Unemployment ruled by pandemic?

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Staring us in the face from the very best under PDJT and MAGA, to the very worst following a stolen election, an anti-American Globalist dementia-riven cellar-dweller with cognitive dissonance has become a stark comparison indeed between demoMarxocrats and RepubliCons on the state of the economy, totally necessary for independents and blue-dog dem voters to understand that the “new” and not-so-improved socialist / communist demoMarxocrat party has left them behind; the demented village idiot included!

Unfortunately, the GOP will never deliver an economy like we had in 2019 under any circumstances without abandoning their payoffs. Bought and paid for, they’ll improve the economy just enough to stop the bleeding for now. But don’t make the mistake of thinking any meaningful “about face” happens. They’re not who they advertise, while McCarthy and McConnell etal will sell out like they always have. “Failure theater” after all, is their forte`. Hopefully this leads to big gains in state and local elections for R’s (yes even Rino’s) since generally, it takes a Rino over a Dem, even though We the (80 million+) People, much prefer that every location have a majority of MAGA minded in control.

Unemployment ruled by pandemic?

It all seems to be so transparent at the moment that the world of economics has been engulfed by the same infection that has riffled every other profession, institution, large corporation and agency. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is the new concept driving economics. MMT allows for unbridled money creation and spending. It is, of course, a socialist tool that fundamentally transforms debt and government spending. Look at Youngkin in VA, for example, who some would say he’s nothing but a Rino; yet he hasn’t disappointed.

The cratering popularity of 81 million “votes” for the village idiot is an absolute myth. The polls are only now just catching up to the real numbers that existed on election day, being as it is, statistically impossible for a so-called “President as popular” as the cognitive dissonant-dweller was on election day, to drop so drastically in just one year. The truth is that the drop is fake because the high starting point is fake.

Boggles the mind to be still wondering when Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will wake up and see the writing on the wall with the 2020 election fraud? Other states as well, of course, but those are the big ones. Blame the DemoMarxocrats as perpetrators – and yes, blame the RepubliCons for still allowing the fraud to stand – Heck yes!

This current economy sucks very badly, but so did the 1920’s and, under Carter, the 1970’s. We will overcome it someway. The real problem for the village idiot other than his dementia, is we’re starting to move away from Covid and he’s making it worse. President Trump was able to keep it afloat despite having his economy run off the road. People are finally getting to see and feel the difference. Unemployment ruled by pandemic?

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Unemployment Claims go through Roof at 286,000’ …

The U.S. Dept of Labor has released the unemployment claim data [DATA HERE], and the results show claims of 286,000 last week: an increase of 55,000 from prior week and the third consecutive week of increased claims.

As we have continued to point out from data, in part due to the vaccine mandate, and in part due to the underlying economic issues created by the Biden administration, the working class economy has bifurcated and cleaved. The trendline is negative.

Ask yourself, where are these current claimants going to gain future jobs when the inflationary pressure is contracting consumer demand?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose to the highest level in three months as the fast-spreading omicron variant disrupted the job market. Jobless claims rose for the third straight week — by 55,000 to 286,000, highest since mid-October, the Labor Department reported Thursday. The four-week average of claims, which smooths out weekly volatility, rose by 20,000 to 231,000, highest since late November.

A surge in COVID-19 cases has set back what had been a strong comeback from last year’s short but devastating coronavirus recession. Jobless claims, a proxy for layoffs, had fallen mostly steadily for about a year and late last year dipped below the pre-pandemic average of around 220,000 a week. Altogether, 1.6 million people were collecting jobless aid the week that ended Jan. 8.

Companies are hanging on to workers they have at a time when it’s difficult to find replacements. Employers posted 10.6 million job openings in November, the fifth-highest monthly total in records going back to 2000. (read more) [-]

[+] .. THAT warning was in early December. We are now settling down from the holiday data skews. Now look where we are. Folks, we are in the center of an economic mess of FUBAR proportions.  All prices are rising, the supply chain is a tenuous mess and getting worse, supplies of critical goods are now shrinking, wage increases are insignificant when compared to inflation, and the Federal Reserve is about to start raising interest rates…. it’s the perfect storm. [end]

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Unemployment ruled by pandemic?

Those of us who’ve been around for some years, say a half century or more and have paid attention to our political leaders, are fully aware that JoeShmoe has always been a liar, a thug, a bully and a person who “sold his soul to line his family’s pockets” from the beginning. He’s the kid who comes up to your car, asks what you want, then goes down the alley and retrieves the goods where he then exchanges the stuff for the money – from the ghetto to the White House, does anybody really think this “runner” will behave any differently? Then ask yourself why is it that those who get elected to office in Washington, DC, who reveal their net worth when entering public office, most often leave office with greater net wealth than their respective salaries would indicate? How did they find that money machine and how have they kept it so secret? Unemployment ruled by pandemic?

Were people more God-fearing and familiar with their Bibles, they would know that able-bodied individuals refusing to work are simultaneously refusing to honor God and build His kingdom here on earth. Old and New Testaments are very clear when they say work honors God, for with it we create and provide for others. Refusing to work will incur punishment, if not in this life, certainly in the next.  Yours truly for one, would never want to face my Creator and provide an answer for why I spent my days on earth sitting on a couch waiting for a government check to arrive when I was blessed with good health and able body. There simply is no good answer for this.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President still, Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA! KAG!