Trump eyes Ryan, Mueller & RINOs

Go ahead, make my..

The enormity of the DC Swamp continues to expose itself, in that the reality of draining it is much more complex and difficult than anyone could have known. Those swamp denizens – DemoRINOMarxists – are viciously protecting themselves in a way that seems way beyond ‘a bridge too far’ over losing an election. If anyone can do it, our fearless president can, but man, it sure would be great to see him get some robust and consistent help from within his own party at least.

As to the ‘rank and file’, they’ve only to cross the corrupt Leadership just once, and then they’re toast. Frankly, it’s pretty obvious from the recent newcomers that intelligence is not the most essential quality necessary for getting elected to Congress.

Heck between the various and sundry ‘dead voters societies’ and multiples of people voting multiples of times in multiples of districts, it’s a wonder how any of us can truly believe we don’t live in a two-bit hellhole commandeered by a two-bit dictator(s).

Oh wait – that’s exactly what we’ve got. Especially in the realm of two-bit dictators. Which thankfully is being tackled daily by our duly-elected warrior of freedom Donald J Trump. The Pelosi-Schumer / Schumer-Pelosi Cabal and their rearguard is after all, a melange of all the corruptible elements of the DC Swamp ever imaginable – plus some!

President Trump takes aim at DC Swamp…

When you really give it some serious thought, the whole situation starting with surveillance of our President-elect and his likely appointees, begat the 1) recusal of Jeff Sessions; 2) phony FISA warrants; 3) Strock / Page; 4) McCabe, Ohr and wife; 5) FBI Director Wray (heard anything from him lately?!); 6) CIA’s Brennan, Comey, and Clapper; and 7) Mueller and his posse of mindless Progressives.

Then throw in Rosenstein plus the cast of thousands, and it becomes absolutely unbelievable in scope and scale. No novel or movie about something this big would ever sell. Plus it’s almost impossible to believe they’re all not pawns in a corrupt and wide-ranging conspiracy.

First up, Thomas Lifson and his opener in American Thinker, ‘Rod Rosenstein leaving the DoJ – soon’ …

The latest excuse for progressive hyperventilation is the news leaked last night to ABC News and confirmed by several other media outlets: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be leaving the Department of Justice in a matter of weeks.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his role in the coming weeks, multiple sources familiar with his plans told ABC News.

Rosenstein has communicated to President Donald Trump and White House officials his plan to depart the administration around the time William Barr, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, would take office following a Senate confirmation.

President Trump’s criticisms of Rosenstein automatically made him a hero to the left.

In May 2017, shortly after Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director, Rosenstein made the call to appoint Mueller to take over the FBI probe of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election and any possible ties between Russian operatives and Trump associates.

Trump and his Republican allies have repeatedly blasted that decision. But tensions between Trump and Rosenstein came to a head in September, after reports surfaced saying that, during a meeting in the immediate aftermath of Comey’s firing, Rosenstein raised the possibility of secretly recording the president at the White House.

Read to completion from link down below…

Then there’s this from ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse: Attorney Cleta Mitchell appears with Lou Dobbs to discuss Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s plans to leave the DOJ in the coming weeks.

About two minutes into this discussion clear-eyed Dobbs asks when people are going to admit the Mueller probe was all about covering-up prior corruption; thereby positioning Cleta Mitchell to outline a specific example of how Speaker Paul Ryan worked against HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes to undermine any investigative inquiry.

Take a look and listen…

Note to self and everybody else interested – Ryan is NOT the only RINO complicit in the swamp – Sadly the truth would hold that the swamp RINOs are at 50% or more of the corruption in DC.

Why, for instance, do We the People think that RINO Ryan decided not to run for reelection while still Speaker of the House? Following which, the traitor then proceeded to do his level best to impede those who would seek the truth (Nunes, eg) while going ahead in supporting the coverup operation of the crimes and misdemeanors as listed above (Mueller/Rosenstein/et al).

Disgusting. Especially following the ‘cryin’ Boehner drug-peddler departure before him.

Corruption on steroids reigns on Capital Hill. Still.

Enter into the arena President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Rod Rosenstein leaving the DoJ – soon

And ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse: Meuller and Rosenstein Collaboration