CNN lies, Facebook Jail and truth

En Garde in the bunker…

An excellent explanation and eye-opener coming up on Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall featured in FrontPageMagazine where he absolutely shreds CNN, NBC and the rest of them in exposing the truth. Like millions more, I was aware but not totally cognizant of the full implication of what we are now beginning to have presented before us, courtesy of Big Media lies, and people like James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas. The spirit of Andrew Breitbart lives on in search of the truth!

The Republicans, unfortunately, had partially asked for this and Trump inherited it. When one takes into account the truth being revealed with this rationalized voter fraud and the physical voter fraud now slowly becoming identified, Trump won in all ways by a landslide that would astound even him. And yet, even still, some eight months after the fact, the small numbers on the losers side are making enough noise and causing enough trouble to make it seem like they are the majority.

If they don’t cease soon, Martial Law would be a sensible and just option with mass arrests and a true draining of the swamp. And if Trump’s administration doesn’t manage it, We the People might just rise up to help Trump take our country back.

As has been obvious for years, the country generally runs 70-30 Republican-Democrat without Fake Media bias and other forms of voter fraud. It’s not that 70% are particularly ideologically aligned with FrontPageMagazine, American Thinker and other conservative news sources, but there is no question that very, very, few Americans support the liberal-progressive leftist agenda of the Democrat party when it is honestly described. That Leftist agenda defies common sense, and only hard-core radicals and people who are brainwashed believe it.

But you won’t discover that by having a political discussion with your friends or co-workers. Many are simply cowed by the incessant drum-beat from the Fake Media. They don’t want to be railed as racists, homophobes, misogynists, Islamophobes and the near infinite other slanders that are hurled at anyone who dares defy the media megaphone.

Nowadays, by the way (at least judging by the number of my FB friends who have recently experienced FB ‘prison’ for between 10/20 days!) Facebook has morphed into the biggest enforcer, not the so-called mainstream media. So when CNN goes down (richly deserved), don’t expect much to change.

Precisely why Trump won was because he fought. Fought in the GOP primaries, debates, fought the press, fought Clinton, fought the Obama admin. Previous GOP attempts were highlighted by no fight whatsoever. Not one challenged Obama’s actions or credentials and when slandered themselves didn’t say boo to anyone.

But I do now love that Trump is going after them all and exposing them as the lying frauds that they are. Finally, we have a Republican setting the example by fighting them back. And that’s a good thing.