Tucker Carlson’s missing document

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Tucker Carlson’s missing document … Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear … or at least, words to that effect. Nevertheless, it would appear that we are at war with the left which forever leads by deception. Dealing with the anti-American left is painfully reminiscent of a long-ago sci-fi move from the ’80s They Live, people who are definitely not us, but corrupt evil freaks who are way beyond redemption.

They aren’t referred-to as ‘decepticons’ for nothing, which is a bold claim indeed but no less easy to certify by the established history of ‘the Big Guy’ who claims to be the current demoMarxocrat party leader!

Tucker Carlson’s missing document…

Consider for instance the aforementioned rapidly increasing ‘dementia-Joe Biden’, who accuses Trump of “lies, lies, lies,” but who himself:

  • is the first candidate for POTUS in US history to hold not a single legitimate press conference and openly answer tough questions about his past:
  • is the guy who said he was for fracking, after he said he was against fracking, all while saying not now, maybe later:
  • is the plagiarizer in chief, who’s stolen more speeches than he’s written:
  • claims to be a captain of civil rights, but who cannot document any of his claims, but was good enough friends with a KKK leader to eulogize at his funeral:
  • is the guy who said he finished in top half of his law class, although records show he finished 76th out of 85:
  • is the guy who said he never discussed Hunter’s “business” with him, although multiple eye-witnesses testify otherwise, and records prove that he took millions in kickbacks from that “business” … as his five separate homes corroborate.

The demoMarxocrat party would totally disappear if they ever told the truth. As a for-instance, Eric Clary, American Thinker: What the Missing Tucker Docs really Tell Us…

Last Wednesday evening, Tucker Carlson informed his audience that a source had come forward with “damning” documents linked to the Bidens. Those documents were shipped to Los Angeles, where Carlson was preparing his interview with former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski. They disappeared en route.

The following day, UPS revealed to Business Insider that it was the national carrier of the package and that the contents had been found. Liberals were quick to label Carlson as a black helicopter conspiracy theorist for suggesting foul play.

But even after the documents’ recovery, there are still major questions.

According to Carlson, “Tuesday morning we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents had disappeared.”

Regardless of whether the documents were found, why was the package ever opened? [end]

[-] … In the age of social media, it would have been just as easy to release a statement via Twitter or Facebook.  Instead, UPS chose liberal reporter Mia Jankowicz, whose previous columns and tweets are problematic, to say the least.

Would the documents have been found had Tucker not exposed the scandal to his five million–plus viewers? I have my suspicions. In a politically charged year, the appearance of deliberately intercepted documents days before the election is just as damning as the contents the documents would reveal. Which of the two would motivate the Trump base more is hard to say.

Unless UPS gives a legitimate reason for why the package was opened and the documents removed, their finding is not the end of this story. It’s never been about whether the Tucker Carlson’s team had backup documents — I’m sure they do. The shocking revelations confirm a familiar pattern of liberal sympathizers breaking the law in order to sabotage President Trump’s chances at re-election. Whether it’s Antifa beating up reporters or FBI agents hashing out an “insurance policy,” the rise of the illiberal left and the Deep State is what is on voters’ minds.[end]

Tucker Carlson’s missing documents…

FYI, UPS is a TEAMSTER’s Union shop, so just like Jeffrey Epstein the documents were gone POOF! … Let that sink in for a while. In the Tucker Carlson missing document, “plausible deniability” became:

  • theft
  • destruction of property
  • evidence tampering
  • invasion of privacy
  • intent to interfere in an election
  • destruction of free speech

But, not to worry, since dementia-Joe told us he’s got the moral high ground. Albeit when he says it’s about the soul of America and character, did he actually say he held the moral high ground, or are we just inferring that? After all, would a man who sold his own soul refuse to sell the soul of America?

The swamp runs wide and the swamp runs deep…Tucker should remind his viewers at least once a week that a package sent by UPS was opened and the contents subjected to mysterious handling, so if anyone has something they don’t want subjected to the same treatment, send it some other way. Make UPS pay and pay. Teach them to do their job and stay out of political intrigues.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump, fighting and winning, winning, winning, the battle of the ages for We the (63, soon-to-be 80 million) People – MAGA! KAG!


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