Victor Davis Hanson nails Jan6 fool

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Sideshow Joe with nowhere to go. Sanctions himself from the world’s top oil producers, shuts down his own country’s producers, tells Americans he and his criminals gonna phase out, shutdown, get rid of Fossil Fuels yet still can’t understand what’s happened. Now that’s more than a full description of a village idiot. That one’s PRIME baby! Yup we’re going green, rainbows and lollipops. What an absolute justified idiot of the highest order.

Professor Hanson asks a rhetorical question, to which We the (90 million+) People already know the answers. Our first community-organizer president aka OBO#$$44 told us in no uncertain terms that he and other Citizens of the World intended to – GULP! – “fundamentally transform” America. At the time, we didn’t think he meant burning-down major American cities. But we sure as all-getout know now.

Victor Davis Hanson nails Jan6 fool

And we also know that whatever the scuffle was on January 6th, 2021, in D.C., it for sure didn’t rise to the level of the mostly-peaceful riots tearing-apart Los Angeles and Portland and Seattle and Denver and Chicago and Boston and New York and Charlotte and Nashville and Atlanta and even lowly St. Paul, MN. Now those were real riots, the kind that mostly-peaceful rioting gets habit-forming.

Remember as Minneapolis and St. Paul were literally burning down in the background a reporter from one of the networks was explaining that despite a “bit of looting, some arson, a little rape and a lot of murder”, the riots were “mostly peaceful.” Being a “mainstream” sort of guy, yours truly just thought I would go with the flow and use the terms approved by our mainstream media. But I digress.

Let it not be forgotten, nor unnoticed, that Antifa and BLM, along with the Capitol Police, were the foot soldiers who enticed and ensnared innocent, unsuspecting protestors on the aforementioned 1/6/21 – many, remember, who still languish 18 months on in the Garland Archipelago – all at the behest of the demoMarxocrats. Deep State and RINO traitors who stole the 2020 election and effectively ended the first, and so far only, American republic.

A Republican President with a loyal DOJ dedicated to cleaning house and meting out justice is the only way the truth of all these matters will ever mean anything. President Donald John Trump is still the hands-down winner, not only because he is a domestic and foreign policy genius but because there’s nobody within the multiverse more motivated than he is to clean house and bring back justice to the American Republic. On a broader note, just imagine what a team he and Gov DeSantis would make.

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘What the January 6 Committee Might Have Been’ …

A real committee would also investigate the other, far larger and more lethal riots on iconic federal property months earlier.

Congress should investigate fully the January 6 riot at the Capitol—and similar recent riots at iconic federal sites. But unfortunately, it never will. Why not?

The current committee is not bipartisan. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) forbade Republican nominees traditionally selected by the House minority leader to serve on the committee. No speaker had ever before rejected the minority party’s nominees to a select House committee.

Pelosi’s own cynical criteria for Republican participation were twofold: Any willing minority Republican members had to have voted to impeach Donald Trump while having no realistic chance of being reelected in 2022.

Of some 210 Republican House members, that left just Representatives Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) who were willing and able to fit Pelosi’s profile. A real investigation would have ignited argumentation, cross-examination, and disagreements— the sort of give-and-take for which congressional committees are famous. [-]

[+] … If Donald Trump was not considering a third run for the presidency, would the committee even have existed?

Its slick Hollywood-produced optics demonstrate that the committee has no interest in inconvenient facts. Why did a Capitol officer lethally shoot a petite unarmed woman entering a Capitol window? And why was the officer’s identity and, indeed all information about his record, withheld from the public?

Why did the committee not investigate whether large numbers of FBI agents and informants were ubiquitous among the crowd? After all, progressive New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg who was there January 6, claimed, “There were a ton of FBI informants amongst the people who attacked the Capitol.” [-]

[+] … The violence was often aimed at iconic government buildings, from courthouses to police precincts. There were never any federal investigations to determine why state, local, and federal officials allowed the destruction to continue.

Why were the vast majority of those arrested simply released by authorities?

And how had antifa and BLM radicals orchestrated the violence using social media? What was the role of prominent elected officials in either condoning or encouraging the violence or communicating with the ring leaders?A truly bipartisan House select committee dedicated to ending all violence directed at the White House, the Capitol, or federal courthouses might have been useful in probing this dark period in American history.

And that is precisely why there was no such committee. [end]

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Victor Davis Hanson nails Jan6 fool

The pall of death does appear to hang over the country since OBO#$$44 / dementia village idiot / Kamalla & Co cast themselves into the proverbial Ring of Fire. Everything about this regime stinks of decay and decrepitude. If you were to choose the most incompetent people on the planet and then set out to defeat prosperity and liberty, you will have succeeded. Biden particularly utterly proves the presidency has far, far too much power for him to grapple with; compare for example, the way a great leader like President Donald John Trump conducts himself. Great leaders never need such authority to rule.

Aside from having the nation led by an absolute lunatic is the fact he has surrounded himself with equally moronic toadies like General (modern) Millie and Sec (deer in the headlights) Austin, with his security / intelligence team giving new meaning to “marginal intelligence”. Just a lost, confused and empty little man playing the roll of a leader, perhaps thinking he’s a leader, without anyone following the lead. He’s just taking a walk by himself talking to the shadows, and until DC is dismantled it’s going to get worse. Much worse. Victor Davis Hanson nails Jan6 fool.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump ready, willing, and able to fulfill his duty to the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America under the tenets of MAGA! – KAG!