Tucker Carlson – irreplaceable one

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In case you missed it or weren’t even aware of its existence, there’s an arcane tool called Benford’s Law that characterizes the behavior of very large sets of numbers that describe mass behavior of transactions the likes of elections, investments, accounting, populations, etc. Benford’s Law looks only at the way digits generally occur in base-10 arithmetic, which makes it very widely interesting.

Something so general and abstract can prove nothing by itself, but it’s very commonly used by (and useful to) investigators as a “hint” pointing to where some bones might be buried, to be searched out by more direct and technical investigation. Benford’s Law can strongly suggest that numbers have been manipulated for a purpose. By itself, it can say nothing about how they might have been manipulated, or why.

Thankfully, there’s a gentleman up in Newcastle, England by the name of Savva Shanaev a Brit, who has no ideological or political dog in the fight, yet having provided remarkable information about the whole election, county by county. Like a lot of other foreign observers, he couldn’t understand the results of the election, but he has the tools to look at them statistically.

Tucker Carlson – irreplaceable one

Using the same tools as those by professional forensic investigators, he finds the very same result that they themselves look for, with the likelihood that significant fraud occurred far beyond six metropolitan areas in six battleground states. An extraordinary teacher to say the least,. his work has been “no longer available” on YouTube since early 2022, and Google can’t even find it anymore. But you can track it down with DuckDuckGo, and while still available entirely on Sharevision, while also having been published more formally by SSRN (Social Science Research Network). THAT!

The Benford’s law analysis proves nothing, but a professional forensic investigator would find in Shanaev’s work a strong suggestion that manipulation [by fake ballots, by machine manipulation (Dominion is far from being out of the woods yet), or however] was used not only when necessary to take votes from Trump, but was also used very widely to inflate the Biden vote everywhere except in solid “red states”.

Think about the numbers for just a few seconds. Trump got more votes than any Republican Presidential candidate before him. Yet somehow Biden, who never campaigned, who had zero interest (or even attendance) at his few public appearances, got far more votes then either Obama or Clinton, and in fact more votes than any previous candidate in US history.

The implication of all this is that fraud on a national scale, involving not a few thousand votes in metropolitan areas but in fact tens of millions of votes across the nation, might not only be possible, but actually easy and undetectable. THAT!

Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘The Irreplaceable Tucker Carlson’ ….

The mass media, in which the Fox News host was both the top dog and yet, somehow, the only real voice of opposition, has scored a victory in its quest for total narrative control.

The news of Tucker Carlson’s unceremonious “parting of ways” with Fox News has sent ripples of ecstasy through the least talented, least imaginative, most obsequious sectors of politics and media. Carlson’s unusually large, powerful, and passionate hate-following is a testament to his courage and authenticity as a journalist. Even the Pentagon has chimed in to share its pleasure. Carlson should be honored.

This was bound to happen eventually, as Carlson doubtless knows. The truth is that Fox News was always an awkward fit for a man of Carlson’s independent spirit. He had outgrown his employer’s cynical business model, which is to keep viewers captive with impotent rage. Carlson is too real for that. During his magnanimous reign at the top of cable, he was a powerful voice of dissent, and a spokesman for those alienated by the radicalization of nearly every institution in American life, including those in his own profession, whose banality and conformism Carlson attacked relentlessly.

Toward the end especially, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was a gloomy chronicle of American decline. The world of “Tucker” was filled with ugliness, duplicity, chaos, and decay. Carlson was pilloried as a crank for “conspiracy theories” about the evil doings of people in high places. Perhaps his most controversial habit was to comment on the supposed “conspiracy theory” that Democrats are engineering a permanent majority through the demographic erasure of whites—something Democrats, as Carlson often noted, have bragged about over and over again. His hysterical, overwrought critics never bothered contradicting him, because they couldn’t. The “great replacement” sounds cartoonishly evil, and yet it’s undeniably true. The truth clearly bothered Carlson, and he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

As dark as it often was, Carlson’s show was consistently, devilishly funny. The witless dogmatism of his peers only accentuated his polemical gifts. His nightly jeremiads were concentrated assaults on a decadent, childish, narcissistic, corrupt, ungodly, and undeserving elite, an elite that ruled as oligarchs while trumpeting Our Democracy™. The absurdity and self-importance of his enemies—the triple-masked “science” worshiper at Whole Foods, the five-star general racked with white guilt—supplied rich pickings for the host and his devastating vignettes. [-]

[+] … If Bill O’Reilly was the sleazy king of cable, Carlson was its genteel sage. With his abrupt, dishonorable ouster, Fox News returns to its regularly scheduled programming of infantilizing, room-temperature talking points, delivered by charmless talking heads like Trey Gowdy and Brian Kilmeade. The mass media, in which Carlson was both the top dog and yet, somehow, the only real voice of opposition, has scored a victory in its quest for total narrative control.

Is it a permanent victory for the Left? There can be no doubt that Carlson has suffered a major career hit. Losing a cable news audience is a huge, perhaps irrecoverable, loss. But Carlson is not finished. A true craftsman, he enjoys what he does and has a compulsion to keep doing it. As long as there is an appetite for truth, he will have an audience somewhere. [end]

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Tucker Carlson – irreplaceable one … Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

Fox is in far more trouble than Tucker. Those text messages showed that Carlson was one of the few people at the network trying to pump the brakes on reporting Sidney Powell’s conspiracy theories as fact, and that likely played some role in his cancellation – which definitely won’t help them in their Smartmatic lawsuit.

Also, one of the few reasons Fox viewers were willing to give the network another chance after their appalling behavior during and after the 2020 election, their daytime news may have been pathetic liars attempting to quash conservative candidates, but Tucker could be counted on to attack anyone he saw as up to no good – either the left or the right. Now all they have is a lineup full of aging hacks pining for the Bush years, the market for that product having aged out and died off.

They’ve maliciously squandered their credibility by cancelling Tucker, and it’s a lot easier to spend that credibility coin than it is to earn it back. Tucker Carlson – irreplaceable one. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump MAGA! KAG!