Cowardly dogs of war v constitution

Go ahead, make my…

Cowardly dogs of war versus Constitution … That’s right folks, if you don’t like the way millions have voted for their Constitutional Rights as citizens of a (gulp!) Constitutional Republic, then just go around “offing” them until they comply or are dead. That would be the likes of Antifa / BLM and the other idiot freedom-killers and their ilk.

Late into the night of November 3 / 4, a lot of states appeared to have stopped counting, but that didn’t prevent the demoMarxocrats in these states figuring that they weren’t going to quite make it and thus began searching car trunks and their grandmother’s basements for boxes of fraudulent ballots. You’ll see. The numbers will change in big lump sums after this big pause.

Which it (ahem!) did right on cue round about midnight! “Lock it down, lock it down” was the plaintive cry. Republicans now need to watch closely what the other side will try to pull off. This is no time to be cheering, more like time to be on guard.

Cowardly dogs of war v constitution … Scales of Justice tipping in fine balance…

Cowardly dogs of war ‘FOX’ of all people turned out to be a liberal-faced disaster to be honest, and one has to wonder just when if ever, they’ll recover from the Disney takeover. On the big occasions they appear to get worse and worse, little by little becoming a full-fledged right-leaning liberal network.

Tucker, Hannity, Dobbs and any other few true conservatives left at FOX could well be out of jobs soon. It’s a network after all, that has morphed into FAKE NEWS and we all now see it. They won’t recover from this mess they created halfway through the evening of calling who won what wrong. Virginia for instance! Ignoring Florida! Etc., etc.

NewsMax, or OAN could be right up their alley. Just awaiting them.

Victoria Taft, PJMedia: ‘Trump, Fraud is Underway, frankly, We DID WIN this election’…

President Trump made a quick appearance at the White House on election night while several key races still hung fire and told supporters he was expecting to have a celebration, but “all of a sudden the election is …off.”

His appearance came about two hours after Joe Biden stayed up late to say thanks to his supporters and set the expectation that he’d have more positive news on Wednesday.

Because of outstanding mail-in ballots that flooded elections centers, when many battleground states switched their election laws due to COVID, calling races on election night seemed to take forever, especially over at Fox News. The crew at Fox took an embarrassingly long time to call Texas for Trump—when it was obvious the president had won—and made a remarkably quick call for Biden in Arizona, saying the state had flipped from Republican to Democrat.

The behind-the-scenes to and fro could be seen in the faces and actions of the Fox News crew who were obviously getting calls from Trump-land demanding the network show its work. The network called out a couple of its decision desk card-counters to defend their call.

The president said he was ahead by insurmountable leads—690,000 in Pennsylvania and almost 300,000 votes in Michigan. “We’re winning Wisconsin,” Trump said. “It’s also clear that we have won Georgia. We’re up by 2.5% and up 77,000 up in North Carolina. They can’t catch us. And we’re winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous amount of votes.”

With 93% of the votes counted in Georgia, the president has a three-point lead, but he’s not getting the calls from the networks for his victories. [end]

Cowardly dogs of war v constitution … Scales of Justice tipping in fine balance…

Former Trump German Ambassador and intelligence chief Rick Grenell saw the problem immediately.

Richard Grenell … @RichardGrenell: “The media’s polls were very wrong. But they won’t admit it. Trump is currently up in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. So the media will now help the Democrats extend deadlines to go looking for additional votes over the next days”.

Mmmmmm … The Fox News election broadcast was nothing more than a Biden cheering section, staffed by Trump haters (perhaps except for Brit Hume). They tried to make it look like SlowMoJoe was winning by delaying calls on big states Trump had won (FL, TX, MI, etc.) until after they awarded SlowMoJoe CA, OR and WA.

Whenever Hume mentioned something favorable to Trump (Vegas odds of Trump winning soared above 65%, Chinese currency cratering, etc.), they shouted him down. Cameo appearances only from Tucker, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs and Mollie Hemingway from remote locations. Disgusting!!

Cowardly dogs of war indeed. But it is what it is and We the (63 going on 90 million) People must remain diligent and optimistic that Justice will prevail. But don’t hold your breath. And stand by folks – it could take a while.

Pray. Pray. Pray!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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