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Welcome to Viktor Shokin v the Bidens. But first, please excuse me while I YAWN … As I put the finishing touches to today’s follow-on post from yesterday’s OAN exposé, the demoMarxoCrat ‘impeachment gutter-snipes’ have just announced two articles of impeachment against our warrior-president. His reaction? Inviting Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the White House! Remember him?

He was the one HillaryRob’Em gave a wrong-language ‘re-set’ button to when she was the Dem #44 Russia collusionist back in March 2009. The mangled word then in Russian was ‘Overload’ !

Betchya bottom dollar there’s no ‘overload’ this time around between Lavrov and president Trump. Oh but he plays the demoMarxocrats relentlessly. But I digress. Viktor Shokin and OAN Chapter 2 for your perusal…

Biden, Viktor Shokin, Poroshenko, Zelensky, and pres Trump…

Back to the topic of our fearless president – He was viewed as an existential threat even before he got the Republican ticket to run. Which is why the Republicans were against him being their candidate; why he was spied on before his election, and why the corrupt deep state insurance policy had to be ready to kick in, as, when, and if he got elected.

And don’t overlook, by the way, that upon his announcement to run, he boldly predicted that he would be an existential threat to the D.C. Deep State Swamp-dweller cabal, the majority of whom realized this. One doesn’t need an excuse after all, to revisit this powerful campaign video.

It’s all part of Trump’s style and he plays them like a conductor on stage in front of a huge symphonic orchestra. Every wave of his wand, every ever-so-slight movement of his wrist brings them to a frenzy to ready their part in the concert, their big chance to stand out. The left and their bad actors plus the media with their poorly written news flashes, forever have the wrong script in front of them when the scene requires sheet music. Trump’s having a ball.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Ukraine Prosecutor Viktor Shokin and Joe Biden Outrage’…

Rudy Giuliani traveled to Ukraine with OAN investigative journalist Chanel Rion. The U.S. media are going absolutely bananas after finding out Giuliani is now gathering even more information about Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt endeavors within Ukraine.

In this interview former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin spoke to OAN about Joe Biden’s direct role in getting his office to stop investigating his son Hunter. The problem for Joe Biden was when Shokin seized all of Burisma’s assets the Ukranian gas company could no longer pay his son Hunter Biden. So the vice president demanded Shokin be removed.

When you combine this interview with the damning public statements delivered by the Ukraine prosecutor that replaced Shokin, Yuriy Lutsenko, things really get troublesome for Joe Biden, the Obama administration and Adam Schiff.

Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko stated that after he replaced Shokin he was visited by U.S. State Dept. official George Kent and Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch; they provided a list of corruption cases the Ukraine government was not permitted to follow.

Prosecutor Lutsenko dropping specific corruption cases was critical because that allowed/enabled a process of laundering money back to U.S. officials.  [SEE HERE]

The potential for this background story to become part of a larger impeachment discovery is what has the U.S. media going bananas against Rudy Giuliani.[-]

[+] … It will be interesting to see how this plays out, because in reality many U.S. Senators (both parties) are participating in the process for receiving taxpayer money and contributions from foreign governments.

Those same senators are jurists on a pending impeachment trial of President Trump who is attempting to stop the corrupt financial processes they have been benefiting from.

The conflicts are very swampy….


As with yesterday’s, a lengthy exposé, but very well worth the read… true collusion by the demoMarxocrats and a bunch of RINOs … link below…

Chanel Rion, One America News…

No wonder Pelosi, Schiff, Romney, Chalupa, Biden, Obama, and the rest of the Dem #44 corruption all scammed money by the way of aid. Rudy Giuliani knows all. It goes through Cyprus, Romania, Lafayette then on to the US. The currency cycle was likely along the lines of; Arms sales $$ to [Cyprus Bank] to [$$Burisma] to [$$Biden] back to [$$Cyprus Bank], Romania, Malta, and then USA…. Oops, how did I get that right?

Rudy has followed the money like he did in the old days. A very smart habit. He’s always been well connected with his kind of people, and has bank accounts, wires, transfer, and offshore account evidence. Schiff is losing his mud. Spying on citizens is a very desperate act. Rudy has it and has spread the info around. A very big circle of friends. Trump has a ton of leverage over a lot of people. Why declass if he can MAGA for 4 years and make them dance?

‘Rudy G’ and Trump know everything. Just like POTUS knows about China and North Korea, the European Union, and Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros. But he has to play games. Rudy on the other hand is also 1) Rich. 2) connected to CIA, FBI, and SDNY Interpol. 3) a brilliant prosecutor. 4) put the mob in jail. 5) can see a setup a mile away. 6) has the goods and an insurance policy; a hint that no one should get any ideas about Johnny wet works stuff.

Trump wants results not just short term revenge.

And on that note, time for today’s Maga Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Viktor Shokin v the Bidens

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