Trump fully vindicated one year on

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Beginning from the end as it were, the last line of David Keltz and his “2020 was the Year of Vindication for Trump” in yesterday’s American Greatness: It turns out Trump knew who the real enemy of the people was all along. And now, so do we all, and they work and reside in New York, DC, its suburbs, and Silicon Valley.

It’s also not that We the (90 million+) People were ever fooled. The many accusations against President Trump were implausible on their face. However, it’s discouraging how many people accepted them, either because of stupidity, ignorance, or hatred stirred up by lies. Trump won the election of 2020, but beware. We share the world with many people ruled by hatred for whom facts don’t matter and any means (criminal, immoral, or unethical) justifies their evil ends, plus millions more that blindly follow them – and all at the same time while allowing them to destroy cities and neighborhoods to boot.

Trump fully vindicated one year on. Ballot count jitters not going away. Squeaky bums, squeaky seats alarm…

Their lies and downright thievery were in plain sight even as they were agitating for them, but they were believed nevertheless. And at the end, massive voter fraud was openly and successfully committed, with every branch and level of government either actively supporting or, by inaction, permitting and allowing it. All by way of cementing the fact that liars, thieves and criminals running the government asylum, are thereby allowed to destroy the country without any effective opposition proffered by the left, right, or anything or anybody else in between. Period.

Everything written was known at the time, yet the liars won, and they’re still winning and will go on winning because their media cohorts are unwilling to accept the fact that the only way to stop those who are destroying our society, our freedoms, our prosperity and our lives, is to use every means possible to destroy them. Yet whatever else is there?

Vindication for our fearless President Trump is on a bit of a teeter-totter at the moment because the people who drove him from power are still in charge and will likely never be brought to justice for any of the abominations, travesties and immeasurable suffering and death that they’ve inflicted on the American people over the past five or more years. And it certainly doesn’t help that every form of military establishment has been stonewalled by these self-same anti-American maggots into a state of total incompetence and malfeasance. Trump fully vindicated one year on. End of rant!

David Keltz, American Greatness: ‘2020 was the Year of Vindication for Trump’ …

One by one, the lies of the past five years are being exposed. “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” ~ Luke 12:2 (KJV)

The year could not have started any worse for former President Trump. Thousands of his supporters from all over the country, of all different races and religions gathered at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C., to show their support for a president who for four years fought for the forgotten men and women of this country.

They were proud of his many accomplishments.

Even with four years of lies and conspiracy theories about Russian collusion, and a bogus quid pro quo charge involving the president of Ukraine that led to an embarrassing impeachment, Trump still managed to cut taxes, reduce regulations, and preside over the highest labor force participation rate ever recorded in U.S. history, with 157 million Americans working—until the Chinese coronavirus decimated our economy.

Although the Left painted Trump as a sexist and a racist, he started a $50 million initiative to help create employment opportunities for women, offered new mothers the first ever paid family leave plan, and signed a bill that would permanently provide more than $250 million annually to historically black colleges and universities.

Trump rebuilt our military, increased national defense spending, eliminated the ISIS caliphate, negotiated peace treaties in the Middle East, secured our southern border by beginning construction of a wall and through robust law enforcement. He renegotiated unfair trade agreements, stood up to China, and delivered three vaccines and therapeutics during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

He fought for the factory workers in Indiana, the farmers in Michigan, the ranchers in Texas, the truckers in Pennsylvania, the military who kept the peace, and the police officers who kept us safe.

But in the blink of an eye, the real estate magnate-turned-politician was shunted back to Mar-a-Lago after supposedly losing the first ever mail-in ballot election to a 77-year-old feeble and often confused man who campaigned almost exclusively from his basement on the lie that he would restore our national unity. [-]

[+] … And we now know that the current occupant of the White House was exactly who we thought he was. A man who never once had an original thought, an individual who always had a tenuous relationship with the truth, a race-baiting huckster, whose cognitive decline appears to be worsening by the day. A grifter who is owned by the far-Left radical wing of his party, and who does whatever his puppetmasters tell him to do, while they destroy our country, and turn it into a socialist hellhole, all in the name of equity. [end]

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Trump fully vindicated one year on. When ballots go missing people lie…

If there’s one thing that yours truly has learned over the past 31 years of my American citizenship, it’s that demoMarxocrats are devoid of pride and patriotism. Like Socialists everywhere, they’ve been brainwashed by Professor Marx to hate their own country, hate their own people, hate their language, hate their religion, and hate the very society they pretend to uphold.

Get the picture folks, they’re HATERS of all things good about the Constitutional Republic and all of their vituperation, racism and hatred is directed at the white, Christian and patriotic people of the United States of America who after all, have been the driving force of America’s greatness over the past 200+ years. They also know, We the (90 million+) People are on the cusp of putting them behind us, burying them and getting on with the next 200 years of American greatness.

Trump clearly won the election of 2020 and it’s not that we the people were ever fooled by the fact. The many accusations against President Trump were implausible on their face. However, it’s discouraging how many people accepted them, either because of stupidity, ignorance, or hatred stirred up by lies. Fact of the matter is: Trump fully vindicated one year on!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still-our-President Donald John Trump doing his level-best to MAGA! and KAG!.