Valerie Jarrett : The Woman Behind The Curtain

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Chicago is many things to many people. The dramatic frigid weather patterns from the north which blister the shores of Lake Michigan come winter are known mostly to natives. America sees Chicago as the windy city, the home of the losing Cubbies, a vibrant musical and movie, Chicago the grand band (“Saturday, here in the Park, think it was the fourth of July ..” anyone??), or Al Capone.

Few know in 1968 the band Chicago was the Chicago Transit Authority, a big thing before they were officially renamed and became famous.

And even fewer seem to know the low dark underbelly of the Chicago political serpent which has been labeled a “machine,” but is in fact a deadly mother snake which has hatched Illinois’ most lethal serpents which slithered downhill in the dark to DC and bred a larger den of hissing vipers.

In the nest of the mother snake were wriggling asps called liberal-progressive Marxists, the likes of Saul (Sol) Alinsky; Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis; Con Edison Nuclear boss William Ayers and his intransigent America-hater son, Bill Ayers, who helped design our ugly Communist-doctrined Common Core (the syllabus that indoctrinates our future generations with Communist clap-trap); Black Liberation Theology lover and Jew hater, “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright; as well as Vernon Jarrett, the African-American Communist father-in-law of Valerie Jarrett, who, while working in the corrupt Daley mayoral office, hired Michelle Robinson who touted her girly-jeans drag-along fiancé Barack Hussein Obama, and the rest, as they say, is history.

During the 2008 presidential election, the non-existent phantom terrorist bomber Bill Ayers (who Barack Obama “never knew”) somehow turned out to be the very same guy Obama actually worked with intimately at Chicago’s Annenberg Foundation; the Woods Fund; the Joyce Foundation; and the Ayers more personal fund – the Leadership Council, wherein their collaboration collected hundreds of millions of dollars which was funneled into a failed infant prototype of today’s deceitful Common Core.

Don’tya’ love transparency?

When Valerie Jarrett left Mayor Daley’s office for bigger and better things, she drug along with her Michelle and her soon-to-be-husband and future appease…..oops, I mean Senator, Barack Hussein Obama. Valerie allowed him to come along as long as he shut up and followed orders – her orders. So who is Jarret answering to? She has ties to Islam through Iran. That would explain Obama’s unconscionable enabling of the Iranian quest for nuclear weapons. It would also make her guilty of treason, and he subject to impeachment.

Jarret and Obama oozed out of Chicago, the nexus of Islam and Marxism in America. Both are, at minimum, very sympathetic to Islam, but even more likely, Muslims themselves. It would be nice to know if Jarrett is a closet burqa fashionista, and we already know what he thinks about the Islamic Muslim “beautiful call to prayer.”

I watched Jarrett on O’Reilly recently. She was quite deft at manipulating O’Reilly’s huge ego, a skill she was tasked with using to control Obama’s even bigger, but more infantile ego. The evil puppet has an evil puppeteer, but what evil pulls her strings? Demonic Iranian Ayatollahs? Let’s explore further, shall we?

Barack Hussain Obama as MuslimFor eight years, the media envisioned Dick Cheney as the ‘evil genius’ behind the Bush White House, but few in the media have wanted to take a long look at the ‘evil genius’ behind the Obama White House.

The populist grass roots myth died shortly after Obama was elected and while plenty of books have been written about the internal workings of the Obama campaign and administration, unlike the books written about Bush, they rarely inform mainstream media news coverage. When these books and articles come from within the media, the authors are not attacked and their work isn’t discredited, it simply gets compartmentalized into the wonksphere and away from daily news coverage.


This compartmentalization is the reason why media coverage of Obama remains largely unchanged and very little attention is paid to the non-cabinet level personalities who actually make policy. Colin Powell’s dissatisfaction with his lack of influence under Bush was widely covered, while Hillary Clinton’s was not. The Powell implosion led the media to exaggerate the role of Dick Cheney, but no one asks who really had the final say on foreign policy under Obama if Hillary Clinton didn’t.

Daniel Greenfield enlightens us further…