Ratings Update : Teleprompter 2 – Al Sharpton 0

They're Coming To Take Me Away..

They’re Coming To Take Me Away..

A shared re-post from the excellent Washington Free Beacon and a ratings update on a character that can only be from a liberal-progressive Alinskyite Marxist Democrat background. Behind every successful race-industry shyster there exists a carpet-bagging political Plantation Owner with credentials issued from the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Black Panthers of America, and numerous other quasi-shakedown-artist military organizations; to say nothing about the Obama administration handing out plaudits at will. Thus far Teleprompter 2 – Al Sharpton 0.

How long do you think this fraud would last, without being laughed all the way out of a “real” job, were he linked to that “vast right wing conspiracy” of the Clinton fantasy? His inept idiotic antics reveal more about the underpinnings of NBC/MSNBC/Brian Williams and the rest of the propagandist alphabet soups than it does about Sharpton’s hypocritical tomfoolery. Shameful really. The ratings update says it all: Teleprompter 2 – Al Sharpton 0.

Let’s have a belly-laugh, shall we? – PART ONE:


Behold the greatest battle in television news. It’s not CrossFire or Meet the Press or reruns of Point/CounterPoint.

It’s the Rev. Al Sharpton’s war with the teleprompter and, to a greater extent, the English language.

Behold as he bungles names (who’s Rush Lumbard?), places (Latvia becomes Lavita), book titles (“Hubris” is read as Who-Breeze), organizations (The Environmental Projection Agency?) and more in this new SuperCut.

The Washington Free Beacon has gone to great pains to give the public a greater understanding of this MSNBC host, who has been bellowing on PoliticsNation since 2011.

He rarely knows what anybody’s talking about. He’s so fond of President Obama he simply rehashes him word-for-word for his audiences. He really likes talking about race. And he pronounces his “P’s” with particular pugnaciousness.

Through it all, he’s won the respect, nay the fear, of his cable news rivals.

Ratings update: Teleprompter 2 – Al Sharpton 0.


And on to PART TWO:


Al Sharpton’s ferocious battle with the English language and his own teleprompter wages on, with no end in sight.

People (Mark Rubio? Galeo? Gina De Jess Whose?), places (Where does one find the Thigh military?) and events (what caused that chaffic jam in New Jersey?) are no match for MSNBC’s silver-tongued reverend.

Ratings update: Teleprompter 2 – Al Sharpton 0.


Stay tuned folks, this will be an ongoing battle between Al Sharpton and the English language for a long, long time. At least until someone over at NBC comes to their senses before he wrecks the entire organization – But wait, what an idea!

Ratings update: Teleprompter 2 – Al Sharpton 0.