back in November of 2015. Yes, Chuck Schumer being ‘mean-spirited and un-American’. How base.

Then we come to the crux of the matter, and that is the positions of former president Bill Clinton and the aforementioned Barack Hussein Obama, describing emphatically in their own way, what their positions were on immigration. Clinton in the 1995 State of the Union address, and Obama a few years ago …

The end of it all is this simple matter.

Every country, including the United States, is a sovereign nation and has absolute control over its own borders which is necessary for the safety and security of its citizens; an elected government’s highest duty. There is none higher.

However moral or noble a desire to offer to others the benefits and security afforded your country’s own citizens, the citizens’ safety and security are paramount and never subordinate to such desires. It is a simple matter of an indelegable duty trumping illegality and humanitarianism.

The United States has suffered the ravages of illegal drugs for decades because neither party has developed the political will to end it. Now we have active terrorism that crosses our borders with impunity, and as we have witnessed repeatedly, American citizens are dying because of the Left’s “no border” policy that has flooded our country with foreign criminals.

Add on the fact that we have individuals and families flooding across the border illegally and without the permission or blessing of the citizenry, sapping our services, burdening us, and empowering Democrats to create a permanent and extremely large poor underclass for political purposes.

To allow Islam, a transformative ideology, to find fertile and friendly ground in America would be a “huge” mistake. At the same time, taking the path of submission toward Dar al-Islam is not the direction America should go if it is to be great again.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, President Trump can stop the march of the “cultural Marxists,” reverse course, and at the very least, Make America Great Again.  Let’s learn from history.


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H/T Washington Free Beacon

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