Truth? Truth? What Is Truth?

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Truth? Truth? What is Truth? The question of the ages as Pilate sought the release of Jesus Christ has befuddled nations for centuries. In most cases, “truth” is what anyone wants it to be. Politicians particularly, have an aversion towards the truth as We The People well know, but it would appear that the present occupant of We The People’s mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. has taken “untruth” (ie lying) to a completely new level.

Destroying the “truth” is a component of “the road to serfdom” as Friedrich Hayek proposed often, making it the title of his book on the same topic. Obama, it would seem, has an “arms length” relationship with the truth, this part-time teacher of Alinskyism preaching the tactics of “Rules For Radicals” at every opportunity he has before the teleprompters; do whatever, say whatever you must, to achieve the goal. He has fake people in his authorized “biography;” he lies repeatedly; we can’t quite verify his personal history; ask for proof and question his veracity, you get chided by his surrogates as a “tin hat” right wing nut. Well, so what? Playground antics; selfies with the Danish Prime Minister at a funeral; it all follows a pattern.

“Facts are stubborn things (per John Adams) and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence … Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.”

Obama is a man who at his core has absolutely no moral compass. He is a complete narcissist whose entire being revolves around how great he thinks he is. Erecting faux Greek columns as a backdrop for his acceptance speech gives an insight into a complete megalomaniac. A lack of vetting by the MSM and two supine Republican opponents have led to two terms of an habitual liar becoming POTUS. God have mercy on this fair land for it is certain Barack Hussein Obama will have none.

These liberal-progressive communists do not simply lie to get elected or to confuse and confound their socialist schemes. They lie because they are lawless. It is a travesty that four men were murdered in Benghazi during illegal gun running operations just as it was in Fast & Furious with the death of Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans. It is a crying shame that over 100 veterans died at the VA unnecessarily. But the problem is that no one is being held responsible and it continues in the face of the truth.

The IRS targeting has not wrought any punishment and the NSA spying persists. EPA and BLM threaten property owners. TSA is grabbing our junk. This is a behavior pattern that led to 1776 and to the French Revolution. Aristocracy and nobles spoke in front of serfs with disdain for them and if insolent or indolent, they were broken on the wheel. They responded with the guillotine and ten years “Reign of Terror.”

The socialists in Washington D.C. and their “fundamental transformation” includes the destruction of liberty before the Utopian totalitarianism is installed; anarchy is just as possible as tyranny, and abandonment of the Rule of Law leads to one or the other. Our nation is dying because our fundamental values and mores are dying (in actuality, they are purposefully being murdered).

One of the sad root causes of the decline of our nation is the salaciousness of pop culture; our Kardashian society is simply too easily seduced by faux celebrity fluff with no regard to what evil may lurk within – “Hey, my man, just give me my free stuff; besides, all politicians lie. And, dude, that was like two years ago! What difference at this point does it make anyway?”

Thus, by force of peer pressure, empty-headed emotion and pure spin doctoring, we have been twice duped into selecting a president who is an anti-American criminal identity fraud. I guess we couldn’t handle the truth, so now we must suffer under “aka Obama”, the malevolent mendacity messiah, an untrustworthy, ill-intentioned, self-proclaimed “citizen of the world” and, above all else, a bald-faced liar. A sad, sad, state of affairs indeed. Truth? Truth? What is truth? Sir Winston Churchill said it best methinks: The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

Now on to Russell Nagelkirk and his piece “Obama And The Truth” …

Joe Wilson - You Lie! Sept 9th 2009 .. Joint Session of Congress.

Joe Wilson – You Lie! Sept 9th 2009 .. Joint Session of Congress.

Smoking gun emails have been unearthed which prove the Obama administration lied about the Benghazi attacks.  This lie was repeated.  It was compounded.  It was uttered at the United Nations General Assembly.  

Now the VA scandal has erupted revealing that the actors in the bureaucracy cooked the books … lied … to cover up wait times.  This is systemic conspiratorial lying.

The families of Americans who died in Benghazi deserve compassion.  The veterans and their families impacted by the Veteran’s Affairs scandal deserve our compassion.

The unseen victim in the rubble is the truth.  We have, as a people, forgotten that the first duty is to the truth.

Without truth there is no justice; and without justice, compassion misses its mark.  Hillary Clinton said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” when questioned about Benghazi.  She might as well have said, “What difference does the truth make?”  The difference is that an innocent filmmaker would not be unjustly punished for violence he didn’t cause.  The families of the dead, and We the People, would know why our own people are dead in Benghazi and who is responsible.  We could learn from it and avoid it being repeated.  We could remove the individuals in charge so that their poor judgment would not cause further damage. 

Gandhi said, “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”  Imagine, if we punish the innocent and fail to punish the guilty, all because we didn’t know the truth, then our cause is damaged.  If we do not act upon the truth, then America’s voice on the public stage shall contain no inspirational moral authority.  Our allies will shrink from us.  Our enemies will feel all the more justified to destroy us. 

We live in a culture that often denies truth exists and substitutes person for principle.  Many have virtually deified Barack Obama.  His resonant voice and face-to-heaven posture (as if he was anointed by the divine) sent thrills up people’s legs.