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En Garde in the bunker…

‘Those are God-like qualities. Not in power, but in choice. If He had created us in such a way that we could only do good, if we were incapable of acting badly, selfishly, causing pain or harm, then the notion of free will would be meaningless, would it not? Not only that, true free will precludes God’s intervention in our lives. There is no real free will if God intercedes to protect us or save us from the consequences of our own or other people’s actions and choices. We have to face those consequences ourselves. That is the price we pay for free will’.
~ Richard Paul Russo, Ship of Fools

In support of that quote, there’s this gem from commenter hashtag ‘jkash’ contributing to the thread on Schumer and Pelosi in Conservative Treehouse:

When you live in a bubble and surround yourself with an entourage of sycophants so that it becomes impossible to assess yourself honestly; when you’ve made a ton of money after having ‘earned’ much of it through backdoor deals and through funds appropriated through disreputable and immoral sorts; when you turn a blind eye to real evil so often that you decimate your conscience; when you commit one hypocrisy after another and finally don’t even cringe at projecting your own foul character upon others while holding yourself as exceptional … only then do you begin to hold yourself accountable to ‘self’ and pendulum swing moods.[cont’d]

Eventually you convince yourself that you are as smart and wonderful and important as your echo chamber says, and you ignore the look of avarice and smug satisfaction in the eyes of those who have turned you into their pawn for elites and pagan monsters.

Snowflakes who run and hide because our (ahem!) ‘leaders’ have taken on these same tactics; only willing to confront when they have the mob stirred up on their side or when they have been persuaded to believe that it is.

Mother Teresa once spoke of Manhattan elites as the most impoverished people on the planet and it doesn’t take much analyzing to know why. For barely a blink are we here; what we do has consequences…and doing wrong means serving the ultimate imposter and the master puppeteer of evil.


The devil and Mrs Pelosi..

Pelosi thinks a wall to protect our families as they sleep in their beds at night and hope to go about their lives during the day safely, is immoral. Yet no sooner had she grabbed that gavel last Thursday, than she was using it to push more and more funding for ‘The False Church of Planned Parenthood’, of which she’s a charter member.

In the demented, sick minds of Schumer, Pelosi there is nothing immoral about the mass murder of innocent children inside the womb. Especially-so, since it is now being reported that abortion is one of the primary causes of death in America. ‘Immorality’, indeed. Sick.

During the Schumer, Pelosi ‘duo-log’, there was nary a mention about illegals killing Americans, costs of illegal immigration or illegal drug deaths as a result of the cartels being allowed to roam our border and bring in every illegal drug known to man.

But other than that, everything according to these two is simply hunky-dory.


How long is this gonna take…

Pretty clear to see the DemoMarxist motive for open borders. Consider the plain fact of the matter that prevaricating DemoMarxists the likes of  Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Obama and the rest of the contemptible liars have in the past condemned illegal immigration.

And not just once – actually on numerous occasions.

But as the 2016 election results uncovered, the DemoMarxist agenda is unable to elect politicians to office in a fair and wide open election. As a consequence, the specious DemoMarxist plan now is to allow unlimited illegal migration, the end result of which would be millions of people eventually.

The key phrase of course, being ‘eventually’.


Will the real Chuck Schumer show himself please..

Finally, on the uncovering of the DemoMarxist platform, the last obstacle to permanent DemoMarxist power is the Electoral College. Unlimited voter registration, harvesting votes after election day along with other illegal voting methods perfected by the Progressives will one day allow the DemoMarxists to achieve their goals. Consider the Elimination of the Electoral College the DemoMarxist Trojan horse for the planned downfall of America.

And in closing, what a shame they weren’t able to cram a few more American flags behind them so they could really create the facade that they, and they alone are all about the Red, White and Blue.

Perhaps Nannie and Chuck will donate their many flags to drape over caskets of others that are also Red, White, Blue and True Americans as the murders continue in every corner of this country at the hands of illegal aliens.


American Gothic featuring Pelosi and Schumer, the pitchfork chronicle…

More from Richard Paul Russo: ‘Ideas, different ways of looking at the world. “Different beliefs?” “Yes, different beliefs, too. But we don’t have contact with other people. We go far too many years without seeing anyone other than ourselves. In fact, I do not think it is a good thing that we spend our entire lives on this ship.” “Why not?” I was amazed at how open she was with me, and I wanted to encourage her to keep talking. “We stagnate, and we have no history.’

‘Either way, though, how is it that God lets these terrible things happen?” She hesitated before answering. “That is a meaningless question,” she eventually said. “I don’t understand. Isn’t that the kind of question the bishop and priests try to answer all the time?” “I have beliefs somewhat different from others in the Church.” “Having belief of any kind would be different from the bishop,” I said. I thought I could see her smile. “Oh, the bishop has beliefs,” she said. “God just isn’t one of them.’ ~ Richard Paul Russo, Ship of Fools

Unlike Schumer and Pelosi, our warrior-President doesn’t flinch:

Note in his address, our President called them what they are – illegal aliens – and he never flinched, winced or stuttered. Just like he doesn’t flinch when he speaks truth and calls terrorism what it is – radical Islamic terror. Just like he doesn’t flinch when he describes MS-13 gang members as the animals they are.

He doesn’t flinch. Thank God, he doesn’t flinch. Solid as a rock.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See Conservative Treehouse: Pelosi and Schumer Destruction of a Borderless Nation


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