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Yours truly has saved the below comment from someone, somewhere for this, or similar, occasion. Understand that those 700 people in congress aren’t in power because of our poor voting choices, no more than one election to oust a few will change anything. We’ve already been there and done that, while elephant majorities dug our Republic’s grave just as fast as the donkeys did.

They’re in power because we’re just now waking up to the root cause – a global system of money and power that 1) owns them, plus: 2) both Party machines; 3) the Judicial; 4) the monetary system; 5) the permanent deep state bureaucracy; 6) all media; 7) the schools; 8) the universities; along with 9) most local and State government. The deep state will never reform itself no matter who we fill the seats of Congress with. This is war. The power no longer lies in our vote; it is now in our hands. 10) The end.


1) We sit here in almost mid 2023. Scumbags the likes of McCabe and Strzok and the rest of the malcontents still appear on the propaganda networks virtue-signaling and profiting. Brennan still working against Trump on the Hunter Biden Russian Disinformation operation. Jake the Snake Sullivan currently holding a high government office. Several operations still ongoing against Trump. 2024? Trump? DeSantis? Elections? … is any of it even relevant anymore? The RNC and the Republican Party should be loudly screaming, and doing other more effective things, about what happened to their candidate and President. But, of course, that remains a dream. Tyranny is the reality. Oppression the future. Your tax levy remains in effect to help finance the continuing coup against you. Your constitutional rights and citizenship, not so much.


2) They made up a fake dossier and lied continuously about its authenticity They got 50+ government and military officials to sign off on the lie. They illegally spied on a Presidential candidate using a known fraudulent FISA request. They interfered in a federal election. They used their fabricated dossier and narrative to try and take down a sitting President. And Durham finds ZERO Crimes? So many supposedly honorable folks completely failed in their duty to protect this nation, it’s citizens and our Constitution. Three were found; two were dismissed in court; and the third was a slap on the wrist for the lawyer (Clinesmith) who falsified email evidence to secure the Carter Page FISA warrant. But the point is taken, this is just another establishment Republican sent in to cover for Mueller, delay and obfuscate, and rehash everything we knew years ago. Other than the formal validation (vindication) that comes via the Special Counsel’s final report, we haven’t learned anything new that wasn’t prosecutable in 2019, thereby just another sad day in America.


3) Meanwhile, indictments are going to pour out of Jack Smith’s office once the dust settles here, and certainly before the 2024 Summer of Love. The coup continues to the point where the instigators and conspirators will be expected to be treated as the traitors they are, and all with extreme prejudice. What is really going on is the central bank mafia putting military assets in place around strategic points in our country via illegal migration over our borders both north and south. Durham, transgenders, election fraud, DeSantis, FJBiden crime family reporting, etc. are simply distractions so We the (90 million+) People don’t see what is happening. When they feel they are in a position to project overwhelming force they will unleash hell on an unsuspecting population. One truly hopes I’m wrong but this is what appears to be happening behind the distraction.


4) Trump-Russia collusion unfolded. Under impeachment standards created by our constitutional republic, it takes a vote in the house to begin an impeachment investigation. The impeachment investigation then produces a finding which is delivered to congress and a vote is held. John Durham spent four years conducting the investigation. The report outlining the coup is complete and delivered to congress. The only thing needed is a vote.This might make House Speaker Kevin McCarthy very uncomfortable. However, do or do not, there is no ‘TRY’. Reading Durham’s conclusions in the last three pages of the report after a citation to “Psychology Today”, Durham lays the whole affair to “confirmation bias” of unelected bureaucrats. Durham’s sole recommendation to the elected President and the elected representatives in Congress to avoid the same or similar matters in the future, is for an appointment of another unelected bureaucrat to supervise the other bureaucrats to prevent “confirmation bias” in investigations of U. S. citizens who run for office promising to “drain the swamp.


Trump-Russia collusion unfolded … President Trump & Devin Nunes

From Sundance: The bottom line is that everything the Obama justice department, IC and FBI did, to include support from Republicans in congress during the 2016 election and aftermath, was a coup d’état against U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration. This is the truth of the thing. The U.S. media participation and subsequent denial of their culpability looks increasingly pathetic in the aftermath of the report outlined by Special Counsel John Durham. However, it doesn’t take a media admission of the coup effort for the demonstrable actions and evidence of the coup to be factual. Trump-Russia collusion unfolded.

Read THE REPORT, all the evidence is there. The truth stands alone, regardless of the discomfort it creates. {Direct Rumble Link} WATCH: It was a coup d’ ètat… and Trump caught them all.  Also Full link down below from Sundance.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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