Moore election tampering exposed

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Moore election tampering exposed. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, what Judge Moore’s ‘defeat’ reveals to all and sundry, is that the politics of personal destruction, already perfected by the Obama Clintons, etal, is still a viable option when one can’t win by running on the issues.

Unfortunately, We the People can expect these tactics to increase in intensity going forward, because sadly, what we have to take away from this, is that the smear machine obviously works, and especially when administered from the DemoMarxist Dark Side.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that there will be more accusations coming out of the woodwork against practically every Republican candidate next year, since the forces of darkness (and I’m throwing in both parties here) have now proved that lying accusations work; therefore it will become their standard tactic.

Additionally, this lifted video footage from DC Whispers certainly won’t quiet those who are convinced that there were massive election shenanigans in the urban areas of Alabama this week that saw Democrat Doug Jones overperforming in the state via historic numbers never seen for a Democrat before. Yes, Roy Moore was an embattled candidate surrounded by allegations, but does that explain hundreds of thousands of suddenly new Democrat votes being cast in a special election?

Check it out, and note the complete lack of an Alabama accent from the young man celebrating having voted for Roy Moore. He ‘sure don’t sound’ like a son of the South. And be sure to focus on the black guy at the end bragging on having voted multiple times(!) Seems like we are truly living more and more these days in George Orwellian dystopian times, far from the madding crowd …


The problem of course for Republicans trying to shut down baseless accusations, is that the Big Fake News Media are not their friend. We’re all aware how the media support and cheer the DemoMarxists, thereby making it easier for any republican defensive response to be nipped in the bud.

There are those of us of a certain age who have always been quite cynical when it comes to politicians and the Big Fake MSM ‘News’. Like millions of others, I ofttimes find myself in disbelief at the depth of the blatant corruption displayed by both parties and the media (internet included), which in this particular case, began with the first of the primaries and escalated greatly up to the time of the election of Donald Trump as president.

This doesn’t bode well for the future of the nation. But here’s what it does prove, and that would be the Jeff Bezos liberal progressive WAPO trick of dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park to find alleged sex allegations against a republican candidate, finding that it still works, and using it as the best and quickest way to take one out at the last minute.

This behavior is more than troublesome.

So. Belts on. Buckle up. Bear down. Get gritty. We the People are gonna need it all to support President Trump and his divine mandate to MAGA!


H/T DC Whispers


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  1. Moore was up by 5% after 36% of the ballots were counted! I am certain there was voter fraud! Dhimmicrats are professional cheaters!

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