United Nations:Bastion Of Racists..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

If you’re one of those people that points to the dozens of United Nations resolutions that have repeatedly condemned Israel as though it were evidence of wrongdoing,  let me point you in the direction of a few truths.

The United Nations exists today as an embarrassment to itself, a disgrace to humanity, and a parody of the truth to which it claims representation. Whatever moral authority it once had, has been squandered to the ash-heap of history. Among its many failings  the United Nations encourages Islamic religious hatred and anti-Semitic racism, dressing itself up in the name of human rights.  The UN has repeatedly allowed its own Human Rights Council to be steam-rollered in this respect by a cartel of mainly 57 dictatorships euphemistically-named the Organization of Islamic Conference – (OIC).

All of these dictatorships have immeasurably worse human rights records than Israel, yet time and time again it is Israel that’s condemned. Countries like Iran where they execute children; Sudan where they practice slavery and casual genocide; Pakistan where over a thousand women a year are murdered by their own families while the government turns a blind eye; and of course last but not least – Saudi Arabia, the black hole of Islamic barbarism, the world’s leading source of terrorist funding.

These are just some of the countries behind the condemnation of Israel. Countries who hate the Jewish people for the simple reason they are Jews, and because their Qur’an commands them to do so. When it comes to the United Nations it is nothing but a crooked court with a crooked jury, who are quick to judge the human rights of Israel while they themselves are the chief abusers of human rights in the world.

To be honest (as I’ve mentioned many times before on various posts) I am stunned that America still tolerates the UN to exist on its soil. Commonsense would dictate that the UN should be sent packing and relocate to some sand dune haven where the corrupt cutthroats may feel more at home; Tehran perhaps or Islamabad, Babylon even. The UN has repeatedly shown itself to be unashamedly partisan and effectively an enemy of Israel and the rest of the world. A true Constitutional Republic does not take orders from one’s enemies; it either ignores them or puts them away.

Take a look and listen at Bibi Netanyahu at the UN the other day, and as per usual, the usual suspects got up and walked out leaving him with a half empty auditorium to speak to; somewhat akin to the attendance under-generated by Obama the other day also…

The UN, begun as a moral force, has become a moral farce. So when it comes to Israel at the UN, you’d probably think nothing will ever change, right? Well think again. You see, everything will change and a lot sooner than you think. The change will happen in this hall, because back home, your governments are rapidly changing their attitudes towards Israel. And sooner or later, that’s going to change the way you vote on Israel at the UN.

And what about the joke called the UN Human Rights Council, which each year condemns Israel more than all the countries of the world combined. As women are being systematically raped, murdered, sold into slavery across the world, which is the only country that the UN’s Commission on Women chose to condemn this year? Yep, you guessed it – Israel. Israel. Israel where women fly fighter jets, lead major corporations, head universities, preside – twice – over the Supreme Court, and have served as Speaker of the Knesset and Prime Minister.

And this circus continues at UNESCO. UNESCO, the UN body charged with preserving world heritage. Now, this is hard to believe but UNESCO just denied the 4,000-year connection between the Jewish people and its holiest site, the Temple Mount. That’s just as absurd as denying the connection between the Great Wall of China and China.

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