Violence from a shattering society…

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There’s an adage that goes: Violence increases in a society when traditional moral values are torn asunder, including the family, and there is a complete breakdown in law and order. THAT!

Going back generations and more, Lenin and Hitler emptied the prisons of the most violent malefactors after telling the citizens that they could not own guns or, in Russia at least, knives or other potential weapons as well. The citizens, now reduced to the status of sheep in a slaughterhouse, begged for protection. And the kindly, mustachioed wolf appeared at just the right time to rescue them from danger.

Add to that the relentless pushing of a sense of grievance and entitlement in especially the black community, and you’ve got quite a volatile environment to deal with. Sort of thing you have to see, plus convince Americans to not commit mass suicide when they discover they’re lizard rapist victims, and to army up. Added to that there’s a Universe, apparently that someone split a couple of years ago into many duplicates, which one has to proclaim it sure can be fixed. THAT!

Violence from a shattering society

It also becomes the goal to destroy public confidence to the extent that the public demands that government step in. Unfortunately when government does step in, the result won’t be to our benefit, but rather more 1917 Russia all over again.

Street criminals often favor knives and such, so taking guns away from law-abiding citizens actually increases the edge street criminals have over law-abiding citizens. Historically, Muslim males often spent their youth mastering knife fighting and such, so they are all ready particularly-adept in such arts. Like the murder of one Bob Lee in San Francisco, stabbed to death by a crazed Muslim. Best to avoid close encounters with Muslims, as they are liable to have a knife, and be psycho enough to use it on you.

Some people still believe stop and frisk is necessary, of course, to reduce the incidence of knife-crime by street criminals, precisely what’s happening in the U.K. and Australia where guns were indeed taken away – and Muslims allowed to flood their way in. THAT!

Maybe we also ought to remove all of the cleaning products from households — those can be dangerous, you know! And what about all of the medicines that Americans use, of which acetaminophen is arguably the most dangerous? Oh, and sugar, of course. Sugar makes people fat and that’s dangerous! Sounds like you really have the health and safety of the American people at heart.

As to suicides, let’s face it — if there had not been a gun handy, whoever wanted to die would go across the street from his nearest elementary school and buy himself a fatal (LD-250) dose of fentanyl for a few dollars. Less mess to clean up, too. Say what?

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Shattering a Society Leads to an Upsurge in Violence’ ….

The Left shredded the bonds that tie a nation together. There are two ways society can reduce crime and violence.

1. Maintain a strong sense of moral values and mutual trust. Create and socially enforce codes of conduct. Quickly suppress any groups that dissent from maintaining these standards. Give people the confidence to believe that they will be treated decently and fairly. And that there will be consequences for those who don’t.

2. Lots of police and prisons. If you don’t have the former, you’ll have to settle for the latter. That’s what we see in crime statistics in rural vs urban areas.

Lefties have done everything to shatter the value systems and trust networks of American society, and then empowered criminals while disempowering the criminal justice system. After having shattered both options for maintaining some sort of livable society, they bemoan the consequences as if they’re someone else’s fault. Why are Americans shooting strangers and neighbors?

‘It all goes back to fear’ – Washington Post  “It”. How did this “it” come about? Why are people afraid?

Half the country believes it has nothing in common with the other half and barely views it as human. Mass media, popular culture and the internet have been used to drive people crazy. And then the pandemic made them even crazier. The criminal justice system was dismantled leading to a massive crime wave.

So why are people killing each other? Must be the existence of firearms. America’s Toxic Mix of Guns, Concern Over Crime and Fearmongering – Washington Post

Ah, it’s the fearmongering. If only we could get rid of that and limit people to reading non-fearmongering outlets like the Washington Post. America’s Tragedy is it Culture of Fear – Armed with Millions of Guns – Daily Beast

No worries that we have a social fabric that has been torn into a million pieces or so many people are angry and afraid, it can all be solved by moving around some inanimate objects. They’re the only real problem here.

Shattering a society makes it violent. The Left shredded the bonds that tie a nation of diverse and very different peoples together. Violence is the inevitable outcome coded into human nature. The Left’s answer is to feed even more divisive identity politics while blaming inanimate objects.

If we want a society where people don’t violently dehumanize each other, we might start with a government that doesn’t make such dehumanization, in the form of equity, into its primary mission. [end]

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Violence from a shattering society

The spike in gun violence in the late 80’s and early 90’s coincided with the crack epidemic in black communities and the hundred-fold increase in crack dealers and pushers. The global leftist polices being enacted and pushed worldwide is part of the spreading global evil that ushers in the end of humanity. You do know that, don’t you? THAT!

Going soft on crime as the left wing demoMarxocrat ideologues incessantly promote, has given rise to a huge wave in crime in US major cities. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is definitely not the answer. Stronger law enforcement and punishment for crimes committed by gun and otherwise will serve as a deterrent. Or should!

The left’s attempts to destroy our country did not ebb while Reagan was president. This social maelstrom began in earnest several generations ago; at its center is the radical left, and the ignorant who blindly follow. Violence from a shattering society.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!