Psaki lets slip her Obummer fealty..

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Whatever it’s supposed to bring forth, “our Democracy” comes courtesy of The Kenyan and Mark Zuckerberg (pictured above the Mackubin Owens essay link listed down below) – aka the ex-POTUS with a cellphone connected to a pen, wandering around with the Facebook mogul. That sounds more like a quid pro quo on a Ukraine phone call than “our Democracy.” There’s one way to clear this up, as in whistleblowing retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman – that is of course, if we could only find him. Most people wouldn’t even know who we were talking about, anyway.

Breitbart this morning has a piece on Hunter and The Big Guy having been in “business” with a HIGH Ranking Chinese Intelligence official for quite some time. Were this to be president Trump, articles of impeachment would already have been filed, with the trial set for later this week. So now let’s all ask ourselves, will the Enemedia cover this scandal? Will anybody other than a few conservative news and opinion sites cover it?

Psaki lets slip her Obummer fealty..

We do after all, live in a corrupt oligarchy at the present, surrounded by nothing more than peasants ruled by a deeply dishonest and hypocritical elite. None of us appear to know how, when or even if this will ever change, but if it does, the current self-related Ruling Class needs to pay a very steep price for its corruption. When Psaki slips up after all with over-the-top kudo’s as to how much “I love working for President Obam, Ah, er Biden”, someone at least, needs to go “hunting, shooting, and/or fishing” for what on God’s green earth is going on!

“Our democracy” is an expression reminiscent of the German “unser reich”, as they were wont to express it in the old days, while today it has become the regime of the “Great Reset”. Evidence is falling into place that seems to confirm the existence of what has been denounced as conspiracy theory. Use the Sherlock Holmes test: “When you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Yours truly might even suggest (indeed I am!) that “oligarchy” is transnational, and that it already has established a global shadow government of unelected authorities who form a layer of insulation between We the (80 million+) People and the oligarchs. Their powers are vast, their accountability minute. Our Democracy as it stands right now has become radically undemocratic. Considering, while ruminating, that our new planetary overlords never have to face the voters. Zip. Nada. Zero!

Psaki lets slip her Obummer fealty. The current regime of the Great Reset couldn’t be any more different from that in Orwell’s brilliance in 1984.

Mackubin Owens, American Greatness: ‘Oligarchy With Democratic Trappings’ ….

We will either reclaim the mantle of republican self-government or bid a sad farewell to the American commonwealth.

Over the past few months, it has become common for Democrats and progressives to invoke “Our Democracy”™ whenever they criticize efforts to ensure election integrity or condemn the perpetrators of the January 6 “insurgency.” On one level, the phrase is just another annoying example of debasing the language by the very people who have been working overtime to rewrite the Constitution.

But on another level, the phrase suggests something even more sinister: that those who invoke it literally mean “their” democracy, i.e. a regime that belongs to them, validated by the votes of the “right people” who approve of their so-called progressive enterprise. Anyone who doesn’t approve is, by definition, an insurgent, an enemy of the state. Any attempt to limit their power—e.g., by insisting on election integrity—is therefore “anti-democratic.”

I am only one of a number of writers who have argued that the United States has devolved from a republic or commonwealth to an oligarchy. Lest we succumb to the error of progressives and simply use a word to mean something we don’t like, it is important to understand the nature and background of oligarchy. It is not just any “ruling class” but an elite and ruling class of a particular sort. In this regard, it helps to examine the taxonomy of regimes outlined by the first political scientists, Plato and Aristotle. [-]

[+] … Today’s American oligarchy, however, faces a dilemma. On the one hand, the oligarchs exhibit an unprecedented disdain both for the American republic and their fellow citizens. In the past, the members of an aristocratic ruling class loved the United States as a nation and its principles, or at least identified their own interests with those of their country. But not only does today’s oligarchy not love the United States, its members make it all too clear that they hate it. In this, they resemble the ancient Athenian tyrants who favored Sparta over their own city and its citizens.

Yet America’s oligarchs must profess a fealty to “democracy.” But when they say “our” democracy they mean “their” democracy. So like the Romans oligarchs before them, they buy off those who can be bought with government programs. Those who cannot be bought, those who do not acquiesce in the oligarchy’s enterprise, those who are not compliant with its actions, are denounced as the real enemies: potential insurrectionists, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Trump cultists, resentful racists and “anti-science” troglodytes. “Our Democracy”™ demands that such deplorables be subject to surveillance and limits on speech and association. If they do not accept the tenets of “diversity and inclusion” in language or the workplace, they are subject to the loss of employment and social status.

This is the true meaning of “Our Democracy”™: an oligarchy in fact but with the external trappings of democracy to provide rhetorical legitimacy. We stand at a crossroads. We as citizens will either reclaim the mantle of republican self-government or, by meekly submitting to the rule of our oligarchic elites, bid a sad farewell to the American commonwealth. [end]

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Psaki lets slip her Obummer fealty … to say nothing about this bunch.

The self-appointed ivy league pseudo-aristocracy no longer think of themselves as “American”, so when they assume their “rightful” positions of power in all of the major institutions, it should surprise no one that they act in their own self-interests at the expense of their country. There was, after all, a disclaimer to Our Constitution: “All Rights Reserved!”

They were reserved to our States and ourselves, though, not to the federal government. Obviously there was an amendment adopted at some point reversing that, but for the life of me I can’t recall when it was (sarc!). It has however, become a recurring communiqué every time the feral demoMarxocrats assume power. It’s what now we are all being forced to believe, or should it be “coerced” into believing.

As it closes out in the last sentence: We stand at a crossroads. We as citizens will either reclaim the mantle of republican self-government or, by meekly submitting to the rule of our oligarchic elites, bid a sad farewell to the American commonwealth. Excellent, but one has to wonder just HOW we will reclaim our republican self-government, assuming professor Owens is well aware that the 2020 election was stolen, and that the demoMarxocrats are currently doing everything possible to enshrine such theft into law. Psaki lets slip her Obummer fealty.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep the Constitutional Republic of the United States on the straight and narrow – MAGA! KAG!