Voter fraud stains another election?

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Voter fraud stains another election. From DC Whispers on the Alabama fiasco … “300% Increase In Alabama Urban Area Voter Turnout” …

Historically, Democrats have enjoyed some, shall we say, “interesting” urban area election night anomalies that saw them getting 100% of all ballots cast, or perhaps thousands more votes than actual registered voters.

True to form, there are some now pointing to events Tuesday night in Alabama, that are more than the normal Democrat anomalies – including claims that Alabama urban areas saw a 300% INCREASE in voter turnout. If true, that would be beyond remarkable and point to glaring shenanigans that in turn point to the ongoing effort by some to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Trump presidency.

To those Trump supporters who claim the POTUS will never be removed from office and yet also claim massive election fraud Tuesday night in Alabama, you need to realize those two beliefs cannot co-exist together. For if one can take place (Alabama) so too can the other (Trump).

See how that works? The Deep State is counting on you being too stupid to understand that simple truth.

Is the Deep State capable of such voter fraud? Heck yes. Did it take place Tuesday night in Alabama? Maybe – maybe not, since it is proving difficult to confirm at the moment. But some seem to think so.

If it DID, it was likely a test-run for the 2018 Midterms and beyond, and if such a thing can happen in Alabama, watch out Texas – the Deep State is coming for you as well…[end]

Here’s Judge Moore’s take on the way going forward…

One could definitely posit that this was a high tech witch hunt/trial, where the DemoMarxist party that protects molesters, rapists, and baby-killers weaponized accusations for political gain.

This supposed ‘flawed candidate’ lost this election because he was not supported by his own party, the RINOs (particularly Ryan and McConnell) preferring that Doug Jones win the seat over the Judge. Why? Why was the leadership of the GOP willing to lose one vote in the Senate when they’re consciously hanging by their fingertips on every vote that has tremendous consequences?

Well, if the ongoing recount comes to naught, McConnell can go back to turtle mode, dispensing favors and receiving millions to distribute. And the Constitution? Heck, why bring up a sore subject. We don’t want anybody upset. Difficult issues without cash lingering in the background are so nerve wracking. Which raises the question yet again – Just who is paying off whom in the septic tank that is the Washington D.C. Sewer Swamp?

Seems like eons ago that the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan talked about ‘defining deviancy down’! Well, the election of Jones has more than proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Then there’s President Harry Truman’s famous (infamous?!) quip:

“My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference.”

Nevertheless, let We the People go forth to MAGA!


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